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In the MAC Playland Collection, MAC Toys With Chromatic Candy Colors

Oh how fun! Red Ballon is really gorgeous as well! I guess it had to happen some time, right? I actually love Playland and Brightside on you! They look pretty dupable. So just the yellow lippies for me. Love reading your creative posts, Karen! What fun shades, and I love your cotton candy backdrop. On you they are really great! I might actually consider the yellow lip gloss because it looks like a cooler yellow and might make an interesting shade with my natural color!

I love how colourful and fun this collection is! Everything looks gorgeous, especially the lipsticks!

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All the lipsticks look gorgeous on you, Karen! I love, love, love your setting for these pictures. I am really intrigued by that golden Playland lipstick. It actually looked wearable in your lip swatch. You should throw together a look centered around that lipstick color! Love it Karen! Your creativity never fails to impress! Is it pretty similar to Impassioned? LOVE the yellow pigment mixed with the olive pigment on you!! Also really feelin Toying Around lippy. Thanks for sharing, gorgeous!!


The pigments are pretty too, perfect for a summery look! Oh, and Bright Side really surprised me — it reminded me of Ev Rev, just not as pink. Me likey. I think the liners and pigments are the best things in this collection!

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Great vibrancy and knowing MAC similarly good pigmentation. Such an amazing collection. I would love to try all the pencils and pigments here.. I love all your posts! I saw on another post it will be on US. Is this correct? I love Golden Olive!! The lipsticks are a real head turner, I quite like Toying Around! Darn it! The Playland lipstick looks really pretty on you! I never thought the yellow Playland lipstick would actually look good on anybody, but on you if definitely did. Head in the Clouds also looked stunning, love the red fierce color.

Do you think that Playland could be easily layered over vampy shades like deep reds and plums? Maybe even purples? If so, I think the results could be stunning, especially for this fall! They all are so beautiful. Definitely puts you in the spring mood. So many times I buy these lipsticks and get them and they look so similar to other MAC colors I already have.

Anita recently posted … Gobble D. The lipglasses look beautiful!! Website Facebook Twitter. I really like this cowash! It has nice slip, makes the curls POP and hair clean. The texture is creamy, not too thick and not runny. Glides through the hair very well, so detangling is a breeze! I really smell chocolate and marshmallow but then this scent comes from the background like POW lol. I can deal but I can seriously do without the perfume scent. Mann, this stuff is awesome! Super light! Makes the skin feel lush and moisturized. I used this on my cuticles every now and then and it makes it look perfect.

I love sniffing my toddlers when I apply it on them too. It smells like baby powder in Fresh scent with some sweetness to it. Sounds like a weird thing right? Very light scent and super yummm. The lather in these bars are superb. Makes you squeaky clean but no dryness because of the amount of oils and butter in it. I just left them in there. Womp city. And I did use both and the smell is non-existent but usually her soaps smell great. The performance is the same as well as slippage not enough of that if you ask me. Gooseberry Aloe Pudding.

Curls For Days Hair Pudding. But CFD is more creamier. The scents are definitely different. Very little slip so I would have to detangle my hair in order to distribute one or both products in my hair. You guys have seen what my hair looks like using the Curls For Days Pudding. Click the link to that post here. I love when my curls just hang down, minimizing the shrinkage and having it sticking straight up.

I really like this product! You can use this for the hair as a refresher and on the body as a moisturizer.

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I love two in one products. I really like it as a body moisturizer as well!

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My skin is so weird though. In the warmer months, I have oily skin. Moistly on my face but I never have to apply lotion. Well, only a little on the elbows and knees.

Lemongrass Verbana is perfect for the warmer months. And even though it doesnt tame the ashiness, I love what it does for my cuticles. I wish I can get more of this good stuff, but sadly,this product was limited edition in one of Cream and Coco monthly hot boxes and for the holiday VIP sale. Check out their Facebook and Website. Nature has everything we need. All natural butters, oils and extracts are best for moisturizing and healing the skin.

Dude, I frickn love this butter! The consistency is everything. The smell though…. Lol seriously. Disclaimer: These products were sent to me to review. I am not affiliated with nor compensated by this company. This review is based on my experience and opinions are my own and quite honest. Roberta Perry found that the skin products on the market were not satisfying her addiction to soft skin. She did extensive research into natural based plant oils and how wonderful they are for your skin. To create top quality, natural and affordably priced products for people of all ages and skin types.

Our goals include teaching the simplest and most effective way to best protect and take care of the largest organ in the body, your skin. Scrubz Body Scrub in seasonal scent Pumpkin Pie. Awww man I love this scrub! Love the fact that the sugar grains are perfect to use as a face scrub. Buffs rough skin such as knees and elbows and I love the way it makes my skin feel very supple and moisturized after rinsing off the sugar.

I also use the to buff my lips. I use it twice a day because this dry season is sucking up the moisture out of my skin like nobodies business. Love the season but I curse it at the same time. The labeling is cute and best of all, waterproof. I like to keep my body products in the bathroom so I love when the labels can withstand steamy bathrooms and wet hands. Due to the circumstances that I was and currently am under, I was unable to take a picture of it but it was a small 1oz sample.

It moisturized my skin perfectly. The duo would make your day. I tried every hair product under the sun but products left my hair dry, flaky or hard. I also had an additional challenge. Products that use chemicals as preservatives and to add fragrance were particularly problematic. Hunting for products that would moisturize our hair and not cause my daughters to break out became a frustrating full-time job.

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Sometimes products would list up to 15 ingredients and I would be wary of the impact they would have on my daughter because most of the ingredients were chemicals. One day I had an idea: Combine only the natural products I use on my hair — Shea butter, coconut oil etc. LOVE the packaging!! Got it in Strawberry Delight.. I like this butter but not enough to purchase. I mean, so thick that when you lightly glide your finger on the surface of it, and rub it between your fingers, you can feel how thick it is.

So scooping up a dime size and rubbing it in my palms kinda feels like paste. In order for me to use this in my wash n gos I too like my wash n gos weighed down , I would have to melt the butter over some heat, apply in a spray bottle and lightly mist the tresses. And must be high on the list, first or second ingredient. Now, I can say it holds in moisture really nice! Hair doesnt look dried out when the day ends.

Kind of makes me feel like my pores are fighting to breath but it will definitely keep the ashiness at bay! I got it in Stawberry Delight and it does smell absolutely delightful! I have swatched them here for reference Viva Glam Rihanna is more opaque and much redder than Head in the Clouds. In fact, Head in the Clouds leans quite orange, so I'm really glad I picked it up, as I love me some orange leaning red lipsticks!

Scarlet Ibis and Sail La Vie anyone? I then had a creative brainwave, and decided to dab a bit of Playland lipstick in the centre of Head in the Clouds, to create an ombre effect.