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In some browsers, there are separate settings for the initial search page, the address bar and also for the search box in the toolbar, if the last one is highlighted as a separate element. However, in Firefox for all the places where you can enter a search query only one setting is valid. In this article, we are going to explain in a step-by-step guide how to change the default search engine in Mozilla Firefox.

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If you see a notice that the changes have been canceled, or if the previous settings, after you restarted the browser, were restored again, it is likely that you installed some add-ons, with the search toolbar integrated, which does not allow the users to make changes to Internet settings. To disable add-ons that cause the problems, you need to do some simple changes. After that, restart Mozilla Firefox.

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If nothing happens, run Mozilla Firefox in Safe mode. When you start typing in the Search bar or address bar, you'll see icons for other search engines you can search with:.

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You can choose an alternate search engine and use it for your search with one click, if you don't want to use the current default. To remove alternate search engines you don't want to be displayed in the Search bar or address bar, remove the check mark next to the search engine listed in the Search panel under One-click Search Engines.

This will not remove the search engines themselves.

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If you remove any of the search engines that come with Firefox by default, click Restore Default Search Engines to bring them back. For more information about adding or removing search engines, see Add or remove a search engine in Firefox.

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