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I posted a few posts back when I had bought a cheapo Sapphire MB Now, I have the Sapphire As I suspected, no dice. I rebooted after doing this, and bam. I now have the SAME looping startup chime. Please, netkas or anyone else. Can you please help me solve my problem? Or do I need a PC to do this task? Comments Patrick. April 4th, pm. April 6th, pm.

April 8th, pm. April 9th, pm. April 10th, am. April 10th, pm. I did the flashing differently from what is said above though: I first of all set my mac pro to boot up in windows, and installed the drivers, then shutdown. April 12th, pm.

April 13th, am. April 14th, pm.

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April 16th, am. April 16th, pm. April 17th, am. April 17th, pm. Optimus, No problem. Shout if you have a problem. April 18th, am. April 18th, pm.

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April 19th, pm. April 20th, am. April 21st, am. Where are you guys getting the Mac cables to power the card?

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April 23rd, pm. April 29th, pm. May 1st, pm. May 14th, am. Update 7 f.

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May 15th, pm. May 22nd, pm. June 8th, am. Mac Pro 1,1 — June 20th, am. June 24th, pm. July 15th, pm. July 17th, pm. July 22nd, pm. August 5th, pm. August 6th, am. Mhh tbh — that was the August 6th, pm. Hi Netkas. How do I fix this? Did I break my card?

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August 13th, am. Has anyone a solution to this problem? Moving the video card to the other PCI slots tried them all results in no change. Replacing the video card tried all 4 slots results in no change.

We'll see. New graphics card was a bust.

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It doesn't work in any of the slots on the machine. Methinks the logic board is busted. Show 1 more comment. Sounds like your Mac Pro is starting up properly but its not reading any drivers for your Graphics Card. Take a look at the specs for the graphics card and grab one that matches those specs.

From experience, a friend of mine had somewhat of a similar problem if I can recall correctly and the Graphics card that ended up working was an ATI Radeon HD Hope this helps. Jim Razor jraz. If we can help, let us know as we help our customers all the time - we may not always have the answer, but we will do our best to find the answer for you Actually, I got both machines working, and they've been humming along just fine for several months now.

The trick turned out to be getting the correct video cards installed. I found a guy locally who had a couple of Nvidia cards out of the original machines. These things really hum. Even the "slow" one is pretty spiffy - my son is upstairs playing Doom III on it right now without a glitch. I'm reposting my comment as an answer because I don't think comments trigger an email notification to those of you who might be subscribed to this topic they don't for me, anyway Can any of you confirm that a faulty logic board would cause the symptoms I've indicated? Hey Andrew, I have the same issue with my macpro I'm a windows guy and I just always use this for video editing but 1 year ago it just stop working.

Any suggestions out there? The XT Cards have become real turkey's for us They fail for a variety of reasons, dirty, fan failure, bad solders If you need keep using the XT card you can clean the card, check and see if the fan is spinning, and do the shake and bake thing stripping the card and baking it for a few minutes in an oven to see if this might bring back bad solder joints Thanks so much Jim Razor! You were right the culprit is the XT I took it out of the mac pro and heated it up all over the board, back and forth using a heat gun and let it cool and it worked.

Also, if you can recommend the cheapest card that can handle 4K contents for me. Thanks again! There have been quite a few people using nVidia cards most of them have been flashed - places like macvidcards.

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And if you use an unflashed card without Apple code you will not have an Apple splash screen which could make it difficult to diagnose any challenges you may have in the future. Having the no video issue with my Legacy Mac Pro. Tried different cards that worked previously and startup drives. I am an IT guy so I knew to try swapping memory around. Have taken all cards except the video card out. System boots as I can ssh to it. Tried resetting pram. Had Applejack clean the caches and swap file. It has been flashed to 5,1 but it's booted many times since then.

Get no red lights on the cpu tray or the system board backplane. Is there a reset button on the backplane? If so, where? Show 2 more comments. Help Translate iFixit. Back Answers Index. Andrew Taylor Rep: 85 4 1. The installation is plug n play, as with any mac video card. If you buy the , there are instructions on how to install in the documentation included with in the box. As long as you have Aug 17, PM in response to The hatter In response to The hatter Yes, the X was put in the bag and box the came in and now sits in my closet.

Absolutely nothing goes wrong. And I also can't hear a difference in idle fan sounds and think the is quieter while gaming. The X would rev up its fans when I played World of Warcraft, my sounds like it's still idle after playing for hours at max settings. I don't know if it's because it can handle more and hence WoW isn't taxing, but I've yet to hear the fans rev up.

Same with using it on Windows 7, the card stays relatively silent. I think it's a smart purchase if you have the extra money. User profile for user: Starfrog Starfrog. I have it working in osx via injectors. I've been trying to flash it recently, as a rom has become available, however things aren't going very well Seems like people with earlier versions, had better success.

If I can't get it to flash correctly, might just change to a more compatible brand. User profile for user: rom78 rom User profile for user: lifelongmacuser lifelongmacuser. TV Speciality level out of ten: 0. Aug 18, AM in response to rom78 In response to rom78 I've been reading the threads for days trying to figure out if I should get one for my 1st gen Mac Pro. The only folks that are having problems are the ones using non-Apple-branded displays.