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This tool is part of a package called PackageMaker, which allows you to create custom installation packages.

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To navigate to it after installing XCode, simply go to the following path and launch the application:. NOTE: Specific facts regarding the use of PackageMaker are readily available online and within the documentation provided as part of the XCode installation.

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A good step-by-step account of this process for creating a Mavericks USB installer is outlined at techrepublic. Note: There are other methods for accomplishing this and you could choose to make a bootable DVD if you wish using proven methods.

How to get and install old Mac OS versions + The evolution of macOS (infographic)

When the installer finishes, replace the 3. You will see a white screen with no apple logo for approx. For all intents and purposes, your upgrade is complete, although there are other things to keep in mind:.

This is an outstanding guide, thanks a lot for putting it together. I have two questions i would this allow the creation of a FusionDrive? Can they just be loaded and installed or do I have to run the entire installation process de novo?

How to UPGRADE - Mac - Os - X 10.7.5 to High Sierra

The boot. Yeah I concur. This will let me pick up a cheapo used Mac Pro that I can then shove all my crud into and have one helluva beast of a box! Oh yes it would! I love having a ridiculous, super-powered box from years ago that I can cram full of goodies.

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  5. Welcome Image and Text. Though all the Mac Pro hardware from the beginning has been fully bit, early models that shipped between and early shipped solely with a bit boot EFI and thus were artificially crippled when it came to full bit operation. Copy the OSInstall.

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    Note: Make sure you copy the. Save and close this file. For Mac portable users, this means the trackpad will get a bit of an extra workout as new gestures become available to access Lion. Mac desktop users will need to invest in an Apple Magic Trackpad to gain the same level of control.

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    Of course, Lion will also work fine without a trackpad. You'll still be able to use your mouse and keyboard to access all the nifty new features; you just won't have as much fun as your trackpad-using friends. The download size will be a bit larger than 4 GB, but this is probably a compressed size. We believe you should plan on needing at least 8 GB of drive space for installation. However, with the help of a few installation guides, you'll be able to burn a bootable CD of Lion , to ensure you can reinstall it or run repair options.

    Snow Leopard is the minimum requirement for running the Mac App Store application.