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Loslegen Anmelden. Willkommen bei App Annie! Meta — musik tag editor. Publisher: Benjamin Jaeger. Preis: Weitere Informationen. Download-Rang - Mac - Deutschland. Letzte Woche Diese Woche. Kostenlos registrieren. Existem pessoas trabalhando para criar aplicativos para ns. Ainda no precisei comprar a licensa, pois uso pouco, mas comprarei com prazer quando for requerido. Vamos, l pessoal!

MP3TAG for macOS

Share it. Tag Editor for Mac. Discover the newest way to batch tag and rename audio files using the handy spreadsheet. Previous image Next image. Tag Editor Basics Getting started Supported audio tags Supported file formats Open files Show, hide, rearrange and resize columns Sort, move or remove rows Toolbar customization Keyboard shortcuts. How may I do that? Thank you again Kim Jensen for bring us the Advanced Renamer. Now I'm trying to remove some parts from the name of the files, parts that between to spaces characters. Is it possible? I tried the standard remove method, but the numbers of character to be removed are different on the files.

Doesn't wirk well counting characters, even backwards. After installing advanced renamer this software crashes, and after uninstalling Advanced Renamer the software still crashes. Recovering earlier version Win7 with "recovery point" also doesn't solve the problem. It would however be nice to allow sorting of the extensions of the original file. I do not understand the PERL programming language. Help please. Hello, As the subject said this would be a very nice feature! Thanks for your great program I love it! Another request from me ; I mostly rename several thousand files at once and after I added them I sometimes get the message that some files could not be added.

It would be really helpfull to know which ones, so I don't have to search after renaming which ones aren't renamed. Filename that could not be added would be enough for me to know. Would be great and thanks for your great programm! Nice Weekend, Luna.

Meta – musik tag editor

For a file with a Date Taken time of am, Advanced Renamer shows a time of I did use Photoshop Elem. I have tried to rename several jpg image files ie ap However,i managed to do one but all i see in the image folder is a white box with no image only the renamed file name. The files are not corrupted and sometimes i see 'extension changed' message. Obviously, i am doing something wrong but cannot figure what. Please advise. Hi Kim, This is a great app! One feature I would really like to see is the ability to rename a file using date created and referencing a start date so that you could create temporal names.

For example my wife is pregnant and i have been taking photos of her each to week to see the baby's growth. There woud be many other uses as well. Is it possible to skip certain numbers if you're using incremental numbers? If so, what's the command? Also, is there a list of all the commands available? Reference to earlier post concerning error message. I am still receiving an error message stating extension changed when renaming files. I like to rename several files ap Does it matter if the original file name is jpg or jpeg?

Thank you for previous reply and made a copy of the folder of the batch of jpg image files i want to rename and renamed them and received a message when i clicked the batch rename box extension changed and files may become unuseable and i clicked ok. I opened the copied folder and all i saw were a collection of white boxes with the renamed files and i had to associate the files with graphic program i use. The images opened ok but it is very puzzling why i cannot see the resulting images instead of white boxes.

Whether the images are corrupted in some way but i cannot see how as my graphic program opens them prior to renaming ok. You may say the Advanced Renamer has done its job but seeing a collection of white boxes in a folder is not very good too see. I will see, as an experiment, if i get the same problem with bmp images. Thank you for your patience in this matter. It sure takes a lot less study to get the file name results you want. If you're using a European camera, do NOT work on your original files.

As a result, it not only fails to rename any date with Days higher than 12, it has also deleted the presumed invalid "Date Taken" out of my EXIF files. Since I had set my phone to English language, I wasn't aware that the camera would still use the European date format. Does anyone know know a way to fill the removed "date taken" info from the file attributes "last modified"?

I could not find anything regarding that in the help file. I can not rename image files. What am I doing wrong? Can I decrement numbers added to a fle name. I need to do this to change the order the files are displayed. Hi, I'd like to do the following thing: I have one directory with files of 12 letters length and want to give their names to files in another directory.

