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And that defeats the purpose of swiping all together.

Seeking keyboard recommendations for use with a Mac Mini

Please strongly consider going back to the old way of swiping. I have had this app just about a year now. Having the ability to swipe and not chicken peck on a cellphone to send text and email is huge, but some basic features on this app are inconsistent and worse than earlier versions or similar apps hard to know switching from Droid to Apple. For instance, as others have mentioned, it completely forgets previous frequently used words not even suggesting them, instead inputs words I have never used or selected.

The 7 Best Alternatives to Apple's Official Magic Keyboard

Where do they come from? It does not appear to be improving with usage, as I thought was implied. And to the above point, I use similar language frequently and I don't know why I often have to repeatedly correct it from crazy words I never use.

12 Best Third-Party iOS Keyboard Apps for iPhone and iPad

Why isn't it improving? Next, when I begin typing a word or compete a word and it offers a suggestion and I choose that word from the suggestion box it does not input it but leaves the few letters I typed and enters a space after the incomplete word, or just enters a space after the wrong word. I have to go back and select the word again or completely type the word myself. What's the use in suggestions then?

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I am growing increasingly frustrated with this app and beginning to question if chicken pecking might be faster and more hassle-free. I love SwiftKey, and have had it for years now, buuuutttttt Every now and then it seems like it forgets all words lol.

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For instance I will just type and show you the ridiculous predictions it makes Seeley is they beat ladybirds applications I have asked to be ony phone fit this looks years Brevard it is bets than any other keyboards I have ever been able Fri use that actually does what I need it to do. Thus is turning out to be a bad example of the ridiculous words of will change my round into Sooooo, what I just typed or tried to is "SwiftKey is the best keyboard application I have allowed to be on my phone for this long years because it is better than any other keyboards I have ever been able to use that actually does what I need it to do.

Information Seller Alexey Filatov. Size 5. Category Utilities. Compatibility Requires iOS 8. Price Free.

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Developer Website App Support. Family Sharing With Family Sharing set up, up to six family members can use this app. Vegs and Fruits: free educational game for kids - have fun and learn languages. Keyboard remappings are highly customizable although it's not a simple process—see below. You can change practically anything, and many choices are already available for you.

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KeyboardRemap4MacBook can even completely remap your keyboard for different languages or even the Dvorak layout. It's very powerful and usage is pretty straightforward with one exception, mentioned below.

The downside is that keyboard remapping functions are predefined and you can just check them off. If you want to add custom remapping functions, you have to edit an XML file.

When you're using a GUI application this is not exactly the ideal experience.