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Virgin Media provide a cable modem as part of their broadband service, you don't need to buy it. For a cable modem connection to a single PC the cable modem connects directly to an ethernet adapter in the PC. To share the connection you need to connect it to a router instead.

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A NAT router , sometimes also known as a gateway, maps the single IP address on the Internet assigned by your broadband provider into multiple private IP addresses for use by all the computers on your home network. Routers also include a DHCP server. A router also acts a firewall , providing some basic protection against intruders on the Internet trying to access your computer. On the WAN side, some routers have an ethernet interface to connect to a cable modem.

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On the LAN side, routers have at least one ethernet interface which you connect to a switch. However many routers have a built-in switch i. An ethernet switch sends network traffic to the correct destination on the network.

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You need a switch with at least one port for each computer. If you run out of ports on the switch you can connect switches together to add more ports.

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You can use an ethernet hub instead of a switch. They do exactly the same thing, but hubs are slower when used heavily. Hubs used to be cheaper, but now the prices of hubs and switches are so similar you might as well get a switch. Needed in each computer connected to an ethernet switch. Most computers have built-in ethernet sockets. Cable which runs between the switch and ethernet adapters. You might see it referred to as Cat5 or Cat5e cable, these are the standards that show a high quality cable almost all ethernet cable on sale meets these standards.

Ethernet cable ends in a connector called an RJ45 plug. You can buy ethernet cable in varying lengths with RJ plugs already fitted. For temporary installations we recommend buying pre-made cables of the right length or slightly longer. For permanent installations get the cabling installed professionally by a contractor. It is possible with the right tools to buy cable on the reel and fit the RJ45 plugs yourself but we do not recommend that.

It is not as easy as it seems to fit - you can end up with poorly performing or non-functional networks due to small mistakes in the cabling.

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Quick and easy way to join two ethernet cables together to provide a longer length. As a rule of thumb, use up to three cables and two cable joiners in any run of cabling. More than two joiners in the same run can cause problems. You normally need a special ethernet cable, called a crossover ethernet cable , if you need to connect two switches together.

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Crossover cables look like ordinary ethernet cables but are wired differently internally - the 'transmit' and 'receive' pairs are crossed over. However some modern switches such as the switch recommended here will work with either standard or crossover cables automatically. Get one of those switches as it is one less thing to worry about.

Virgin Media Broadband or other broadband service with an ethernet interface, such as ResNet ethernet. You plug your existing cable modem supplied by Virgin into the router.

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