Is that even possible? Thank you Smint. I am adding a list of folders and have 4 methods set up 1. Replace: ' ' with ' ' 3. New Case: Lower all 4. New Case: Upper first in every word There are appx. Note: It works when adding a single folder that is all alpha characters. I use date time as the file names coming off my digital camera, but I recently upgraded to a camera that has a shot per second capacity, causing there to be many more files that have been created at the same second.

Is there a way to add an incrementing number only on the files that have duplicate naming, and reset the counter at each new name conflict? Hi Kim, Sorry for my bad English. How that is possible? I have a large directory of files and find the thumbnail gridview useful to sort and view the files. However, when I select specific files in the grid list using shift- and ctrl- keys the renaming gets applied to all files in the directory. Is there a way to only rename the files that are currently selected in the grid? Up front, I am a first time user of Advanced Renamer. Right now I am in the 'process' of comparing renamers.

Advanced Renamer looks very nice and is quite userfriendly. I have one question: say I drag a number of files over to Advanced Renamer as a kind of list of files to be renamed. However, then I want to selectively rename files, i. Also, if I want all the files to have a kind of similar name, the ones that have already been renamed, are still in front of me as an example so I know how the next set should look like.

Is this possible? Example: one loads 20 files at once files are named file1, file2, file For this I would then cntrl select files 1 -9 apply action then files apply another action. Up front: I think Advanced Renamer is a great tool! Many possibilities and combinations etc.

I have just create a few, but think, over time, the window will be a bit too small and users have to scroll up and down to find the pattern they want to use and saved. A 'humble' suggestion from a newbie: maybe make this panel resizable This is no criticisme, just a suggestion!

When copying files, folder dates are set to the date of copying. In my case the original date is in the name of the folder. Does AR offer this possibility? Thank you! Hello, Thank you for making such a useful utility. Clicking on the Start Batch button renames the files. Thank you, Michael. Hello, In my usage of Advanced Renamer, I do multiple batches one after another of a small number of files.

There are three dialog boxes Start Renaming, Progress, Information which require interaction for every batch which is processed. Reducing the number of interactions required would be very helpful at increasing efficiency. When starting a batch, a Start Renaming dialog box appears with the options to Rename or Cancel. Then on clicking Rename the batch begins to process and the Progress dialog box appears and remains on the screen even after the batch is complete. On completion of the batch an additional Information dialog appears which indicates Renaming has ended with 0 errors.

Perhaps an option could be added in Settings to automatically close the Progress dialog on batch completion if no error took place but the Progress dialog would stay open if an error did take place? Also, it seems that the Information dialog is redundant as the Progress dialog already shows Errors found, so perhaps the Information dialog could be eliminated or again, an option made available to disable it? Hello, It would be very helpful to be able to make the program window smaller to take up less space on the screen. The column on the left containing Renaming method list, and Add batch method takes up about pixels of space all the time, even when the user does not need it.

For example I often use one preset batch method so most of the time I do not need to use the items in that column at all. Perhaps you could allow the column to be minimized to the left of the program window? Or perhaps put a button in the menu bar which toggles the column on and off? Also the program window seems to have a minimum vertical size of about pixels. That is enough space for 12 rows of files in the Details view. Often times the batches I rename are only 5 or 6 files, so it would be nice to be able to make the program window smaller vertically to take up even less space on my screen.

Following are some images to demonstrate Hi, At the moment I'm downloading server logs locally inside a common folder, in order to archive them and store them on backup media. However, I don't like the fact that they aren't organized in a tidy way and doing it manually is quite time consuming. The logs that I have are in this format: domainname. What I need is: 1 the tool to extract the domain name from the file names, which is "domainname" or "domain-name" and to create a folder with that string, unless the folder already exists; 2 the tool to extract the year and to create a folder with the same name under the folder of the domain name handled at step 1.

In other words, I want a file like: domainname. Thanks, Mihai. When I drag and drop a few folders, I get an error Feature request to a allow drag and drop folders into the Rename Panel b add three -new- buttons 1 [Show Folders] default 2 [Show folders and files] 3 [Show files] c In the 'Show Folders'-view - folder rename can take place, same as current Rename Folders. This way, maybe the 2nd tab 'Rename Folders" may not be necessary anymore favourable from a maintenance point of view, I guess d Plus..

