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Now pass the pasta salad and a fork please,. This salad looks great, we'll be trying this over the summer for sure :. An interesting discussion is definitely worth comment. I do think that you should write more about this issue, it may not be a taboo matter but typically people don't discuss such subjects.

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Anyway I made it for a family gathering tomorrow. I tried it both ways. Chopping up the potato first is far easier and cooks faster. I cook in a pasta basket and it keeps the potatoes from getting too water slogged. Similar to my potato salad5. Use mayo dill pickle relish and a lite bit of Seafood liquid boil I when boiling potatoes for a little kick.

I have what may be a stupid question even though they say there is no such thing. Do you use two celery stalks or two celery ribs? Can some others clarify the amount of celery for this recipe. Two stalks just seems like the salad would be mostly celery. I need to make this tomorrow for a company picnic on Wednesday. Two of the individual pieces you break out of the celery bunch.

Sometimes I just use milk, just a tablespoon or two. Love your food blog!! LOVE the celery seed. Thank you so much for sharing! Is it an ego thing? One thing, if I copy a recipe and make changes, I keep them to myself. Just had to add my feelings about everyone who seems to think that their additions or substitutions are so much better. It turned out beautifully, thank you. I think the potatoes could have used a tiny bit more time because they have just a little crunch.

Something for me to work on. I use mayo mixed with salt , pepper , celery seed and vinegar and a splash of milk to make it creamy. The milk was a secret ingredient my grandmother would add. The vinegar adds a depth to the flavor that you have to taste to appreciate- it does NOT make it sour or bitter at all. Just saw this on Pinterest today. My mom made her potato salad very similar to yours, Miracle Whip and all.

Interestingly, the salad that I made was missing something. Just never knew what. I had never done that, but when I added it, it was the flavor kick that I had been missing! So seeing your recipe, with vinegar included, will probably give me that flavor that I had been mising in my potato salad too — not knowing why. I always tried adding more mustard, pickles or dill relish, but nothing gave me the taste I remembered. I made it per your directions and it was wonderful… I even gave you credit for making me shine! Potato salad brings so many opinions.

I just wanted to tell you that MY mom makes the best potato salad! My mom makes hers with russets. For every potato, you have an egg and one green onion. You would have 6 eggs and 6 green onions. My mom bragged that you can make it super small or super big. My mom made it for my brothers wedding lunch? And she used 50 pounds of potatoes! True story The sauce is half mayo and half miracle whip.

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You have to eyeball the amount. You add yellow mustard for color. You add a shake of salt, pepper, and onion powder for every potato and egg. You add apple cider vinegar to thin it to the right consistency and flavor. You want it stronger then what you like since the potatoes absorb the flavor. You taste it to make sure you have enough seasoning. Then you mix everything together.

I agree with your assessment of the potatoes absorbing flavor when they are still warm. I find myself chopping hot potatoes so I can get it all mixed before the potatoes fully cool. You just cook until they break apart with a fork, but not long enough for mashed potatoes…if that makes any sense. Some of the small pieces do mash but very few. I have never commented on a recipe before but I always read them before picking a recipe to follow.

This time, I have to comment to thank you for this recipe! Again, I have no desire to eat anything in this so I thought making it would be difficult. You gave great advice and tips especially for me being a first time maker, and walked me through it without me needing to taste. I made this as a side for a BBQ and everyone enjoyed it! Great recipe! Love the smell wow amazing cooking well done. Recipe very clear and a lot of comments! Thanks, Heidi!

Oh my goodness! My taste buds are doing a happy dance! I had all the ingredients to make potato salad except for the mayo. I did however have an unopened jar of Miracle Whip, so I decided to google potato salad recipes using Miracle Whip. Thank you so much for sharing. I will only use Miracle Whip and this recipe moving forward.

Followed your recipe exactly as is, I used hellmans mayo my preference absolutely loved it, it was a hit with everyone, thanks so much for sharing it. I will be using only this recipe from now on. Looks delicious, and was loving the recipe, until Miracle Whip was mentioned…. I came across your blog on a search for a classic potato salad recipe. Most recipes you find these days call for odd ingredients or omit a vinegar element.

Who knew it could be so simple. Thank you so much. Love this recipe!! Made it for a get together and everyone loved it. Would not change a thing. Thank you for posting. Everyone loved it. I followed the recipe exactly, with the exception of the eggs. I used 4 of them. I may use slightly less onion next time, but otherwise this was an excellent recipe. With this one, I went back for seconds. I will definitely make this again and again. Thanks so much for posting!

