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Again, other programs can do this but this has been the easiest we have found. Cons: For the most part it is easy to use. Learning to navigate yet another panel in another program is frustrating when you haven't learned how the designers think, but for the most part that's not a flaw in design, just operator error.

Overall: We use it for some very important elements in our digital workflow. Sorting images by story line from multiple cameras, selecting images for an online gallery, even using it to rename the images. Nothing works with as many file formats so easily and quickly. ACDSee operates in two different modes, quick and full. The quick version is what I use mostly just for looking at images. The full version includes all the image editing and sorting details that you might need. Best of all, ACDSee just works - it's fast and does what it says it does without trying to throw the kitchen sink at you at the same time.

Cons: Far too often I end up in the full manager version when I'm trying to get into quick viewer. Also, I really don't want ACDSee to try to display videos, but it does if it comes across them in a folder and you're scrolling through them. It has been most go-to tool for viewing, organizing tool for my memories. As I developed passion for photography, it became my best friend. I like it simplicity and ease of use.

This is must have software if you like keeping your memories organized. Cons: None, its just get better and better. Though pricing could be more affordable. Pros: This software started as a simple image viewer, with more options than what Microsoft presented in its portfolio of products at the end of the 90s. Right now presents the opportunity to categorize, sort, process, copy, print, retouch, as main functions, our images, either individually or in batches.

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It is also an excellent visualizer of our catalog of images, allowing the change of some values from the first sight. Cons: I think that the program, with the passing of the years, has lost a bit of its personality and its graphical interface tries to copy the look and feel of Adobe Lightroom. It is a tool that can be used by amateur or media photographers, but it is not the most recommended for professional photographers or who handle a large volume of images. At some time I wanted to include cutting marks and it was impossible.

I do not know if they have evolved in this aspect. Pros: All the editing features are very useful. For basic and advanced photo editing it really responds to all my needs. My favorites are the exposure and contrast adjustment features. Not only are they easy to master but ACDSee Pro also allows me to customise and save my settings so that I get consistent finished products every time I sit down to edit. Batch processing helps a lot in editing, renaming, file size reduction, etc. Organizing files is a breeze! Most of the time I don't need to do heavy editing whether my photos as great or not so I don't need a very powerful computer as ACDSee is very light on the hardware requirement.

It would also be great if I can capture images from videos. Overall: Easy and fast editing which allowed me and others to appreciate my photos immediately. Pros: Over time this software has been improving to become a professional tool available to anyone. Its new features include full synchronization of your photos with all your smart devices with full compatibility between pc, android or mac. It allows you to modify and improve your images easily and with professional results. Overall: It allows me to manage my photos and image gallery very effectively.

It is very easy to use and professional effects are achieved in photo editing. It is very fun to use and the whole family can do it. I can say that it is one of the best applications that enables you to edit your photos.

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Review: ACDSee Pro 2 for Mac photo manager plays catch-up but isn't there yet

You can easily crop your photos, rotate them to your desired angle, and even write on them. Another fact about ACDSee pro is that it is fast and can operate your request quickly. I cannot say any Cons except the price! Pros: How easy editing the photo and re-size it. Allow saving many image extension formats and can manage all type of images without any difficulties. Overall: All my pictures and needed images that I use in many works and operations I control them by this program and make my edit on it which its very fast can get a clear picture fixing lights and colors easily.

I don't have anything don't like in this application, since using it and all of my photos being edited and viewed by this program and its very easy to use and learn. Pros: Best software for organzing, editing, converting your photo collection. Overall: I have been using ACDsee for almost decade and I never liked any other image viewing software over this.

It started with Image viewer and progressed into full fledged Photo Studio software over years. Its very fast, easy-to-use, support for all picture formats and must have tool for personal users, photo enthusiasts, professional photographers or social media addicts. Pros: Great for browsing jpeg's quickly and for tagging them with numbers, colors, etc. Way, way better to do that than with Lightroom. Couldn't live without this software as a very busy portrait photographer.

Cons: They used to create quick albums for you so I could share images with clients quickly via links. They got rid of that and I really, really miss it. Pros: ACDSee is an excellent program to process and edit a considerable amount of photographs in a very short time and of excellent quality. The software opens any type of picture and it does quickly. The images are sharp.

Overall: not much to complaint Learning how to use it is totally easy and fast. Pros: I have been using ACDSee for many years to keep track of thousands of photos across hundreds of folders on my computer and in the cloud. It takes no time to sift through hundreds of photos, rename or sort them when needed. The navigation panels allow to compare photos side-by-side and remove the unwanted ones in a split second. At the end of the process, I just mark the best images for uploading to the cloud and that's it.

ACDSee works with literally any image format you can name, without any issues. Cons: The app has become bloated as the features are added with every new version. Sometimes I miss the pure functionality of the earlier versions. Pros: It is a program that has many photo editing tools and has everything I need to perfect my images by carrying out all the important workflow tasks of photographs in a very fast way.

Cons: does not make reports or analyzes; I think that this should be included to make it a much more complete software. Overall: ACDSee is what I use to enter all my digital images, then I edit them to my best selections to show my clients and it benefits me a lot because, the digital image entry through ACDSee is very fast which helps me save time.

Pros: The ability to upload images to the web. Being able to mass-edit and rename multiple images at once.

