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Mac Gaming. Most Apple computers have nice displays and a graphics card capable of handling at least basic 3D titles.

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Unfortunately, the relative lack of visible and publicized Mac games can be a downer. You just need to dig a little deeper in order to find them. Some of the games on the Apple website are truly freeware, and a handful are older PC games that were once sold for profit but are now made available for free. Of course, Apple has already announced a coming app store for the Mac, so you can expect a more complete and easily organized selection of free Mac games to be readily available in the near future.

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I noticed that a few demos are included in the results, but for the most part the freeware games listed are actually fully functional games. However, at least some of those 9 games are excellent. These are great free games that are sometimes missed by other free Mac game sites. It is a Wiki-based site with a strong sense of community that, despite its unconventional format, offers some compelling content. Titles are simply listed in a table alphabetically with a small description attached to each game.

If there is a particular game that you recommend, however, let us know in the comments! Because where you buy your games shouldn't prevent you from playing with friends. Add people you like to your friends list. Keep track of their activities, see if they are online, what are they playing, start a new chat or invite them to a game. COM website, you can always chat with them. Stay connected!

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Enjoy playing games in good company? Not into achievements? Desktop notifications distract you? Adjust the Client to your needs and stay clutter-free.

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We're introducing quality of life features and the means to stay connected whether you're in your browser, in the client, or in-game. Most importantly, we want to redefine what it means to use a gaming client. Most GOG Galaxy functionality is optional and toggleable, but we also want to introduce a few features that you haven't seen before. Like rolling back patches. You will be able to download and update every single game via GOG Galaxy - we call these the core features.

Right now, a few games do not yet support the client - a list is available on our support pages. Our aim is to include support for every single game as soon as possible. Core features like installing, updating, game time tracking will be available in every single title. In-game and social features might not be, so we'll make sure that all supported features are listed clearly on a game's page. We will release all of our games simultaneously through GOG Galaxy and the website. Updates, however, can be more efficient in GOG Galaxy - it's largely the reason we made it.

By automating the update process in the Client, we'll be able to get patches distributed quickly while we continue to manually package and test our standalone patchers. In short, we'll get the updates out as fast as possible through both channels - but we won't delay one on account of the other. Feature requests: We have a new wishlist section dedicated to requesting, and voting on, new features in GOG Galaxy. General feedback: We encourage you to discuss GOG Galaxy on our forums, and we'll be monitoring the threads to gather feedback and new ideas.

GOG Galaxy supports all of the current website functionality, that includes buying games through the client and participating in the forums. The GOG Galaxy client should work as a full replacement for the website if you want it to. We respect your privacy, so does GOG Galaxy. The client won't upload any more of your information than is necessary to function. For example, we will never scan more of your hard drive than you tell us to, and when we track your game-time, we will never upload the names of your system processes, let alone anything else.

We save your playtime only. If you let us. We do collect relevant system information for crash reports, that may include things like your installation directory. Crash reports are enabled by default, but you can always turn them off. If you want to make sure that we receive no information at all, the client can still function in offline mode.

You can find more in-depth information in our privacy policy. We won't disable the GOG downloader on launch day, but we will no longer actively support it. The downloader may be affected as we continue updating our infrastructure, but we don't plan to disable it intentionally. A Linux version of our client is planned eventually, but we don't have an expected release date right now. Stay tuned for future announcements! If you like to tinker, feel free to start building your own features or even entire clients compatible with GOG Galaxy, assuming you can figure things out right now.

We won't actively work against attempts to improve the GOG Galaxy experience, although we can't promise not to break anything as we continue to develop our own tools and infrastructure. You can add your installed games to the Client. Games installed with our newer installers available on the website for a few months now will be detected automatically, older installations will require you to add the game manually.

Cross-play doesn't require any setup or configuration. Steam users won't need to create GOG. Just log in, launch your game, and start playing online! If you want to, you can simply download your game via your browser, install it manually, and launch it offline, just like we've always done it on GOG.

If you decide to use GOG Galaxy for some aspects of the convenience, you can still switch to offline mode at whim and play your games. Optional also means that all features in GOG Galaxy can be turned off. Not a fan of achievements or auto-updates?

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