I have a lot of pictures and photos on my computer. I have sorted them all by putting them in folders named after the date they where taken. As an example, a photo taken 22 jan lies in a folder named The problem I have with all these photos is that a lot of them don't have the right timestamp. Some because they where taken with a a camera that hadn't had the time configured, some because they come from picture-cds and so on. Is there any way to make this superb program get the dates from the foldernamne and change the date on the files?

I have over 19k fotos from and forward so it's a major work to change em all by myself, even when marking all photos in per folder and changing it by hand its a lot. Currently I use the portable version of ARen: created a desktop shortcut. Have added ARen to the contextmenu using Shellto. I would whether it would be possible to have a kind of contextmenu submenu of Advanced Renamer. Example: when working with Explorer and you wish to rename a couple of file, you ctrl select them and right mouse click on Advanced Rename, the files are then loaded into ARen and from there on you can continue the usual way.

Think this is a good idea, hope there is sufficient support here to persuade Kim to at least investigate if this would be possible I have released a beta version of the upcoming version of Advanced Renamer, 3. I am very excited about this release since it delivers several new big features. To make this version I had to change a a lot so there is a risk that I have broken some working features. I hope some of you will help me test it and give me your feedback. I hope to release the final version in two weeks. In the mean time I will update the user guide to match the new version and I will also perform some tests my self.

But we all know the best test is the test actual users perform I found out today that the forum has been non functioning for some time. It has not been possible to write new posts and reply to existing posts. I don't hope anybody have been unsuccessful at getting the support they need in this time.

The forum should be working as intended now but if you experience problems please don't hesitate to write to me by e-mail. The new final version of Advanced Renamer is really wonderful! It is amazing to find so many features, in such a small program, which is even available in a portable version. This all basically for free. Perfect job Kim!

Hi, I'm not sure if this is a bug or a change. Using Add with the text 'J' no quotes produces 'j' no quote. I type in using uppercase characters and the new name is in lowercase. I can not remember this happening in the past. Portable version. Hopefully you can both reproduce the issues and find the solution. Best wishes, Clive. Once in a while I wish to do a 2nd rename on the same files.

When "Auto close progress window" in Settings is tagged, the options in the progress window with "Total amount of files", "Errors found" will not show up. In this pop-up window, there is a kind of "Add files" selection. Add files: -None -Files that could be renamed -Files that could not be renamed -All files Would like to suggest to have this opton also available in settings.

This is just a small improvement on selecting columns. When selecting columns uses have to click on Customize Columns again and again to select other columns. What about not closing this drop down selection panel, until the user clicks anywhere else outside the selection panel. Advanced Renamer has a I have some big folders, with many subfolders.

Number of files exceed this limit. Cud the max. Yes, I know, it will take a while loading such big folders Or, alternatively, when AR hits this Hello, First of I love your program, I use it for various tasks. Second I have a question about the slow analyzing of in this case TIF files. It seems like the program looks very deep into the TIF files extracting all kinds of information. This causes the analyzing phase to take very long after selecting folders with the TIF files. Analyzing them takes only a few seconds. Is there a way to turn off the in depth analyzing for images? I only want to use the program to rename the files and not do anything with the image information otherwise.

Thank you in advanced for your help. I just installed the latest version on Windows and XP. On XP, it looks fine. Thanks for this great software Kim. I have recently tried out several multi-file renaming utilities, and yours is one of the ones I like the best. What do you think of these suggestions: 1 If there's nothing to undo, then gray out the "Undo Previous Batch" button.

It would be nice if the program could indicate which files would be changed and which wouldn't. Like show the files that will be changed in one color, and show the files that won't be changed in a different color. I've tried moving the Path column all the way to the left, but it won't let me move it to the left of the Filename column. I wander if its possible to import an list with different names and add these names to different files.

Organize Library

For example: A list with titles like: A B C and place them into empty files like file 01 with title A file 02 with title B file 03 with title C In other words, after importing the list, the files should have an title. Is there an option to accomplist this action, and if so can somone, please explane how to?? If not, i like to make it an feature request. Ive used only 1 renaming method and it was replace for discarding that number, spaces and that hyphen standing in front of every folder name but program said errors.

