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Breaks are configurable in the preferences and can be disabled entirely. Quickly add and remove websites to Focus by dragging and dropping them onto the menubar icon.

Powerful URL Blocking allows you to block exactly what you want, from a page, to an entire website or the entire Internet itself. Focus helps you create your ideal environment with 1-click, so you can get high quality work done. Focus is the best way to block distracting websites and apps , get in the zone and finally become more productive. Improve the quality of your work Increase the value of your time Get more done Get in the flow Get peace of mind.

Mac OS X Focus supports me full-time, thanks for supporting indie development! Enter your email below to receive a download link for Focus. You'll be able to begin your trial immediately and start improving your productivity! Website Blocker for Mac Focus is a distraction blocker that helps you improve your productivity Facebook? Focus is a Mac app that sits in your menu-bar and helps you find your zen. One click creates your optimal work environment.

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Getting Motivated to be Productive Getting back on track after you're distracted can be tricky, which is why Focus shows an inspirational quote to put you back in a productive mindset. Put your Productivity on a Schedule Be more productive by scheduling your productivity ahead of time and building a habit.

Schedule Mode is a Focus Professional feature. Unstoppable Productivity Sometimes procrastination creeps in and we need some extra help staying on task. Be careful, these modes once engaged cannot be stopped! Password Mode is a Focus Professional feature. Track Your Productivity Keep up with your productivity to ensure you're on track with Statistics. Build a streak, and then keep it going! Hello Power Users!

If something's really important, I tell people to come by my office and knock. Otherwise email. You forgot to mention Ubuntu live CD, which allows you to remove OSX and install Linux - the most effective productivity enhancer there is. Hey, it even works on Windows machines! But you'd have to make sure that the settings in Self Control are already set properly to the length of the pomodoro before running the script.

Focus is a distraction blocker that helps you improve your productivity

The irony of course is you now have the OS emulating the days before many modern features and you've spent time doing it rather than working on something. You forgot Concentrate - which is an timer, website blacklister, and application launcher all in one. By the way, I couldn't get Focus Booster to install. AIR says the file is corrupt. Tried multiple times. The webapp is not working, too. The irony is that this article is distracting me from the work was suppose to be doing. Now I am going to look at those applications and waist even more time, trying to find something that will help me get back to work.

Yup but after trying out these apps, you'd eventually get back to work. And hopefully, with their help, you'll do it much better! Those apps are definitely a way to get work done within focused time-frames. The web-page I've linked shares a few different ways to get things done too, using Greasemonkey and profiling techniques Especially at work, when one should be giving one's paymaster the full due of one's worth, I have a 'perpetual' blacklist of sites through Greasemonkey's Invisibility Cloak.

Rob Nightingale.

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Top Deals. Email Facebook Whatsapp Pinterest Twitter. Enjoyed this article? Stay informed by joining our newsletter! Enter your Email. Read our privacy policy. So choose your weapon of choice! Once again, thank you! So, get in touch with the developer on this page: visitsteve. There is also an app macfreedom. Great article. Going to definitely be using the pomodoro technique for everything now.

A little ashamed to say I hadn't heard of any of these apps before with the exception of Think. Thanks John. Well that's the point of the article: to introduce you to these great apps!

Break free from distractions. Master productivity.

Guys, Concentrate isn't free. Can you create a Windows-focused version of this article? I swear by Concentrate getconcentrating. Absolutely love the concept of think.

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