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Spitfire Audio is a top brand of sample merchants, selling meticulously sampled orchestral and classical instruments. Their sampling talents have recently been extended to this excellent series of free instruments for VST and AU formats on desktop systems. The main LABS plugin is actually a shell to host the separate instruments, which have been sampled by the best in the business. This free VST synth is in a category of its own.

Best Free Synth VST AU plugins for MAC OS X

Thump is actually an effects plugin that tracks your input audio for pitch and amplitude, and generates its tones based upon that. Thump specializes in low frequencies, with its two synth oscillators pumping out Hz at maximum pitch. The idea is to use Thump for some low-frequency reinforcement, tweaking its oscillator pitches and enveloper followers to beef up kicks, toms, basslines and anything else that you want to give more weight. Mediterraneo Percussion. Clap Utility. Ibiza Tech Percussion. Advanced Production Techniques in Reason.

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JuceOPLVSTi Free FM Synth VST/AU Plugin

Trance Psy Trance. This is your starting point for finding out how to get the most out of your Loopmasters samples. Browse our selection of tutorials covering a range of topics from popular DAW tips, fundamental studio techniques, basic music theory tutorials, promoting your music, and making the most of your audio plugins.

We hope you enjoy! IK Multimedia Syntronik Free Anyone looking for a classic free synth will want to check out Syntronik Free, which offers not just one but 17 instruments modelled from classic synthesizer keyboards. The Minispillage plugin has three dedicated algo for bass drum, wood drum and hihat. After all these synths, we now need an emulation of our prefered organ : the Farfisa combo organ! ComboF gives you the sound of the Italian electric organ we all love.

After the organ emulation, we need the electric piano! MrTramp 2 is the best free or not emulation of the Wurlitzer electric piano. Now you can sound like Supertramp! Breakfast in America!!

Option 02: Chipsounds

A dedicated string synth plugin for Mac! Cheese again! Nice for plucked sounds. Thanks to the comb filter, you can generate very original sounds. A perfect free synth for bass and perc sounds. Coming from here! The best C64 Sam oldskool text to speech emulator, for all your techno voices. Coming with the demo of Zebra, the famous synth by u-He, Zebralette is a nice synth, with unusual sound, and powerful possibilities and plenty of special waveforms to play with. It has been surpassed in all domain by many other synth freeware included.

But it can be useful and you can get some nice sounds out of it if you tweak it with love. Another prehistoric virtual synth from Steinberg, this virtual bass plugin is free and available with Model E in the same package see link above.

Best FREE Synth VST Plugins - Top 10 (2018)

Very simple sound, can be useful. Freeware for Mac are rare so we take it!

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Another free electric piano emulation for your Mac! Perfect for deep house chords. Chip32 is a very simple plugin, perfect for your chip tune needs. You can also generate random presets! For example : the Delay Lama! It seems there are more effects available for free than synths. Anyone know about Synth1 on Yosemite I have installed correctly, no luck at all. I think its Mac days are over. Synth1 was recently updated to ver 1. So you might be able to see it if 32 vs 64 bit is the issue:.

Actually I donno how to install these programs. I got synth1 mac vst beta8 file in library and I downloaded zr3.

6 Operator FM Synth Plugin

A really promising open source synthesizer currently in beta is Helm. I went to the Helm synth site and tried downloading the Helm synth without making a donation.