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CD player. Volume level. This feature is not yet documented on this site. Terminal Phone dialer. Keyboard map. Settings menu General. Desktop themes. Time and date. This is possible only after clicking on the lock and authenticating. Power management.

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Application manager. File manager. Running applications. This feature can be found in the Application manager section. The running applications are shown on the left side of the Dock, indicated by black ellipses below them. Task manager.

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Trash can. Command prompt. Welcome splash Login screen.

These features are not yet documented on this site. So, installing Windows before Yosemite is the better bet, because you can supposedly add partitions after, but not before. Also, whenever you do add a partition afterward for Yosemite, it can sometimes muck up the Windows installation, though a little messing around in Terminal can get it back into working condition.

I did this and then the Mavericks partition turned into an OSX install.

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It wouldn't allow me access to the Mavericks partition and simply launched the setup for Yosemite when attempting to boot from that partition. I have the exact same problem. The Mavericks partition still exists and I can still boot to the recovery partition, but I cannot seem to get rid of the OSX Install partition. I want my Mavericks back. Anybody know how?

What is Mac OS X DP4?

For the people having this issue. I ended up having the same problem. What I did is I changed the startup disk to my Mavericks partition and it worked fine. I assume you mean installing it on a second internal HDD?

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I don't have a second internal hard disk drive, but I believe the setup would be similar to a bootable USB setup, as in, you go into Disk Utility, drag your downloaded OS X Yosemite Beta 2 Or whatever version you have into the side panel, go into your second hard drive and navigate to the restore tab, drag your OS X Yosemite into the source field, and then your second hard drive to the destination and click "Erase" when prompted so that the contents of the second HDD will be replaced with the contents of the OS X Yosemite I'm not sure if this is what you were asking, or if you may not understand all that I'm saying, but if you need clarification feel free to ask additional questions and I'll go more in depth about what to do.

Hope I helped! Wait, I just had a realization, install OS X Yosemite as normal, but when it prompts you to choose the installation location, choose your second internal HDD I think this should do it, so you really don't need to worry about partitioning and all that, but in case I'm wrong, refer to my first attempt at explanation. I installed YOSE Panicked - I wanted mavericks back. Using time machine I was able to boot holding "R" down on the keyboard. Now if only I could get win7 installed.

I've been a computer geek PC since Switched to Mac a couple years ago and not going back however I need to play some games on windows so I want to install it via bootcamp. I have ISO 64 win 7. I can run the "setup" program for windows in parallels. But after some pretty start up install screens, it can't find a drive to install to that it likes. Boot camp says it can't find the install disc. Which is a external USB drive. I also get messages I can't install from USB drive.

I hate Apple. In all these new updates they over look the obvious. I know - hold down command while dragging There are to many "hidden" features. Now I see why in that old commercial they said to run a pc you need this 2ft of manuals and to run a Mac you need this and it was a booklet of 10 pages. That's because they don't make a instruction book.

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You need to pick up tid-bits from others and luckily now online. Same with the damn IOS devices. Why not move the speaker off the bottom and aim the audio forward. Sorry for the rant, I need to vent - between the little annoying things Apple does, and this recent Yosemite fiasco, and my revisiting bootcamp after installing yose Can you help me? I was wondering if I can get