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Use this menu to choose where custom headers and footers will appear in your printed document. The header and footer sections each have three fields that can be customized: left, right, and center-justified. You can enter custom text here, or:. Use the Insert menu to add information automatically derived from your document to a header or footer field. These automatically generated attributes include:. As you update your custom headers and footers, changes are reflected in the print preview to give you an idea of how your document will look on paper. Note If you print the project while a filter is on, only the visible tasks are included in the printed copy.

OmniPlan is pretty good at working with Microsoft Project documents — up to and including the Microsoft Project There are a few things to take note of as you start working with Microsoft Project documents in OmniPlan:.

4 Free Microsoft Project Viewers For Mac

To create a new template, select the Standard template or another existing template and choose Edit a Copy from the action menu below the list. To change the contents of a migrated template, select it and choose Edit a Copy from the action menu. The HTML templates use a special syntax for inserting data from the project. These tokens are placeholders for data about the project as a whole.

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When the template is used to export an OmniPlan file, each token is replaced by the data corresponding to the token name. If exporting a full HTML report, a link to the stylesheet as an external file. This lets all of the exported HTML files link to the same stylesheet. If exporting just one HTML page a task list or resource list , an embedded copy of the stylesheet. License Common Public Attribution License 1. Open source. Easy to use.

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Please try reloading this page, or contact support. No problem. You are in the right place to find all the information you need about MS Project compatibility and project management software alternatives for macOS and iOS.

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Is there a version of Microsoft Project for Mac? Free demo version of Microsoft Project Planner alternatives for Mac. No, Microsoft Project is not produced for macOS. Microsoft sells versions of their Office applications but no project management equivalent. However, there are alternatives which are just as powerful as MS Project. There is a wide range of project management applications available.

To decide which solution is the best fit for you, you should first get very clear about your requirements. We have put together several questions to get you started on your reflection process:. Of course, you should define your own priorities and add your individual questions, i. Do you need milestones? Do you want a budgeting tool as part of your project management software suite? Which functions do you expect from resource planning? A project mangement software fulfilling all aspects mentioned above is Merlin Project. It combines professional functionalities with intuitive usability and may well be considered the most powerful MS Project alternative for macOS currently available.