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Logic Pro comes with range of powerful, easy-to-use features that puts sophisticated tools at your fingertips, that lets you make incredible, immersive music that will impress anyone. Impressive interface. A single window workspace now has a metallic look-it's uncluttered so that you can focus on making music. Also, open Logic and you'll see the "Welcome to Babya Logic" window -a quick way of starting a new song.

Easy editing. Visually draw a song with the pencil tool using any of the supplied instrumernts GM sounds. Then cut and paste into another part of your composition-non destructively. Try to reinstall as administrator, right-click, launch as administrator the installer. I am not able to install this application. How to install this? No good. Does not work on Win 10, Win XP. Same error on both. Windows Mac. Download now. Developer: Babya. License: Freeware.

Apple Releases Logic Pro 9.1.8 Maintenance Update

From the developer: A thoughtfully redesigned Logic Pro makes it easier than ever to translate musical inspiration into professional productions. This download may not be available in some countries. What do you need to know about free software? Publisher's Description. From Apple: Logic Pro X has been designed with a modern new look while preserving and expanding the power and features that professional users rely on. The streamlined interface provides access to advanced tools and functionality for more technical tasks, or can be hidden to allow musicians to focus on being creative.

Flex Pitch helps users fix out-of-tune vocals and even change the melodies of recorded audio by manipulating individual notes within an audio waveform. Track Stacks lets you organize and collapse multiple tracks into one, or can be used to create rich, layered instruments. Smart Controls allow you to manipulate multiple plug-ins and parameters with a single move for quick and powerful sound design. An improved Mixer helps manage mix sessions more efficiently, with increased visibility into signal flow and dynamics and faster ways to manipulate channel inserts.

Logic Pro X provides a collection of new creative tools for songwriting and music production. Designed to work with Drummer, the new Drum Kit Designer plug-in lets you build your own custom kit using a diverse collection of professionally recorded snare drums, toms, hi-hats and cymbals that you can mix, match and fine tune to get the right drum sound for your song. Logic Pro X expands Logic Pro's rich collection of synthesizers and keyboards with more new instruments.

The Arpeggiator is one of nine new MIDI plug-ins and can transform a simple keyboard chord into an elaborate performance. The new Retro Synth emulates some of the most popular classic synthesizer tones from the 70s and 80s, and Vintage Keyboards offer realistic models of electric pianos, B3 organs and clavs, with sophisticated tone-shaping controls.

Bass Amp Designer allows bass players to play and record using vintage and modern bass amps, with cabinets and microphones that can be configured to build a custom bass rig. Logic Pro X also features an entirely new Sound Library with an updated loop collection and over 1, instrument and effect Patches that make creative use of Track Stacks, Smart Controls, the Arpeggiator and other new plug-ins. User Reviews. Reviews Current version All versions. Sort Date Most helpful Positive rating Negative rating.

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Pros The iPad Remote is very cool. The Transposer is good as well.

Logic Pro 9 working on OS X 11.5 El Capitan Solution

Cons The lack of support for all my 32 bit plugins is inexcusable. Summary I am going back to Logic 9. Pros As far as I am concerned there were no Pros since this update would not work.

Apple Releases Logic Pro 9.1.8 Maintenance Update

Cons I have Logic Pro 9. Read reply 1 Reply by benjaminjonjessop on June 12, I'm trying to install the 9. Thanks Report this post. Pros Very nice, powerful with good features, lots of audio tools, loops, plugins etc. Summary A great tool for pro musicians, producers and song writers. Pros First, it's made by Apple and works seamlessly with the hardware. Cons If you think there are any cons with LogicStudio, you probably don't know much about the history of recorded music or much about LogicStudio. Summary Buy it. Use it. Thrill yourself and the world.

Pros It is beyond any recording system available. Cons There are no flaws for a experienced sound recording engineer. Summary This review was originally posted on VersionTracker. Results 1—10 of 10 1. Please Wait. The Track Header's controls are laid out slightly differently from before. Controls such as mute, solo and freeze are now displayed to the left of the header, and, if the header has sufficient height, the track name will be displayed above the controls.

