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I called Nikon and was told the issue might be the OS I am using. I have a ton of negatives to scan and can't get my scanner to work. Any help would be appreciated. Lightroom Guru. Premium Classic Member. Premium Cloud Member. That's a tough one.

OS X 10.6 Software for Nikon Coolscan V Slide Scanner?

I seem to remember that Nikon dropped support for that scanner a while back. Microsoft seems to support old software much better than Apple does. Could you find a cheap, used PC maybe a portable and do your scanning with that? Have you tried contacting Vuescan to see what they have to say?

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Welcome to the forum. You can also check out Silverfast. They say that have a app that works with Hal P Anderson said:.

I tried Vuescan and no luck, their service is poor, I am trying Silverfast right now but don't seem to be having any luck. The new version finally provides full support for Mac OS X Even though Nikon does not officially support 64 bit Windows versions Nikon Scan 4. We will detail how that can be accomplished below. Please note that you are using this information at your own risk and that we can't provide support for this.

Of course that doesn't mean we'll not answer questions or are not interested in any problems you might encounter. This page is based on a Photo. We mainly summarized that thread for our German users but to keep things in synch below is an English version also.

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To get started download Nikon Scan 4. Install the software on your 64 bit Windows 7 or Windows 8. Next we need to create a driver for your scanner that is 64 bit compatible. To do so create a new folder anywhere on your system you feel comfortable with. Open "Nks Save the file.

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Turn on your scanner and connect it to your computer. On Windows 8 first follow the instructions at the end of this page which eventually take you to the Device Manager, too. On Device Manager's device list your scanner is located in the imaging devices category. The corresponding entry will be named "Firewire Scanner" or something like that. Right click this entry and select "Update Driver Software".

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Next select "Browse My Computer" and specify the folder you created before. A warning message will be displayed which you will need to disregard, telling the system to go on with the installation. When you start Nikon Scan 4. I believe there's a saying that goes something like this, but if there isn't there should be and I'm coining it as of this moment - " You learn more from your failures than from your successes ". The problem with that is the painful learning cycle that accompanies the failures.

Oh yes, the Nikon Scan Software. I did a lot of film scanning for my customers, followed usually by a print order. I still have the scanner and it's in great condition. As mentioned, I have tried Vuescan inside and out, but could not get rid of some noise in the mid shadow areas of my test negative.

I had just moved the scanner to clear a bit of space on my desk, and thought I might put it on the market and see what I can get for it.

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I have two Epson flatbeds, the latest one being the V model which does a pretty darn good film scan when used to its max. From my first scanner in to this day I've been using the SIlverfast Software for both Epson scanners, old and newer, with great results. Therefore I'll likely continue to use the V for all film scanning, although that market is drying up as well.

I just downloaded the Demo version of the Silverfast Nikon Scanner app.

Nikon Super CoolScan 8000 ED Slide & Film Scanner Demonstration. Tested with Snow lion 10.6.8

Just want to run a couple of tests to make sure the scanner is working properly before I list it. The last time I tested it in VueScan it seemed to be working well, except for the issue I mentioned. That might have been just something I overlooked in the settings. Sep 1, AM. Question: Q: Nikon Scan on