No diced dill pickels? We also knew there would be bread pudding after Thanskgiving dinner made from the crusts cut from the bread for the Turkey stuffing. Thanks for the memories. I was given the task of making potato salad for our 4th picnic. I am picky, like it zesty, with a tang, and some crunch, not too mayo-y…As a family, we do not put eggs in ours, so I made this minus the eggs although next time I will add them, just to wander over to the dark side I also will not use MW follow a Paleo diet for the most part …This is beautiful and tasty.

And for all the non-MWers, the combination of mayo with vinegar can be like MW…This is really a fantastic potato salad—thank you! And Happy Fourth! Just finished making this potato salad for a 4th of July BBQ and it tastes amazing right now! Thanks for this recipe! I made this potato salad for a Independence Day party. Guess what? I was nervous about the vinegar, but went with it and was not disappointed. Great job. Great recipe. Never got it from her….

Is IS the best potato salad out there! My potato salad always comes out dry. I use generic mayo. Maybe that is the key! She had a secret ingredient that she never would tell. This is Exactly how Mama taught me to make it! Sounds yummy! This is the exact potato salad recipe I grew up on, and still to this day, make all summer long. The only difference is that I add some thin sliced radishes for color. I am always asked to make my potato salad for potlucks and ALL family functions! This is my moms recipe. I never liked pickle or relish in mine, so I add thinly sliced red radish skin on.

Adds a nice pop of color. So so good. Just made this with just a few variations for Christmas dinner.

Mama Mia's Mac Salad with Guy Fieri - Food Network

Left out the mustard and added sweet pickle relish cubes-larger chunks of pickle relish and had to use celery salt not seeds as we did not have any in my spices. Husband gave it the taste test before it sits overnight and pronounced it great!! Who know people could be afraid of the kitchen! This recipe is very similar to the one I make. I make a mixture of the vinegar, yellow mustard, salt and pepper and a tablespoon of sugar if not using miracle whip and add to the warm cut potatoes.

They soak up all that flavor. Everyone loves it. I loved running into this on Pinterest. Beautifull photo too. Some great hints and ideas here. My Mom passed down her recipe to me — it is a few generations old and everyone used to ask Mom to make it. Back in those days, potatoes with waxy skin were harder to find — so she used whatever she could get. Like you, I use lots of eggs and always boil an extra for someone to steal. I also use pickles and a bit of juice along with the vinegar. A splash of milk to the mayo helps create a creamy texture.

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  4. I do use a tsp or two of dill weed — love this flavor and it enhances the celery seed. This is a lot like mine, but I have never used celery seed, and I add sour green apple and crispy bacon. My mother and it seems all the relatives used red radishes sliced, green onion, Miracle Whip and dry mustard and vinegar. I grow radishes just for the salad and when they are ready its potato salad season. Love this potato salad recipe! I have found a fool proof way to make perfectly cooked potatoes, mine seem to be a mix of just right, mushy and hard. I now use a bag of southern style hashbrowns, poke some holes in the bag, microwave for 6 minutes, take out and turn a few times to mix, then put back in microwave for another 6 minutes, pour into bowl and add your other ingredients.

    Perfect potatoes every time and so quick and non messy. I also add a bit of dill weed to the salad, just adds a bit of a different flavor. Love your recipes, keep them coming!!!! Never measured anything however. I prefer to do half and half mayo-miracle whip mix. You should try it! This is now my favorite recipe for potato salad. Thank you for sharing.

    I thought I remembered how she made it, but every time I did, it was just not the same. I have tried numerous times with other recipes, but could never get it to taste like hers and gave up trying several years ago. Oh Happy Day!!! Thank you sincerely for posting this recipe. This was so good! I made it for July 4th picnic, and everyone loved it! Even better the next day… Many of my potatoes turned out mushy when slicing them while warm and the dressing was runny the next day. I stored them in a stainless steel bowl with saran wrap on top. This is the best potato salad I have ever had.

    My wife and I made it together with some help from our kids and it turned out great the day we made it but the next day we had it for dinner with guests and it had become runny. Such a disappoinment. Has anyone any idea why this may have occurred? Too much miracle whip? We are stumped. The recipe was followed to the T. I have been trying different recipes for a year and this was the winner!

    I think it is the celery seed that was missing. Made it with mayonnaise and 3 hard boiled eggs and it is fabulous. So glad my search is over! I love all the other suggestions. Potato salad is such a versatile thing. But I love the idea of capers too!

