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In addition, this design incorporates a built in feed ramp as part of the trigger guard a new concept at the time and to save on cost the magazine was recycled from the M3 Grease Gun. The barrel is threaded to accept a suppressor , which worked by reducing the discharge's sound, without attempting to reduce the velocity of the bullet. This worked well with the.

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At the suggestion of the United States Army , the suppressor also acted as a foregrip to inhibit muzzle rise when fired. Ingram added a small bracket with a small strap beneath the muzzle to aid in controlling recoil during fully automatic fire. The original rate of fire for the M10 in. That of the 9mm is approximately rounds per minute, and that of the smaller MAC in. Noting the weapon's poor precision, in the s International Association of Police Chiefs weapons researcher David Steele described the MAC series as "fit only for combat in a phone booth".


This suppressor had a two-stage design, with the first stage being larger than the second. This uniquely shaped suppressor gave the MAC a very distinctive look. It was also very quiet, to the point that the bolt could be heard cycling, along with the suppressed report of the weapon's discharge; however, only if subsonic rounds were used standard. The suppressor when used with a Nomex cover created a place to hold the firearm with the secondary hand, making it easier to control.

During the s the United States placed restrictions on the export of suppressors, and a number of countries canceled their orders as the effectiveness of the MAC's suppressor was one of its main selling points.

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This was one factor that led to the bankruptcy of Military Armament Corporation, another being the company's failure to recognize the private market. The original Sionics suppressor is The term "MAC" is commonly used in unofficial parlance. While the original M10 was available chambered for either. As the Military Armament Corporation was in bankruptcy, a large number of incomplete sheet metal frame flats were given serial numbers and then bought by a new company, RPB Industries. Some of the previously completed guns which were already stamped with MAC, were then stamped with RPB on the reverse side, making it a "double stamp" gun.

The BATFE insisted that all future semiautomatic firearms were to be manufactured with a closed-bolt design as the open-bolt semi-automatics were considered too easy to illegally convert to full automatic operation. Wayne Daniel, a former RPB machine operator, purchased much of their remaining inventory and formed SWD, designing a new weapon which was more balanced, available either fully or semi-automatic with his new BATFE-approved closed bolt design. Today, while the civilian manufacture, sale and possession of post select-fire MAC and variants is prohibited, it is still legal to sell templates, tooling and manuals to complete such conversions.

Lage Manufacturing makes a variant, called "MAX" uppers. The company is based in Chandler, Arizona. The upper adds a picatinny optic rail, a side cocking charging handle, and a forend. Lage Manufacturing is currently marketing a drop-in. Alliance Armament is making slowfire uppers that accept unmodified Suomi 36 round stick magazines, 50 round coffin mags, and 71 round drum magazines.

Full text of "Semi-Auto MAC 10 Modification Manual"

They also produce a 7. The semiautomatic civilian pistol version of the MAC, which operates differently from its military counterpart, fell under the Assault Weapons Ban.

Black Oxide Length, with 6-inch mm barrel- Polygonal rifling right-hand twist - 1 turn in 19 inches This gun is new and has all the extras that you are looking for while saving on costs and shipping expenses. Includes 1 30 round steel magazine. Rear stock, stock adapter and billet fore grip not included. Punch with a center punch, then drill a No.

Tap the hole with a No.

After removing most of the cotton from a Q-Tip, dip it in cold blue and run it into the newly tapped hole to match the original frnisb. With care, the finished product will appear to be factory original. However, as yet you have done nothing that will make the weapon fire other than in semi-auto mode.

NFA Warning

It may be necessary to depress the spring- loaded safety a hit to get the trigger pin In place. The stem portion as wide as it is thick. NolB the niieroinetBr reeding of. Cut the disconnector as described in the text.

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If the bend rise is made higher, there is no problem. The unit will still work. Simply bend the forward area of the stem down- ward more.

Anyone EVER convert a closed bolt semi-auto to a fully automatic firearm?

The semi-auto model, of course, has no provision for such selection. Then you had an illegal machine gun. Stranger On A Train. Originally Posted by Stranger On A Train Let your buddy carry his noisemaker while you take a Remington or Savage 99 in some sensible caliber, which you will find to be of far greater general use, mowing down hordes of zombies notwithstanding.

It is this piece of metal that the BATF relies upon to insure that the function of the weapon will remain semi-automatic. Stranger On A Train Member. Aug 17, 6. It could have been a number of things, but the important thing is that the weapon is obviously malfunctioning It doesnt sound safe either way.

Did it just happen the one time? Did you only shoot it the one time? Aug 17, 7. Aug 17, 8. The mac I've shot is full auto.

However even set to semi it sometimes lets a couple extra fly. Freaks you out when it happens. Aug 17, 9. Yes, I agree. So did you buy this from a dealer?