Migrating lightroom to new mac

LR works like a filebrowser add folder, rename folder, remove folder, … is all possible. This problem should be adressed and Adobe should work on making migrations to a new system a lot easier!

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  • How to Move Your Lightroom Photos to an External Drive – Improve Photography;

I just got a new mac….. I have a time machine backup of the old mac but had to set everything up from scratch as the old one had a virus. With the time machine backup can I move LR from one to the other? Thank you! Let me know if that works. True you have to keep the internal folder structure of you photo library the same from one computer to the other, but it can be stored on a different drive eg. You can also store your catalog files in a different location.

Automatically the catalog will update the path to all photos and you are good to start with your catalog and resume all your edits, even if you completely change to locations of your pictures and catalogs.

Moving a Lightroom Catalog

Thank you, thank you, thank you for your post! I was struggling but all is now good. Again, Yea! Thanks, Scott! I am actually upgrading to a new PC tonight and this article is very timely. Just come across your site. Loaded it onto my laptop Windows I have deleted and reloaded. No progress.

How to Move Your Lightroom Photos to an External Drive

They took over my computer, and failed to make any progress. Any ideas? Roger, you might try and call Adobe help line direct. Restart the laptop. After that i can start PS CC without any problems.

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  4. I hope that will work on your laptop too with LR CC …. Your email address will not be published.

    How to Move Your Lightroom Catalog Between PC and Mac | Fstoppers

    First, Moving the Lightroom catalog catalog manually to your new computer is easy: Just grab your Lightroom folder off your old computer the one that has your Lightroom catalog, your Previews and any Smart Previews if you use Smart Previews, as seen above and move it to wherever you want on your new computer. This is exactly where people get burned. Yes, everything is case sensitive, too. Hope you found this helpful. Dennis GEller October 10, Corina Chan July 9, Thanks so much, Corina Post a Reply. Lucia Fernandez April 9, Post a Reply.

    Rob Sylvan April 9, Curtis April 1, Rob Sylvan April 2, I would just reinstall all of them on the new machine. Susan December 8, Hi Scott! First of all, great article! This was very helpful and simple, so thank you. Susan Post a Reply.

    How to Move Your Photos in Lightroom Classic CC to Another Drive

    Richard Davies October 14, Rob Sylvan October 14, Melisa September 5, Paolo May 18, Is there a workaround? Linda Gillespie April 24, Alex Makowski February 25, Jennifer December 1, Robert December 1, Crystal Kovacs November 30, Scott Kelby December 1, Phil Maly November 30, Edwin Lewis November 30, Phil, Yea!!!!! Your steps worked perfect for me as I moved to a new iMac over the weekend. OR alternatively, upload them to your favorite file storage service. There are many to choose from Dropbox.

    By uploading them to the cloud, you're also backing up your presets at the same time! If you choose to use a file storage service, you will need to download the files to your new computer after you have uploaded them from your old computer.

    Migrate your Aperture libraries to Adobe Lightroom Classic

    Watch the video above for a bit more detail. Installing your presets on a new computer is super easy. Choose the Presets Tab from the new window that opens up.

    Step 1: Figure Out Where Your Lightroom Catalog Lives on Your PC

    It will open a Finder or Explorer window and highlight a folder called Lightroom. Double-click on that folder. If you're a visual learner or just need a little more detail, make sure to watch the tutorial video below.