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The backend of the lyric, too, strikes my soul. The lyric is so multiple and procedural, is the arc of my healing in one bar.

Mac Miller quotes about happiness and mental health

We start with the Jewish condition, as always, and a refusal. I understand him.

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No one asks to be special in some ethereal capacity. To return the world, in the first understanding of this bar, is to reject being chosen. But to return the world, too, could mean to consider killing yourself, to consider your life a fluke and to feel the pressure to right a bodily wrong. For the whole of my struggling with simply being alive, I thought of Yahweh mistakenly taking a chance on me, I thought of my resigning the world as a point of order because I caught on to a grave error.

Years went by with me feeling an incredible guilt every day for being.

Mac Miller – The Question (Live)

I could only imagine myself as an obstruction to the lives of the people I cared for, all because my cards were read wrong. I wrestled with the notion that it was not my fault I lived, but clearly, I should not have, and how will I repent for this? How will I return the world, this thing that is not rightfully mine? But, to return the world could also mean choosing to craft your own.

We are, after all, a resourceful people.

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  • Mac Miller - The Question Lyrics?
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  • Adopting imagery of swords, soldiers, and morgues, the writing appears to suggest Mac Miller has given up, when in fact he has simply changed the rules of the game. Consider her the valves, or the blood of the track. Her hook keeps the song alive.

    20 Mac Miller Quotes About Happiness and Mental Health

    This is a storytelling segment. Remember, all of this is a conversation with Delusional Thomas. Think of the second verse as a Genesis myth, a tale of creation wherein we are all the creators of a life we deserve. This nameless figure is embroiled in despair but still makes the conscious choice to live—at least for the moment. When Mac remarks on the precious quality of life and fighting to the death, we can take that to mean, in order to make life precious, we must fight for the rest of our lives.

    It does not sound glamorous, and it will not always be so, but we must do it as is the necessity of husbanding a sacred thing. All of this leads us to the final invocation of Jewish condition and returning of the world to Yahweh. Mac returns the world he is expected to be a part of, as he has found his life to be worthy without externalities to define him.

    Mac Miller Remembered Through Song Lyrics

    Our life is made precious by virtue of it being ours, and what we choose to do with that truth is infinite and empowering. And for those of us looking for more reason to stay alive, Mac Miller reminds us that we will always make it to our next joy, however small it may seem, with a pitched-down and comical outro. There will always be just one more laugh.

    And just like that, we made it. Even though he is gone, his music will keep playing for many years to come. Hopefully, these quotes have inspired you to reflect on life, happiness, and your mental and emotional well being. Did you enjoy these Mac Miller quotes? Which of the quotes was your favorite?

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