Ps3 hdd format on mac

Try formatting on the Mac. Elvandil , Oct 15, FAT can have a maximum of a 2 GB partition, so that will never work.

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Can you access the drive in Windows? If you can, try a thrid-party partitioner.

The Easeus tool can be installed to Windows. I do not have windows or a pc.

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I thought you mentioned Windows, but I guess not. You said the drive worked with a PC, so I assumed you had access to one. Can you remove the partition from the drive and create a new one? The drive may also need to be "initialized" to create the MBR. Do you have a way to tell what file system is on the drive? If "Erase" is an option, use it.


How to format Externa HD for PS3 and Mac

I just checked and the Mac does not format drives in FAT. From WD:.

How to format and partition NTFS external drives to FAT32 (XBOX + PS3 + mac compatable)

Its still not being recognized on my ps3. But it did successfully format? Does it have an extrnal power supply or a jack on it to connect one?

PS3 format using MAC OSX

Do the lights on the drive come on when connected to the PS3? From what I have been able to gather, the drive will need to be formatted b the PS3 to use it on the PS3. The PS3 formatter overlays an encryption structure that is not added by other formatters. Have you tried formatting with the PS3? Now, you will want to create a folder system identical to that on the Playstation 3.

Right click to create a new folder and name the first folder "Photo". Do this for "Music", "Video" and "Game". Follow the on-screen instructions to format the attached Passport drive as FAT Plug the other end into one of the available USB slots at the bottom-left of the front of the PlayStation 3. Navigate to the PlayStation home menu corresponding to the type of file you wish to access from the Passport, such as "Music.

Why can I not play media files from a Mac formatted external hard drive on my HDTV?

Formatting the drive as FAT32 will delete all existing data on the drive. Back up any existing contents first.

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