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Assume NO when preparing your numbers for modification. Note: In the 2 modification lessons Making Home Affordable and Traditional , read "12 ways to show income" to learn ways to augment income for modification purposes. See Updates. See Top Tips. These loans are investor-owned. If you have a Conventional loan, ask your Servicer if you are allowed to use the Making Home Affordable formulas for eligibility. Outcomes per loan type 4.

What to do if you are not eligible 5. Outcomes can differ because Conventional loans are Investor-owned. You must own and live in a unit property.

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That means a single family property, duplex, triplex, or quadraplex AND 2. You must have a loan that originated on or before January 1, AND 4.

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This is eligible because it is over. AND 5. Tell them you have to receive credit counseling in order to receive the permanent modification. Give them the same numbers that your Servicer currently has in their system. They should tell you, after the phone session, that they will send a letter to the Servicer stating that the counseling requirement has been completed.

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If you have any questions, please call Operation Restoration. If you have any questions about this issue, please call Operation Restoration so that they can get verification from Servicer. Documentation is required. Dues, which is different from above.

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The result must be more than. Note : this is the maximum partial claim amount. Step 4: Now use the below calculator and place your new outstanding principal balance in as loan amount, and put the market rate now reporting as 5. Put your annual taxes and insurance. What is the result? If yes, then you will be eligible for a modification. Do not include unemployment income as this is not eligible income. If the Servicer will not modify: 1 Ask why and know the reason. This means that V. Refund the Loan. These are counted regardless of whether or not you are making these payments.

See 11 ways to show income in the lesson.

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Expect the Servicer to give a trial modification for three months. If you make payments on time all 3 months, the Servicer will then create a permanent modification agreement. For Fannie and Freddie loans, the period of time offered may be 30 years -- or 40 years if this will make the payment affordable. Finally, the Servicer may defer a portion of the principal balance to make the payment more affordable. This is not a permanent principal reduction! It will be treated as a deferred amount that is due as a balloon payment at the end of the loan period at which time terms can be negotiated.

We have provided a mortgage calculator on the home page bottom right column. These pools or funds have different interest rates. Expect your Servicer to offer a market interest rate and remember the interest rate is determined by Investment pool guidelines. See Mortgagee Letter Make it Fast. Processing borrower tax forms has never been this easy or this fast. Calculate Qualifying Income Using a combination of investor guidelines and income calculation experience, LoanBeam produces a borrower income stream that requires minimal intervention by the underwriter.

Together, we provide the only AUS-integrated self-employed income assessment solution on the market. Nikolaos Athanasiou, Guaranteed Rate.

2008 crisis would have been worse without Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac: Hank Paulson

LoanBeam has taken the mystery out of analyzing tax returns and has established a standardized platform. John Holland, Envoy Mortgage.

LoanBeam was simple to implement, quick to learn and had an immediate impact. We saw jumps in productivity and quality. Bobby Welch, Branch Management Mastermind. Using the LoanBeam platform means it takes less time to review tax returns — what now takes minutes, used to take hours. Speeding up this process makes securing a home loan a little less stressful for everyone. All rights reserved. Select the number of mortgage applications per month that contain at least one self-employed borrower.

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