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To enable right click on certain older Apple laptops please see this article The article was written about enabling two-finger scrolling, but the software also allows two-finger right click. Either they should create a system not requiring right click in the first place, and every thing should work with a single click. So annoying!!


Mouse click refusing to "unclick". | Parallels Forums

Control Click follows a different code path than right-click which still boggles me… the lack of a proper input manager in OS X is a big problem and not all applications follow the guidelines on control-click particularly ported applications. I know I could be politically correct and spurn all non-conforming apps, but I got my computer to do work, not to be politically correct. I really like the clicking option for trackpads. Just tap once for a click or double-tap for double click. SideTrack is a replacement driver for older iBook and PowerBook trackpads that gives the standard trackpad some extra features such as vertical and horizontal scrolling.

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Link at versiontracker. NickFro Actually I have a lot of friends who are new mac users and had no idea that you could do this since Apple has it disabled by default. Sometimes I think we take stuff like this for granted.

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Is your right mouse button activated on mac? Do you have a mouse with right mouse button? Which mouse are you using? Have you tried "unclicking" with the right mousebutton twice?

Re: Mouse stuck on right click

First right click jumps out of the road-laying mode, second right click jumps out of the road start mode. I hope to be able to help you here, i have some osx systems here and i will try to recreate the mac you are playing on. That's the same workaround I've been doing, but it gets old pretty quickly. We're both running on mac book pros, I wonder if that has something to do with it. I just tried to right click to cancel building other items, and it doesn't do anything. I am able to hit escape to cancel the build. Tested with a two button mouse and it works fine. Have you tried to activate the bottom corner to be the right click?

Ive tried with a mouse and without a mouse. A two button mouse? Yeh two button mouse Just bought this game, and I play the Tutorial to learn and the Road function gets stuck. I'm only 3 minutes in I see this thread has not been commented on for a while either and I see no fix. What's the deal?

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Which mouse exactly? Macbook Pro, no mouse. Clicking two times in the lower right of the trackpad lets you exit the road overlay.

Apple Magic Mouse right click problem solved in Mojave

Click once two place the road and tap with two fingers on the trackpad two times. Per page: 15 30 Date Posted: 21 Sep, pm.