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When you have finished capturing, re-enable the anti-virus or other security software. For instructions, see the software's documentation. Capture can stop suddenly because of the start of an automatic system event, such as a screen saver. If you use a screen saver or have configured other automatic system events, then temporarily disable them before you start capture.

Startup items and services that run in the background can cause capture to stop suddenly. Disable startup items and non-essential services before you start capture. Capture can stop suddenly if the videotape from which you are capturing is damaged. Or, try dubbing copying the videotape. Capture can also stop suddenly at the boundary between different formats on the same videotape. If your tape holds mixed formats, then start a new capture session for each format. Video frames that are not saved to disk during the capture process are called dropped frames.

The Abort Capture On Dropped Frames option determines whether dropped frames cause the application to stop capturing. If it has been enabled, then you can disable it. If you have been experiencing dropped frames during capture, then capturing with this option disabled prevents the dropped frames from stopping capture.

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However, the quality of your captured clips can be inferior because of the dropped frames. Before you use this solution, complete the other solutions in this document to prevent dropped frames. Adobe Premiere Pro User Guide. Select an article:. The Capture panel also displays one of these errors: "Capture Device Offline. Try resetting camera. Solution 3: Configure the device to output the correct digital video format.

Some Sony HDV devices have a menu setting called i.

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If your device has an i. AUTO isn't always reliable. If you capture from an analog-to-digital converter that can output video in multiple formats MPEG-2, H. If your converter cannot output in DV format, then use the converter's bundled software to capture video. Then, import the captured clips into an Adobe Premiere Pro project. Solution 4: Choose the correct capture format in Adobe Premiere Pro. Optional If the capture format does not match the format of the video that you are capturing, then choose the other option from this menu.

Click OK. Solution 5: Choose the correct device control settings, or disable device control. Note: When device control is disabled, start playback on the device manually. Click the Windows start button; type "device manager" into the Search box and select Device Manager. Right-click on your listed controller; select "Update Driver Software". Select the option that has " Legacy " at the end of the name; click Next and let Windows install the driver.

Close out of dialogs and retry capture. Solution 8: Create and log on to a new local administrator account. When you have created a new local administrator account, do the following tasks:. Log on to the new account. Open Adobe Premiere Pro. Create a project with the correct preset. See Step 4 above. Adjust the device control settings.

See Step 5 above. Advanced troubleshooting. Connect the device to a different IEEE port on your computer. Use a different IEEE cable. Solution Disable startup items and non-essential services, and close other applications. Solution Identify and disable third-party DirectShow video capture filters. Close all open applications.

Download and install Microsoft GraphEdit. Open GraphEdit. Expand each of the individual items in the Video Capture Sources section and note the filenames of the capture source filters installed on your system. In Windows Explorer, navigate to those files and rename them to change the filename extension to. Close GraphEdit. Solution Restart the computer. Solution Test video capture with a third-party video capture application.

Disconnect all IEEE devices. Type regedit in the Open text box, and then press Enter. The Registry Editor opens. Right-click the folder and select Permissions. Right-click the folder and select Delete. Click Yes to confirm the deletion. Restart the computer. Connect your video device to an IEEE port on the computer and turn on the device. Solution Try to capture on a different computer.

Capture begins, but stops unexpectedly. Solution Capture to a hard drive that has sufficient free space. If the scratch disk for captured video runs out of free space, then capture stops suddenly. To change the scratch disk for captured video:. Open a project in Adobe Premiere Pro. Select a folder on the hard drive that you want to use, or create a folder.

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Click OK to close the Project Settings window. Solution Capture to a hard drive that has sufficient speed. To change the scratch disk for captured video, see Solution To determine the format of a hard drive:. Right-click on the icon for a hard drive and choose Properties. Look at File System in the General tab of the Properties window.

Solution Repair and defragment the hard drive.

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Solution 21 Camcorder capture only : Use the camcorder's AC power adapter. Solution Quit other applications and temporarily disable anti-virus software. Solution Disable the screen saver and any other automatic system events. It is recommended to split your recordings into 1 Hr 30 Min parts. Whether you are a customer or dealer, if you already own a ION product, or if you just have pre-sales questions, our experienced technical support team is here to help! Contact us by email : www. Frequently Asked Questions I cannot find the recording software.

Did it install correctly? I have installed the driver, and software. How come I cannot see my video? Why am I getting an error message saying otherwise? I can hear the audio, but where is my video? Ezcap I can hear the audio, but where is my video? I have my CD how can I install my drivers automatically? All of my cables are plugged in but I am not getting any video.

Are my connections correct?

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I want to personalize my videos. Where can I learn more about the software features? The software did not ask for my authorization code. Where do I enter it? All of my software is installed, software settings are correct. How come I have not video? My recordings are too large. How can I fit them onto my DVD? How do I convert my videos so I can play them on my iPad? EZ Video Converter My software says evaluation version. How can I get the full version of the software? Where can I learn more about editing my videos in PowerDirector?

I have a new computer. Is my product compatible with Windows 7? How can I edit the length of my video? Compatibility and Drivers Below is a list of devices and what operating systems they are compatible with. Download the correct drivers from the link above. Right-click the zip-file you just downloaded and choose Extract Files… The Extraction Wizard will pop up.

Open the Device Manager you can do this by. On XP : Click the Start button. Click Run… Type devmgmt. The Device Manager will open. On Vista and Windows 7: Click the Start button. Type devmgmt. Click Next. Right click on the Video 2 PC Disc. Double click the PC folder. Double click the Drivers folder. Double click Setup to install the driver. Go to the back to the Software folder. Double click CyberLink folder. Find the Setup , double click to Install. This will launch the Cyberlink PowerDirector installer.

Select your language. Click OK to begin the installation process. When prompted to make sure you enter the authorization code, enter the code that is located on the back of the CD sleeve.

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The guide below will walk you through the setup procedure after you have installed the software. Open EZ Video Converter, by double clicking on the icon. Click Device Settings. The guide below will walk you through the setup procedure after you have installed Ezcap. Open the Ezcap by clicking on the icon. Select Video Settings. Click the Source tab. Click Ezcap to extend the Ezcap connections. Select either Composite or S-Video depending on your video connection.

After making these selections you can now close the window and record.