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It comes with customized list appearances, integration with Messages, Siri functionality, and a flurry of color-coating options.

What is the macOS Catalina Public Beta?

Apple introduced Screen Time to help people monitor their device usage with iOS 12, and this year they will be extending the feature to macOS. The app was introduced a year ago with iOS 12 and let users create custom Siri commands and macros. The ability has now been ported to Macs and MacBooks where it might have a second life. Steven Troughton-Smith, an Ireland-based software developer tweeted out a quick demonstration.

He created a simple command that will run a code-editing software and open a few files automatically. That highlights just how useful Shortcuts can be for optimizing productivity for professionals who use Macs and MacBooks at work.

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Mac OS X Public Beta – Pixels

The most raved-about feature, by far, is Sidecar, which lets users connect iPads to their Macs and use them as extended displays. This opens up unique creative and productivity use-cases for the laptop and tablet combo and early adopters say it runs like a dream. Twitter user Scotch. Innovation Apple Share Subscribe.

Apple macOS 10.15 Catalina preview: All the key features explored

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2. iOS apps on the Mac

Hardcore Macintosh fans could therefore get a taste of the upcoming operating system before its final release. It was named Kodiak internally by Apple. The name was not publicly used.

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Inside, on the left, were documentation and support files which were tucked behind a short greeting from Apple: Dear Mac OS X Beta Tester, You are holding the future of the Macintosh in your hands. Mac OS X is a new, super-modern operating system that will usher in a new era for the Macintosh. New from the ground up, Mac OS X is specifically designed for the Internet and includes advanced technologies for incredible improvements in stability and performance.

It also features a stunning new interface called Aqua.

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