    Kitchen Simmer: "Gotta Have One More Bite" Pasta Salad

    It is all a matter of preference! Thanks to Heidi for posting a great recipe with wonderful photos. The purpose of reviews is to give feedback on how the recipe, as written, turned out. I personally am not interested in how the rest of the world makes potato salad. Oh Helen, I think I love you. Like so many other cooks in the kitchen and so many who have commented here I am one to always switch ingredients and amounts up according to my taste and my intuition. So Helen, thank you for your encouragement and support. Recipe sounds great! I will report back my families response.

    I know, sinful. However, I found this recipe to be everything I dream of in a potato salad. We used Russett potatoes and found they held up perfectly in the salad. There is a great flavor of celery, balanced by sweet and a hint of twang! I am using this recipe again for an office party and will use it from now on.

    PS: Miracle Whip!! Note regarding Miracle Whip: many years ago they changed the formula. Water became the first ingredient. The new formula was terribly bland, and most salads were wet and soggy after the 1st day. So give it a try. The right blend of creaminess, tanginess. During the summer sometimes add radishes for crunch and color, but the recipe is perfect the way it is. Wow—so tasty and exactly what i was looking for!

    Thank you for posting this, very much appreciated. I quit using Miracle Whip a few years back. Replacing the oil in it with water! After a long search and lots of tasting I found Spin Blend.. Mom would be proud of her Potato Salad now. I LOVE this potato salad. My family recipe is almost exactly the same, except we add half of a carrot grated, a few strips of crumbled bacon, and russet potatoes. For my spin on the family recipe I use Yukon golds as well, with a tablespoon of fresh chopped dill.

    Mama Mia's Macaroni Salad

    She added a few more eggs and some sliced green olives. Everybody loved her potato salad, including me! Thank you, Heidi! This salad seems delicious. I will definitely consider substituting mayo with Miracle Whip :. I made your potato salad over the weekend and it was incredible! Growing up we always loved summers because my mom would make her famous potato salad and although all the other BBQ food was delicious as well it was the potato salad that we looked forward to the most.

    While growing up, I was always in the kitchen with my Grandmother when she was cooking. I watched her cook many things many times. Her recipes were from memory with nothing written down.

    What to Eat This Week

    I made the huge mistake in not getting her recipes written down before she passed on. I thought I knew them all pretty well. For years, I have been trying to get my potato salad to taste just like hers did and I was always so close. I kinda gave up for a little while until I found your recipe. This recipe tastes exactly like I remember my Grandmother making.

    Thank you for sharing your recipe!! Now to work on getting my chili to taste like hers.. Hi Heidi!! Nothing more comforting than potato salad with the exception of maybe amazing mashed potatoes!! Have you ever tried whole mustard seed in your potato salad? I had one like that once many many years ago and it was just downright amazing! The mustard seeds were soaked in vinegar overnight. Thanks for posting this. I have tried to find a good recipe for PS and have now used this 4 times at various cookouts etc and everybody has loved it.

    I use mayo though as being English I did not like the sweetness of the MW. The best! I have made this recipe over and over and get so many compliments on it. Luckily I found it! Thank you for all the awesome tips and a great recipe! Years ago, I clipped a recipe out of a magazine for potato salad.

    The idea of dousing the cooked spuds in vinegar was intriguing. The recipe was good but it was missing something so I never made potato salad again. I think it was the Miracle Whip that the other recipe that I tried was lacking. Mom always kept a small jar of it on hand for salad making. I can enjoy tuna, chicken and macaroni salads made with only mayonnaise but egg salads and potato salad seem to require at least a dab of it for them to be truly delicious. Heidi, this is a fantastic recipe and a full-fledged tutorial to go with it.

    From your experience, do you think adding this can spoil the taste of the potato salad? Hi Charlice, Thanks for your comment! However, it would change the texture of the dressing making it thinner. My family loved it!! Thanks for Potato Salad tip, i make it for my family they love it your recipe test. I made this potato salad today to go with pulled BBQ chicken for dinner. I added some red pepper flakes for a little extra kick! It turned out completely delicious. Thanks, Heidi. Must be tried!! They love this recipe so much that now they ask me to bring it every time!

    I will use this recipe forever. I loved this recipe. I was raised on MW and moved to mayo. I think I am going to try the MW again. At least half and half. I will start again. I liked that you boiled the potatoes with the skins on. Mom did that too. I will do the vinegar on the potatoes. My search stops here. Happy Easter! This is a delicious salad and I add a little relish just for fun! While the potatoes are still warm I add finely diced yellow or white onion, dill relish, and eggs coarsely chopped and mix thoroughly.