So i discarded adding subfolders and worked with current folders, it said error again. Is there a problem with renaming folders with this version Im using Turkish Translate Version. First of, i'm realy love your program! It's very nice and smarty Thank you for your work! Second: It will be very nice to have a feature to take the part of directory name for included files instead of whole name and use it for the next usage.

Sorry for my english, i have enough experience to understand, but not enough to speak correctly. Dear forum, I use advancedrenamer since years and never had a problem. But this leaves me scratching my head :- What happened? I resized some files in Photoshop CS4 and used the "save for web and mobiles" command to remove the exifs while saving. I can rename the original files before saving them in PS without any problem. I uploaded some testfiles at www. The computer is running Win7 64bit German. Thanks for any help, Hendrik.

I add a bunch of files to AREN all files in a certain folder with subfolders. Then I add a search and replace. Would be nice if I had a better visual indication which files are affected by the rename. For example in the Error column, show "N. Thanks, Jaap. Hi, I notice there are some occasional posts in the forum about command line usage. I would like to invoke with a Preset, run it, and then auto exit say, only if there are no errors. Possible now? Maybe one day? Hi I was wondering if it was possible to rename m2ts video files? It does not work using the same method I use for renaming images, I guess I would have to replace the IMG part of the method with another file type but I have no idea what.

I seem to be able to rename my video files to the date they were downloaded but obviously I want to rename them to the date they were taken. Thanks :. Kim, Nice program One question - what's the difference between the 2 versions? I'd like replace words in parentheses; can you help how can I do? In the 'General'-tab of the file properties, often a name shows up under file-description. Maybe add this feature to Aren? Rename after filedescription if available. Note: the name under details should be trimmed: often spaces are added. I needed to redate some files, the other day.

Sofar I hardly used this part of Advanced Renamer. This time I wanted to redate some 'normal' files. Whereas for other rename actions, usually, I donot need the Help-files because the preview shows what I am doing, this time, this part regretfully was a bit unclear to me in first instance. When I tag all items under 'Apply to' and then select Created date and time, then what..? Maybe something cud be added, like: Use Anyway, I had files that contain dates in the following format: bla bla filename-ddmmyy.

Am not sure whether this has been handled before: forum has no search option. The shooting time of some photos accidentally is 6 hours later. Hi Kim Jensen, I talked to you a good while back, when I was still traveling. Thanks again for this great program. Only after trying to rename a large amount of shots at once, did I realize that I've taken more than 10, pictures between February and May I've been trying out ACDSee, which lets you store categories or keywords in a database and its actually able to embed that data directly into image files too.

However, their file renaming abilities aren't anywhere near what you've built. I haven't been able to retrieve those ACDSee's embedded tags in AdvancedRenamer, which may simply be lack of knowledge on my part. But playing with this gave me an idea: Maybe the ACDSee guys would care to licence your technology, which would make their program much more powerful. Maybe you could get decent money for such a license? I don't know, maybe its worth a phone call to them, maybe not Thanks for your great tool - I definitely love it, as it saves me hours and hours After updating to 3. It all worked 10 minutes ago before the update with the same txts.

Do I need to save my txts in another format for the new version? Did I miss some news regarding the list method? Any idea? Thanks, MAAR. Hi, I just installed the new version because I was happy to read that I could now add all subfolders to rename. I don't really need the context option but I REALLY need the option to add subfolders without going through them one by one and hold strg.

I have to rename so many. I have windows 7 with 64bit I hope you could help me. Thanks for your great programm, greetings, Lunique. I saw the older message for this. I am using several different photo programs trying to decide which one I like best. Maybe this can clear up some confusion for you. I await your prompt response, thank you for your time invested in my problems thank you very much Note: My native language is Spanish, sorry for the bad English.

It's possible to add a new method? It's for my TV Series I allways rename them manually to: 01x Nikita 01x Nikita etc. And It will be easy if there is a method like 01x Num 01 to Hi there, Before anything else, I would like to say thanks for sharing this wonderful software for free.

