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Ask Different is a question and answer site for power users of Apple hardware and software. It only takes a minute to sign up. However, if this purchase was tied to my Apple ID or something and worked on multiple machines, that would be nice since it would mean I could fix up any other vintage Mac computers with this version of Mac OS X by signing into my Apple ID? An upgrade for just one machine? A license tied to my Apple ID? An ISO file for installing Lion? Do they ship a physical disc?

Installation Changes in Mac OS X Lion Server - dummies

Also, am I able to do a clean install or is it just for upgrading? In the past you could buy USB physical media for Lion but the item you linked to is a redemption code delivered by email. You then have the ability to associate that purchase with one Apple ID of your choosing so you can download and install. Apple offers pre-sales support if you need more questions about this or any product and the end user license allows you to run Lion redeemed from the store on all of the machines you own and control but likely no virtualization or time-sharing allowed.

Full details are online if you want to read through things before ordering or calling pre-sales support. Thanks to everyone for posting their answers.

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I went ahead and purchased it. This is my experience. I purchased Mac OS X A few days later I was delivered two E-mails, a password-protected PDF file in one, and a password in the other. I downloaded the PDF and unlocked it with the password. It contained a code, which I redeemed in the App Store. I was then able to download Mac OS X I downloaded it and it launched the installer.

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Since I wanted installation media to keep for later, I closed the installer and pulled out the DMG image. Sign up to join this community. The best answers are voted up and rise to the top. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. Ask Question. Asked 1 year, 1 month ago. Active 1 year ago. Viewed 1k times. Aaron Franke Aaron Franke 9 9 bronze badges. They will usually email you instructions on how to redeem your copy of OS X Lion in the time frame of 24 hours from your purchase. But don't wait up for it.

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It takes a while for them to get to you. Answer now i have OS Similar Questions i have OS Use software update in the apple menu to upgrade to Then you can buy and install Lion from the Apple Online Store. Answer now does it works in a macbook 13" from ? I have a macbook black, with a Similar Questions does it works in a macbook 13" from ? Answer now what file size is the Similar Questions what file size is the Mac OS X Processor 2. Thank you. Answer now can I use the new version in more than one computer? Similar Questions can I use the new version in more than one computer? I have an IPad 4, have many pictures and videos.

Answer now Can I install lion x in the same pc but with a separate hdd?

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Similar Questions Can I install lion x in the same pc but with a separate hdd? No, you should be able to upgrade without these details. However you may use the serial number or precise model details to check online that your laptop will be compatible. Answer now does this support fcpx.

Similar Questions does this support fcpx. I can buy a copy of OS X Lion but am not sure if it is an upgrade only or a full install. I need a full install as I have had to replace my hard drive and my Time Machine backup does not restore! Kia ora does anyone know if the keyboard macroniser for the maori language is available on OS X Lion Can't install it any other way had someone erase my HDD thanks in advance!

Answer now can i download the OS Similar Questions can i download the OS Can I still upgrade to OS You probably have to upgrade the ram to 2GBs or more, you could take it to an apple computer re-seller and ask for that type and size of ram. They may even install it for you if you don't know how.

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Just ask them if it will run lion, just in case it doesn't. Hope This Helped :.

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