Mac blot powder pressed review

A few dabs definitely goes a long way with this pressed powder. I typically dab it on right after my foundation and I stay grease-free for hours. Thanks MAC! I bought this product twice thinking that maybe the first one was made from a bad batch. It made my skin even oiler the more that I applied throughout the day.

MAC Blot Powder/Pressed

There are so many other and better shine reducing products out there. We're here to help!

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Call us at Contact Us Our customer service team in San Francisco is ready to assist you. Shop Reviews Videos Articles. A shade deeper than the existing dark blot powder. Rollover image to zoom. Reviews Princess B. You see, while I was on the road last weekend, I rekindled an old flame.

Ominous much? There are more than of these on the way to the roof. Finally, the roof!

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Hey, mister! Up here! Another shot of the city. Brilliant architectural design. The happy couple aka me wearing MAC Blot! It travels well, too, and looks cute in its mirrored compact. I love love love MAC blot powder! Not cute. Powder Application: Brush or Puff? Welcome back! I am so glad that your make up will be making it home safely. Oh man now I want to go to Milan… holy cow, gorgeous!! Gorgeous photos! I have been using it consistently for so many years. I never get tired of it. Have you ever tried the loose version? I keep meaning to pick up a jar at the Pro store, but I keep forgetting.

The MAC Blot powder is great. I never leave home without it. It is the one product I always carry with me in my makeup bag. There is even a spare in my desk at work! Looks like you had an amazing time! I am really looking forward to seeing more swatches, reviews and of course, Mr TABfabulous! Ps, I normally opt for brights but I will be meeting my long-term online boyfriend sounds SO geeky! Ithfifi recently posted … Time for some positivity! Tagging random people! If you do end up trying them one thing to note is they seem to run light, so just keep that in mind. Where are you going to meet?

I love it too! Welcome back Karen! Beautiful shots of the city!

A staple makeup item in my purse for sure! Really craving a trip to Disneyland lately-must be because of Venomous Villains launching hahaha! Are you going to show us an Italian makeup haul? Funny you should mention Disneyland! I really want to go now. I have been wanting toi buy this product. I have been hesitant because I have dry skin but I live in Fl. I need it for when I start sating. Will it absorb sweat? This was a hilarious review! I may have to look into this because my skin just.

Flawless makeup can turn into a cakey mess in a matter of hours.

MAC Blot Powder/Pressed (Various Shades)

Karen, does this turn ashy or have a white cast on you in certain lighting? Welcome back Karen. The MAC artist tried this on me when I came to the counter all sweaty and oily. This sounds like a must try for me, for sure. Blot is my all-time favorite powder. I actually discovered it a few years ago when I got married, and it looked fab in pictures.

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  4. Kinne recently posted … The Big E. So true!

    And thanks for this review. My compact powder running out soon. Considering getting this. Me too. Your review was really amusing! I might need to get some Blot powder for myself… Marilyn Lipgloss and Spandex recently posted … 9 mile long run on a treadmill. I have the Chanel Double Perfection Compact and it looks cakey on me. Do you know if this is oil-free?

    MAC Blot Powder Pressed Deep Dark | Beautylish

    Oh Karen, your pics are ah-mazing! Love them, and blot powder. Me too! Sherri recently posted … NYC Haul. Thanks for the review Karen! I have trubs with sensitive spots on my face, too, and have never had trubs with Blot. I really hope this works out for you! You look soooo beautiful Karen! Lisa recently posted … Photo. I forget that MAC has this product and my forehead is almost always a bit oil. Another thing for me to try. That airplane air sucks all the life out of you but the cool trips make it worthwhile, for sure.

    MAC Select Sheer Pressed Powder Review

    And helped me conquer my fear of color, of course! Welcome home! I tried Blot Powder in the past, but since I use a powder foundation, it was a bit much and I switched to blotting papers. Amber recently posted … Tuesday sparkle- Ben-Amun.