    Let set in the refrigerator for 2 — 3 hours. The dill flavor permeates the potatoes. Then I mix mayo or MW and mustard in a separate bowl and add to the salad. Refrigerate overnight for best flavor. Cook potatoes in boiling water to cover 30 minutes or until tender; drain and cool 20 minutes. Meanwhile, whisk together olive oil and next 6 ingredients; let stand 30 minutes. Arrange potatoes in rows in a shallow 2-qt.

    Pour olive oil mixture over potatoes; sprinkle with pecans and basil. I did a search today for potato salad and yours popped up. It is exactly like what my mother used to make and I have been searching for something just like it. It is now forever saved in my recipe book. I used red potatoes the last time and they held together wonderfully, but will try the Yukon Golds this time. Thank you for sharing this recipe and bringing back the simple flavors and memories of my childhood!!

    My mom made the best hot german potatoe salad. Thank you for sharing this recipe! Glad you liked the recipe. Go Grandmas!

    How to Make the Best Potato Salad

    Made this yesterday and it was my first time making a potato salad. This is absolutely delish. There are lots of twists on Potato salad, my wife makes a great Hot German Potato salad, but for simple eggy starchy goodness this is tops!! The absolute best potato salad recipe hands down!! My picky kids refused to eat potato salad until they tried this.

    I used to shy away from making potato salad and would just buy pre made. So easy and so good I get compliments any time I bring it somewhere. This is a great recipe. Lots of good suggestions, too. I read that you should add your mayo mixture while the potatoes are still warm which encourages absorption of the yummy flavour. Then it is not too dry and not too runny. My husband loved it, my friend loved it, her family loved it and most importantly, I loved it.

    Your email address will not be published. Recipe Rating. Leave this field empty. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Search foodiecrush Hail to the best potato salad. It may be a bold statement to make but I think this potato salad recipe that was handed down from my grandma to my mom and then to me is definitely the best. Instructions Bring potatoes to a boil in large pot of cold water that's been liberally salted. Reduce the heat to medium high or a lightly rolling boil and cook for minutes or until the potatoes are easily pierced with a pairing knife.

    Drain and let cool until just able to handle. Peel the skins from the potatoes and cut into large diced pieces. Transfer the warm potatoes to a large mixing bowl and sprinkle with the white vinegar and stir. Allow the potatoes to cool, about 15 minutes. Add the celery and green onions. Chop 4 of the hard boiled eggs and add to the potato mixture. In a medium bowl, mix the Miracle Whip or mayonnaise, yellow mustard, celery seed and salt and pepper. Mix well into the potato mixture and season with more salt and pepper if needed. Slice the last egg into thin slices and place the slices on top of the salad.

    Sprinkle with paprika if desired. Chill for at least 1 hour or overnight before serving. Subscribe and have every FoodieCrush post delivered straight to your e-mail inbox. Now check your email to confirm your subscription. There was an error submitting your subscription. Please try again. Email Address. Share Tweet Pin shares. Related posts:. Crab and Shrimp Seafood Cobb Salad. Comments I second your vote for Miracle Whip.

    Hard boiled eggs in potato salad adds great taste, texture and protein. I need to make the salad for 75 — 80 people, any suggestions? Make several smaller batches so the flavor will be even and easier to mix. Love it. I added 1 small pk frozen peas. Yes i agree. Helmans is good on sandwiches. Miracle whip better for salads. Can you just leave the skin on? I understand lots of nutrients in the skin. And the Miracle Whip…. Oh believe me, try the celery seed, it makes a huge difference! I have always used celery salt. I might try to the seed instead.

    Ah, thanks for sharing your recipe! Will have to give it a spin. Oh dear….. Obviously my math is off…. So sorry. You should get your own page and start your own recipe. This was so rude. WOW just what I was searching for. Came here by searching for eggs. Agree , excellent recipe. I love the celery seed addition.

    Yes Meeme Gram used the pickle juice too and even though its 25 degrees Im making some today :. How do you stop the potatoes from going dark while they are cooling? This is always a problem. My first attempt at ever making my own potato salad. Thank you for posting this — it will be a standard in my repertoire from here! Thanks for making our taste buds happy. Two celery stalks but take off the green leaves bitter and chop finely. What vinegar do you use? Wine vinegar, white distilled vinegar, or cider vinegar?

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    Hi Judith, I usually use white vinegar but cider vinegar works too. I made this salad for a BBQ and it was a hit! Thank you for sharing it was really delicious. Marcel, the Miracle Whip gives it a sweeter tang, probably sweet just like your grandma was :.