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This may or may not be an issue, depending on the size of your typical Track List. A few pixels make all the difference. The colour bars are now an optional background behind the track number on the left-side of the header, and, perhaps most controversially, Logic's Track Level Meters have been replaced with GarageBand's integrated volume and level meter track control, which now appears on the right. In practice, however, it is. Would it really have hurt just to leave the Hide button there to begin with?

A common request among Logic users over the years has been for Cubase-style Folder tracks. Of course, Logic has had its own Folder tracks from the very first version, but these were intended for horizontal musical arrangements rather than vertical track organisation. Notice how overlapping Regions become Stacked Regions.

Two types are available: Folder and Summing. This is useful for retaining relative mix levels within Stacks. The way in which Regions are handled for Track Stacks is actually quite interesting and pretty smart. However, when there are overlapping Regions, Logic will show Stack Regions that represent these overlapping Regions. When you change the colour of the Track Stack track, the background in the Tracks area changes for all but the last track in the Stack.

Summing Stacks behave very similarly to Folder Stacks, but differ in one important way. It's also not possible to have sub-Stacks, meaning that you can have Stacks within Stacks. The basic operation of Drummer is incredibly simple. Once you add the Drummer track to your Project — there can only be one — Logic will automatically create two Drummer regions for you on that track.

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By creating Regions on the Drummer track, you tell your virtual drummer when to play — and, of course, when not to. The Drummer editor in the lower part of the main window lets you adjust settings for the currently selected Drummer Region in the Tracks area. You can have any combination of these elements active, though it's important to note that choosing, say, toms as the second element doesn't mean that you won't hear the hi-hat or cymbal; it just means you'll mostly hear them for fills and other embellishments.

If you click the Details button, three further controls become visible to allow you to adjust the feel of the performance ie. As you make adjustments in the Drummer Editor, Logic re-renders the drum performance and updates the audio in the Drummer Region. To the left of the Drummer Editor is an area where you can specify the drummer personality that's selected to perform. You can either adjust the left and right cymbals together or individually. Some advanced controls are also available if you click the disclosure triangle at the bottom of the window.

Here, you can adjust the volume of the percussion elements in the kit as well as the sticks, presumably for rim clicks and also set the input mapping, since it's possible to play Drum Kit Designer as you would any other virtual instrument. This latter mode will certainly be welcomed by anyone who's ever had to mess around with V-Drum mapping. So, for those who really want to have full control over the drum sound, Apple have also included so-called Producer Kit versions, where each drum in the kit has its own dedicated output.

Now simply select the appropriate kit notice that the names are prefixed with the plus sign and you're ready to go. What's really great about the multi-channel kits is that they make use of the Track Stacks feature. And what's useful about this is that the Producer Kits come pre-loaded with the tracks for all the necessary splits, meaning that you don't have to worry about setting this up yourself. Simply open the Stack and you'll see Channel Strips for all the drums with the current mix, where an engineer has already set up initial levels, pans and various EQs and compressors for you.

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Leak sets whether the sound of that drum is heard in the mics for other drums in the kit, Overheads sets whether the drum is heard in the overhead microphone, and Room lets you toggle the room emulations, as well as choosing between one of two rooms. One of the things I've always liked about Logic is the way in which Logic's instrument plug-ins tended not to have built-in effects. Alternatively, you can enable the Learn button, open the plug-in, click the parameter you want to control, and then disable the Learn button. Simply click the first mapping entry and choose Add Mapping from the pop-up menu, and another mapping will be added, compete with its own independent settings.

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Smart Controls can also be useful when used in conjunction with Summing Stacks, because while each sub-track can have its own Smart Controls layout, so can the main track, with the ability to access all the parameters of all the sub-tracks. For example, some layouts contain switches and some don't, and some layouts contain more controls than you might need, and some too few. Setting it up is easy: simply make sure both the iPad and Mac are connected to the same network, run Logic, and then run Logic Remote.

After that, both Logic and Logic Remote will remember this marriage, and re-establish it automatically whenever both sides are available. You can use the ruler to scrub time, and if Cycle Mode is active, you can even adjust the Cycle Region. The Mixer view works pretty much as you might expect.