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HP should be all over getting this to work correctly, including providing a RIP for you if that's what it's going to take to implement proper printing. How do the expect you to demonstrate or recommend this printer if it stripes the background? I'm guessing they have the same crappy Colorburst software that shipped with the HP we got and it's never going to get good with InDesign or Illustrator transparency.

We have the thermal printer that is 6x more expensive and the software is still bad. At version 9. Illustrator transparency generally works better than InDesign, but isn't infallible. If they are a vendor they are in a Catch 22 if they do it right and go for a solution that normalizes the files properly before sending to the garbage software that ships with it. When you are talking about an entry level thermal inkjet the software package isn't going to be robust. Something like a GMG or other solution to handle all the show devices files works, but at best you are disingenuous about how files are being handled with your clients and face pushback when they can't run all the cool tricks to them when they get it out in the field.

Fiery seems to get it good somehow, but doesn't power a ton of inkjets. HP support is phonetag hell anyway for inkjets. They buy out tons of companies that produce anything printing like ColorSpan and provide bare minimum support on the products they slap an HP tag on. They want to sell inks and papers. They don't make the software and license it in bulk like the crap they load on their computers.

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They also usually ship with old software that needs at least a couple point releases before it is current, but even the current software on their thermal printers sucks at InDesign transparency. HP may need a reality check on their software, but I doubt they get it. They've got a sufficient stranglehold and supporting what is essentially a bottom of the barrel portion of their printing business is in the high maintenance low yield square for them.

You are right about basically anything that you said and I agree that this should be HP's headache.


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But it's not so simple at the moment. First of all I'd hate to stand back like a dummy if it would turn out to be a minor driver setting issue or another insignificant problem that creates the banding. On the other hand it would of course also be the local HP-support failing since they didn't manage to tell us about it in the first place and that's really their job and responsibility but under any circumstance, I'd like to give the ideas and suggestions from the other participants further up this thread a chance and see if the pdf-printing or other ideas work.

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In other words Secondly we are supposed to sell these and similar products to our clients and if I should start a dicussion I'd have to argue not only with HP who would most likely claim that the workaround they told us works in a way and that this was a result - at least to them - as well. I might also have to start discussing with the CEO of our company, the purchasing department and the marketing director the latter actually said some time ago when we had the first problems that if the printer didn't work according to the HP-consultant's promises they could have it back, so there is at least some hope there.

At the moment I am too busy at work and too low paid to be getting into this. And I seriously doubt that HP would give us a RIP to be testing this off even though we'd argue that the clients won't be able to work this out if we don't do. They'd probably just say that it's mainly for plotting charts and architects or stuff or find a whole range of other excuses.

HP OfficeJet 5264 All-in-One Printer

It's not certain and there could be positive surprises but I'd say that that's not likely. If you take a look again at the fourth and last picture-link I posted you can see the exact same print as in link no. I might be wrong but if that's the case then the thick HP-paper doesn't band whereas the thin does. That's the reason why I stated previously that the banding might occur with thinner paper or wrong paper load settings and doesn't occur with thicker paper at all.

Also therefore I would like to run another test when I get more time and won't be so busy at work as I am right now. Wow, now THAT is scary reading! If what you wrote is true then things really start looking bleak. But I can recognize some of the problems that you are mentioning although I am not into all of the details that you are writing about in your thread.

But it sure looks like they just mass produce and try to keep support to a bare minimum whereas they are scoring big bucks on the media, inks and other accessories and then hope that complaints will die and people will just give up in the end. If you are getting more info in regards to the development in these cases or solutions software-like speaking I'd love to hear from you.

Quality settings such as "draft" quality mihgt be a possibility, but I don't think choice of paper would make a difference. Originally I thought you had run the fourth print through the HP process, but I see reading again that you say you don't think so. You definitely should run a pair of small test prints using the same settings in Illustrator, one on the light paper and one on the heavy. You should also insist that HP send someone out to train you if you don't feel confident that understand the controls.

I can report similar happenings when printing a poster size out of Illustrator to the same printer. The background color displayed many 4 to 6 inch bands of lighter color. What finally seemed to work was copying everything to a new file and then PDFing it. What does that even mean Copy and paste?

In Illustrator Save As? Yep, agree with John Hawkinson. What exactly did you do every single step in order to "fix it"? Have you tried printing the Acrobat PDF as an image? Might save you the step of having to raster in Photoshop First of all I'd like to say thanks for your suggestion and response. I didn't know about that one so I'll include it in my future tests with the HP-printer. Sounds like a good work-around if everything else fails so I'll definitely try this, too.

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This tool uses JavaScript and much of it will not work correctly without it enabled. Please turn JavaScript back on and reload this page. Please enter a title. You can not post a blank message. Please type your message and try again. Recently we got the below printer for large-format prints such as posters, banners and the like.

These two solutions both work without banding on the final print. What's the score on the above? I have the same question Show 0 Likes 0. This content has been marked as final. Show 20 replies. Sets up easy to our phones and tablets but my laptop took a little longer as I went for the full software install.

I removed this software when it failed and followed the recommended windows 10 App route.

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The app worked straightaway. The printer configuration is great - you print a special sheet off and then scan it back in allowing the printer to work out what it needs to do. Addendum - several weeks later Okay I have really needed this printer the past few weeks Only 2 left in stock. Arrived as said, package well and really easy to set up, I wanted it paired to my phone as that's where I get most my emails and obviously my photos, I thought I'm never going to be able to do this as I'm not very tec but my god within 5 mins I had set everything up and printed my 1st things from my phone so pleased with this printer and the price was great cheaper than some inks I've had to get in the past so if all fails will without a doubt just get a new one After extensive research reading countless reviews of various brands and models, I finally settled on this printer.

My needs were simply for a good wireless printer that had AirPrint facilities to use with all our Apple devices iPhones, iPads, MacBooks etc. I didn't need to print many high quality photos, just a reliable printer for regular use. This particular model featured on many top lists across various websites so I went for it, and I'm very happy with it. I love the document feeder feature, which is great considering its low price.

It looks great on the shelf and was very easy to set up. I registered for HP Instant Ink and managed to find some promo codes to get extra months for free. I found the instructions with the machine were not clear enough so got in a muddle being a non techy person. Manual is usual not clear translation from an oriental language so not easy to get my head round. However Epsom customer service were fantastic and had me sorted in no time. Machine seems OK, does what In want so I'd say value for money.

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Out of all the printers I have bought 6 both at work and home the HP Envy is the best. Easy set up and wireless connectivity together with quick crisp printing and scanning in a small package. The most negatived thing I have to say about this is that the battery does not hold its charge.

If you are planning to use it out of the house, make sure you charge beforehand. Neat little printer. I've been using this now for a couple of months because I wanted to really test it before I reviewed it. I wish I had got this ages ago to replace the awful Canon printer I had previously. Pros - really good strong print and three modes if you want to save ink and use a draft version prints quickly does a funny sound like a duck really!

The machine sends a message to HP when it's running low and more ink simply arrives. You'll never run out again and the price is really reasonable which is TaoTronics Barcode Scanner 2. Currently unavailable. Great items, been using them for some months now and working perfectly and as it should do. Very pleased and impressed with them, shame they just do not come with a stand. Really good printer for the money, good quality output and, importantly for me, automatic dual sided printing.