M-audio firewire 410 driver mac os x lion

Word has it that there were some problems with in the past, but for me it worked nicely.

Pro Audio Driver Fix for OS X 10.10 Yosemite for M-Audio, NI, and more

Once the interface lost sync, started generating strange sounds and I had to turn it off and then on again. Performance wise the driver is better than average. Everything works as it should and without too much fuss.

Cara install Driver soundcard MAUDIO 410 FIREWIRE ke Windows 10

There's no physical output dim button, but there's one in the software control panel. Output level controller is so close to the 2nd signal gain controller that it's impossible to grab it, it's a small inconvenience. I was rather impressed with Firewire For me it would be great if it had some ground lift switches and a grounded power supply.

Delete M-Audio FireWire 410 Library Files, Caches & Preferences

Sound quality. Low latency driver performance. No power supply grounding. Is there any solution for it?

Operating system: win premium 64 Bit i7 K processor Thanks. Hello All! I'm fairly new to recording but quite good with computers and technology.

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I've spent a few days searching this forum and Google for help with what is probably read: hopefully! I have a Profire , the latest version of Logic Pro and an iMac running I have installed the latest drivers from the M-Audio website. I want to record a single guitar, just to test things out but cannot get it to really work. Here is what I have done so far I have gone into Logic and set the input and output to my Profire I have then plugged in my electric guitar into input 4 on the back and my headphones into output 1 on the back.

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My question is, is this configured right and if so, how do I make it louder? Thank you for your time! Although i'm using the optical cable any help as to how to connect all 3 i need 24 channels i'm recording in less than 12 hours : :rolleyes:. I have been playing around with my trying to get either my Vizio Tv or my Ps3 connected via the optical output on either to the input on my Is it even possible?

So far the won't even register that it is receiving input from either device.

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Any tips or does it not do that. I've been having this issue for a little while, where the sound will be working perfectly for awhile, then it will drop out. I have to close all of my programs, turn the off and turn it back on to get it to work. Please help!! Thanks in advance with respect Konstantin.

M-Audio Firewire 410

Currently my laptop has a firewire 4-pin insert and I'm aware the ProFire will work with the 4-pin so long as I use the power supply with it, however I bought the unit used without the power supply. Now my question is I have an express card slot that isn't being used. I was wondering if I picked up an express firewire 6-pin card would that be enough to power the ProFire by itself?

I'm thinking it would be fine since it would be drawing power from the laptop but I'd rather check here first being blowing the cash. ExpressCard Any help would be appreciated. Thanks guys! I'm running the following Kernel: 3.

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I've owned this device for about 5 years or so using it daily. I've troubleshot through every one of the Driver install options listed on your site and most forums. I've also troubleshot my Macpro. I've made sure to follow the correct order of shut down, Plug in, Power up ProjectMix, Turn on computer all in succession to avoid HotPlugging. I've tried different ports on the computer with 4 different FW cables all with the following same results.

This was because it was sharing the original MacPro Firewire with Hard Drives the time but that was back in I no longer am so silly to run sessions off of an external drive. Then repeat I fail to recognize the current driver as being the issue here. This is when the crackling happens and I'm yet to see the PMIO become 'seen' as itself instead of an 'Unknown Device' I'm at a point now 24 hours of Troubleshooting my entire system and need help.

I know this port is a known issue as there are many others whom are experiencing this issue. Does anyone know if the projectmix control software that it comes with has ever been updated? If so, where can I get the update? My application version is 1. Thanks, John.

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I've read in the manual that when using the jack input on the back of the profire the build-in preamp can be bypassed. I've had this similar problem with other m-audio interfaces, and not with the same computer.