Good job, guys! I use this software for almost 2 years now without any problems. Recently, I downloaded and installed the ver.

JPG files like before. I thought that installing newer version means great enhancement on features, but unfortunately this problem really gives a lot of headache. I hope you great guys out there can give me some advice on this. Thanks, Jeff. Hi there! I got a problem. All applications does show the Jap. Start as Administrator does not fix the problem.

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Best greetings, Johnny. Is there any opportunity to make several copies of each file in one click? It makes only one copy again, but now with last method - "gamma" What should I do to have all the copies of my file in one operation? I have released Advanced Renamer 3. The release is primarily based on feedback I have gotten here on the forum and by e-mail. A lot of people have been writing with renaming problems that could not be solved or were very difficult to solve. I have tried to make Advanced Renamer more suited for some of these renaming problems.

I have not found solutions for all problems however. I really wanted a release soon so I decided that enough was enough and got the release out the door. I hope you will help me test the beta before it goes final. The Internet is filled with people better suited for testing software than me. Translations and the user guide will be updated for the final release in about two weeks time. I have a list of map names that I want to batch convert and put the number first and the name second, For Example: Cranberry River P How do I do the renaming in AdvancedRenamer?

I am new your software, but it looks professionally executed. Thanks Is there a way to change the sequence of a file name, such as: Change a file name from "Feist, Raymond E. Feist- A Kingdom Besieged. Many Thanks. I'm new to the program, and I can't seem to get this method to work. I think the problem might be the word separator code. This is what my files look like. Chiffons - One Fine Day. I add the metod, tick three dates and click on image date and time. Using version 3. Thanks for help. Hi, im using AR 2. But it's not working. I got Errors and could't exit the import window.

Hi Kim, Whilst having a number of files listed in AR, I deleted one of them whilst using Explorer that was running in the background. Is this the intended behaviour, or did I come accross a minor bug in your wonderful program..? Hi, i need a Feature to rename with the next Upper Folder, not only the current Folder. Or can the current Version this do for me? Regards from Germany, wuppertal H. Greetings, I installed 3. I installed 3. So I uninstalled and then re-installed 3. I have reverted back to 3. Thank you, have a great day, Michael.

As simple as the title says. Dimming or graying the filenames in the New Filename column is very useful, especially if you are using RegEx with long filenames. When dealing with thousands of filename changes that need to go through multiple rules that are not seen until after the first steps, it would be much easier if after processing the batch, that the batch list is not cleared, but refreshed. As this is not very useful for small groups of files, or when you know exactly how to get where you want with a simple chain, this feature would be better suited as a check-box in the settings section.

When one selects another preset from the list of saved presets, you have to manually update the file list. Auto Test does not detect that the preset has changed.

Бесплатная программа для mp3 тэгов на Mac OS X / Free mp3 ID3 Tags Editor for Mac OS (+Eng subs)

This bug has been preset in the past two versions Great software!!! Hi I was wondering can Advanced Renamer had a function of saying you dont want anything between [] brackers and the brackers. For example Orginal file name - london - 1 [jdfehhf3e] london - 2 [cieub3] changed file name london - 1 - london - 2 - if this is possible can someone explain to me how to do this please thanks.

I have tried several batch renaming programs and this is the first one that I find that is super easy to use and has most of the features I need. Thank you for your generosity in providing this program free of charge!

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With this said, I would like to make a suggestion for a possible feature. I don't know how complicated or even possible it would be but would to add features that allows one to change ID3 tags. I am talking about basic features like the ones used in the batch methods. I don't know if someone has already made this observation but I I've discovered that in the new version there is a missing feature field that was previously available.

It would be very helpful if it could be added once again.

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Dear Kim, Please take a look at this problem. I created 2 methods for renaming. This will rename and change the "file extension" because in the list I don't put file extension. When I applied these 2 methods, it will change file name and apply the file extesion that I've wanted them to be.

But, It change the file extension in the wrong place. Some how, the add method change the extension after the "period" in the file name anywhere if the file name contains a period in it. Walker" noticed, the mp4 is in the wrong place. It seems like the app. I love the AR. It's still my best choice. Hi Kim For your next version - please check the shell integration.