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Otherwise, it has to be enabled manually. The following command sets the redundancy mode to SSO.

Understanding MAC Address Synchronization in a Junos Fusion

However, it should be SSO by default. Do show redundancy to see that it is SSO. If it comes up RPR,! This might be one of a pair of data center distribution switches, with the VSS pair being a server switch. And of course the distribution pair would be connected to each other. However, it can just as easily be configured as a layer 2 etherchannel or even an access port etherchannel. The layer three etherchannel gets configured just as it would on any other switch. At this point you can do anything you want from a simulation perspective.

Configure loopbacks with addresses and configure a routing protocol.

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Through all of this I used 10 Gig interfaces with which to connect switches. A MEC can be built on the ports and be used to connect to servers. For a server connecting to a single vlan, the etherchannel would be configured as an access port.

However, for VM servers, it would be reasonable to connect using dot. In that case the MEC could be configured as a trunk. All of that is pretty well documented in the Cisco docs I referenced. Incidentally, had the upstream switch really have been a distribution switch, it might instead look like this.

How to display the local FDB tables

Nick has over 20 years of experience in Security Operations and Security Sales. John is our CTO and the practice lead for a talented team of consultants focused on designing and delivering scalable and secure infrastructure solutions to customers across multiple industry verticals and technologies.

In that capacity, he led a team managing network architecture and services. He is an expert in working with groups to identify business needs, and align technology strategies to enable business strategies, building in agility and scalability to allow for future changes. John is experienced in the architecture and design of highly available, secure, network infrastructure and data centers, and has worked on projects worldwide. Lab - Viewing the Switch MAC Address Table

He has worked in both the business and regulatory environments for the design and deployment of complex IT infrastructures. Click here to request your free day trial of Cisco Umbrella through NetCraftsmen today! OK — Now on to the fun stuff. Switch 1! The switch ID is stored as a variable in!

ROMmon, not in the config! Once VSS is up you can see this with! The switch virtual domain number should! Higher number gets priority switch virtual domain 9 switch 1 switch 1 priority switch 2 priority exit! Set Up the VSL link! For our lab, we will use the 10G ports! On the Active Switch Only.

Layer 2 discovery process

This command gets executed only once. Synchronizing MAC address tables across switches doesn't make any sense. Each switch maintains its own MAC address table. For instance, suppose you have Switch 1 and Switch 2 connected together of their ports 24, and MAC address If no frames from MAC address If you synchronize MAC address table across those two switches, then how would you propose to resolve the port conflict where The closest thing you could have is with switch stacks, where multiple switches are connected in a stack, and the stack looks like a single switch.

You configure the stack, not the individual switches, and things like STP and MAC address tables are done as if the stack was a single switch. Switches don't normally 1 sync MAC tables, they independently build them based on the Source MAC addresses and ingress ports of frames they see. Obviously the ports associated with those MAC addresses will be different.

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Understanding MAC Address Synchronization in a Junos Fusion - TechLibrary - Juniper Networks

Active 4 months ago. Viewed 3k times. So, to avoid a duplicate mac scenario per access port, if the frame does make its way to a neighboring switch and gets stored, its shows up in the trunk port port 24 of the switch cam table? Is that how it can show up on both switches AND avoid a port conflict?