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This is the easiest video downloader I've used, it's very efficient, small file size and will dl video from just about every site. You really can't go wrong with this one. Read reply 1.

DownloadHelper for Safari: Download Web Videos on Mac

Easy to use. Accesses lots of sites. Does not load additional toolbars. Does a great job so far with both Vimeo and YouTube. None so far, although the advanced portions of interface are complex enough to be a little confusing. FOr some reason, the latest version 2.

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Also, sometimes it will use a large portion of RAM and cause stability issues. I completely recommend the program, but hope there is a bug fix released soon. When I clicked on the link to download this I was informed that the Firefox Download Helper does not work on my version of Firefox and could not be downloaded. I am assuming it is because I am using a Beta version of Firefox. But because I am not "tech-savvy" I can offer no further explanation. Now it's crap. It records a download title, but doesn't download anything. Everything is 0 bytes. Worthless product.

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No documentation anywhere as to how to fix it. Thank you for your review. It's among the most accurate here and I wish I had read it before my experience with this program.

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My experience was worse. I was misled into believing I had actually succeeded in downloading over a dozen videos from YouTube. The icons representing those videos actually appeared in the file to which they were directed. But after an hour of this apparent success, when I decided to start checking my downloads not one file would open.


They were all sitting in their file DOA. Had to go back the next day and look up each individual video all over again and download with Real Player's "Real Downloader. Captures almost all streaming video audio files. Also the "quick convert" is very useful as it allows you to pick which format to download the file with, which eliminates the hassle of having to convert after the download. If you are capturing multiple files, it is sometimes confusing to distinguish which file is which because the titles of the files are often just a slew of letters and numbers, as opposed to real title of the video or music file.

It's not a deal breaker as I think this application is very useful, but like I said, it can lead to confusion. User friendly and very useful for capturing streaming audio and video files. It is also very effective in that it does pick up most files that are streaming. I use it quite often and have recommended it to some of my friends. Did exactly what I needed it to do! Use the "Integrate into Browser" option in the app's main menu. Whenever you are on YouTube and want to save a video from there, just click the link you just put in the bookmarks bar.

Select the format your video will be saved in and click Download.

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Chrome browser extensions Because of the restrictions of the Chrome Store, the extensions for this browser usually won't work. Extract ZIP file to the folder on your Mac. Launch the "install.

How to Download Videos Using DownloadHelper |

Drag the BAT file to the Extensions page. In the window that opens, review the permissions. Click Add to continue. Purchase PRO.

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How to Download Video with DownloadHelper for Mac

Doesn't know whether DownloadHelper can work with Apple's Safari? Well, here is the answer: DownloadHelper only supports Mozilla Firefox. Unfortunately, DownloadHelper doesn't support the Mac version of Firefox as well as it does on Windows. My suggestion is to find a better solution - a DownloadHelper for Safari alternative.

After installing it, a plugin like DownloadHelper will be installed to Safari so you can download and convert web video right from Safari. A download button, instead of 'animating multicolor balls', will appear next to the video. Just click it and choose from the video resolutions. Your video will start downloading immediately.

Multiple videos can be downloaded at the same time. Give it a try now.