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Cons: In the earlier versions, it would frequently crash, but this has improved over the past years for sure. Overall: I used this through multiple versions over multiple years. It always helped us get done what we needed and the price was very fair. Pros: It flat-out works great. Cons: Not much A less expensive, yet effective alternative to Lightbox and others. Using the Pro version is good because I'm actually at a professional usage and need for the software. It fits in well with the tools I need to keep media well organized and able to adapt to different needs.

I am able to made quick adjustments to any of the thousands of images on my PC as a job may call for. I do not regret at all this software! Cons: I would say the price is a bit steep, but I think of it as an investment rather then a high price. In the long run you will thank yourself for paying the one-time price.

I've been using it for a long time, so I know. Overall: I use this software to keep photos and media organized for websites that I manage. Pros: The software is very intuitive, making it very easy to use. There are four main categories, manage, edit, view, develop. Each option is well layed out with multiple tools that are easy to use. It's no Adobe Photoshop, but it doesn't cost as much ans is easier to use. Cons: It doesn't have all the features of a high end editor, but your not paying for those either.

It would be nice if it supported more devices, but again, for the price it's not bad. Overall: The product is stable and fast, provides, editing, indexing, sorting of various types of image files. I am using the version but will upgrade to the version and it is by far the fastest photo enhancing program I have ever used. Latest version offers Face recognition and LUTs.

Cons: What I liked least about the software is that there are still functionalities in the Adobe suite that are not yet part of the ACDSee program. This include some advanced Lightroom presets and photo enhancements. From buying the software, support, and usage. Pros: - layer editing - raw file editing - good online help - good tech support. Pros: ACDSee helps me manage an average of photos a week. Editing mostly exposure problems is simple and effective. Cons: Not being a pro photographer The learning curve to edit lighting issues on photograph was very short and was straight forward.

Overall: I'm sure having skill would make this even better but I'm an amateur photographer that adores taking pictures of my pets and nature. I end up with thousands of digital photos scattered all over my pc. It just works It runs smooth and does what it says it'll do. Love it!!

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Pros: I like it because by using scroll button of mouse we can easily access pictures. It can also open all kind of image formats. We can also edit pictures. Overall: I used it for more than 10 years. I recommend this software for photographers, students and for official use.

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Best for everyday use. Pros: Every new release has many new improvements from the previous one.

The software opens any type of picture and does it quickly. Cons: Some times the terms they use to edit or process pictures can be a little confusing. Sometimes I have trouble understanding the work flow. Pros: allows you to catalog the images you have on your computer. It comes with an included image viewer called QuickView, which responds quickly when you want to open a new photo or use the zoom tool. You can also print the images thanks to your option to print. Its interface is clear and intuitive to make your job easier.

This program is a simple and light photo viewer. Cons: It is an application practically for beginners use so it lacks advanced features. Pros: It blends in well with the MAC software system. Not clunky, very clean. Been around for a while well reputed. Pros: this is a great product for editing photos. If you don't want to spend hundreds of dollars getting Photoshop or other really expensive editing softwares. This is a great grade software to get done what you want.

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You can do editing resizing cropping fixing color and all other kinds of things and it's a great tool. Cons: Haven't found anything bad about it. It's really nice to be able to say that about a product that you use weekly. Good program for browsing files quickly. This program has a user-friendly interface.

Cons: One thing only: it doesn't read and convert pdf-files to the graphics formats like jpeg or another graphics format. Pros: I love all the different options I have to edit a photo, and it doesn't require me to be a professional in order to understand how to use it. Cons: I don't like that sometimes it'll glitch or lag a little.

You also don't have all of the capabilities that you would have with a more professional program like Corel. Pros: I like that you can edit the photos in the same software that is also a digital asset management system. ACDsee works very fast and has a pleasant interface. Cons: It's sometimes a little bit time consuming to find the functionality you need. For example how to apply data to multiple images. Comments: I can find any photo or video in seconds, no matter what file system, database or schema was used.

Advanced workflow tools, customized, save-able workspaces as well as every develop and edit tool I need. Specify a default editor, and then promptly open images in other applications right from inside Manage or View mode. Create as many ACDSee databases as you like, and swiftly and smoothly switch between them. Claim your work by adding watermarks to your images.

Adjust size, position, and opacity for the perfect signature, and save your settings as a preset. Apply it to one, many, or all. Frame your favorite photos in batches with the Batch Add Border tool. Customize the color, texture, and thickness of your border, and choose from nearly unique edges to complement your shots.

Control Your Collection. Make your own photography workflow rules with extensive tools for moving, finding, sorting, and sharing. Sort by date, rate images to keep track of your best work, and set categories and keywords using the method that works for you. Identify individual images for further processing with customizable color labels and visual tags. Itching to learn more? Check out our video tutorial resource center for tips, tricks and tutorials!

Stay informed. We have something for everyone who is interested in digital photography and photo editing. Want to learn more about ACDSee in a live, interactive setting? Sign up for the next workshop! Take charge of the spectrum by boosting individual colors or all tones in your images. Increase or reduce exposure, recover highlights, and add fill light, contrast, and clarity, as desired. Produce a glamorous impact with the Soft Focus tool. Like a diffusion lens filter, the Soft Focus tool provides dreamy blur by reducing harsh lines and intensifying colors. Tonal range, temperature, tint, midtones, and highlights are all yours to command.

Select the RGB color channel to adjust the entire range of the image, or select a specific color. This tool intuitively lightens shadows and darkens highlights in specific areas without affecting the image as a whole. Then, achieve definition with a sharpening tool that is designed to preserve edge detail. Control the amount of sharpened pixels around each edge, coarse versus fine detail, and the appearance of noise.

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