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Microsoft's clamshell laptop is the better overall device, winning points for long battery life, an excellent keyboard and a sleek design with a range of color options. The Laptop 2 also costs significantly less than the MacBook Pro when configured with similar specs.

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And unlike the MacBook Pro, the Surface Laptop has a touch-screen display for designers and students who want to draw or take notes with a stylus. If performance is your primary concern, then go with the MacBook Pro. It did an excellent job on our benchmarks and its blazing-fast SSD achieved one of the highest file-transfer scores we've ever seen. Overall, these are two very good thin-and-lightweight inch laptops, but the Surface Laptop 2 is a more well-rounded device. Surface Laptop 2 vs.

By Phillip Tracy October 5, pm. Buy on Best Buy. Microsoft Surface Laptop 2. Apple MacBook Pro inch. Platinum, Black, Cobalt Blue, Burgundy.

Macbook Pro 2016 vs Dell XPS 15 - Video Editing Comparison (Mac vs PC!)

Silver, Space Gray. Key Travel. USB 3.

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HD p. Geekbench 4.

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Battery Life hrs:mins. Design Ports Display Performance Battery Life Value Overall With that kind of performance, the MacBook Pro takes a lofty spot on our best Macs list without breaking a sweat. Read the full review: MacBook Pro inch, CPU: up to 3.

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Though what has changed, we also appreciate. The new iMac is packing with 8th- and 9th-generation desktop-class processors, allowing this stylish all-in-one reach that fabled 8-core performance. Read the full review: iMac inch, The biggest complaint about the older MacBook Pro was that it was still packing Kaby Lake processors while its rivals had moved ahead. Luckily, the MacBook Pro changes everything, making it more powerful than ever.

Professionals and creatives require something that will be able to tackle any workload they can possibly throw at it. Battery life is great.

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But at 3. Somehow, the It'll also have two USB 3. The base price matches that of the MacBook, as does the screen resolution ppi versus ppi. This is what a powerhouse inch portable costs—for its lower-end configuration, at least. Two grand gets you a 2.

Dell XPS 13 vs. MacBook Pro 13

Still, caveats exist! Battery life isn't great—expect half as much as a MacBook—and it weighs in at 4. It may not be available in gold or space gray, and you're giving up quite a bit in screen resolution— ppi for the Air, ppi for the MacBook. But there's plenty to like. Its 1. For the same price as the new MacBook, the base-config Pro has roughly the same resolution, a bigger screen, a 2.

But bro, do you even lift?

MacBook Air

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