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This is exactly where Maxtor fell short, with their OneTouch 4 Plus. It seems like external hard drives are everywhere these days, and are perpetually growing larger in capacity and smaller in size.

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Competition is fierce, with almost any drive on the shelf coming equipped with an array of connectivity options as well as a complete software suite for helping consumers to back up their data. Successful products in this market must offer fast performance on a variety of interfaces, an attractive design, quiet operation, and an easy to use yet comprehensive software suite that allows users to easily and reliably back up their data and keep it secure. The Maxtor OneTouch 4 Plus comes is a fairly minimalist box, advertising PC and Mac compatibility on the font, the features and system requirements on the back, and the dimensions on the side.

Recover Files from MaxTor One Touch Drive

The box notes that the SafetyDrill recovery software is only functional with Windows operating systems, and in any case, the entire software suite can ONLY be installed on a 32 bit operating system — if you are using 64 bit versions of XP or Vista, the external drive will function, but none of the included software will be of any use to you.

At first look the drive seems pretty nice. Fortunately, formatting a hard drive will only replace with a new file system and old data although not visible is left untouched. Hence, with a tested data recovery software you can perform Maxtor OneTouch data recovery.

Accidental Deletion: When any files and folders are erased from Maxtor OneTouch external hard drive they will be permanently deleted. Fortunately, when data is deleted it is not actually deleted, empty space is open to save new data.

OneTouch 4 Plus Software

If you act quickly, you can restore Maxtor OneTouch data. Maxtor External Hard drive Not Recognized: Either it might be due to logical reasons or physical reasons an Unrecognized external hard drive makes your crucial information inaccessible.


Unless you have an efficient data recovery software, it can be impossible to access an unrecognized Maxtor OneTouch external hard drive. Malicious Threats: Malicious threats like virus, malware, spyware, etc. Under severe circumstances, you are forced to format Maxtor OneTouch hard and erase data along with it. Designed with a self explanatory interface, Remo Recover is a cost efficient DIY data recovery software. If you face with any of the discussed helpless situations, an efficient data recovery software will help you to securely perform Maxtor OneTouch data recovery.

Remo Recover can be preferred as a Maxtor OneTouch data recovery software. In the later section of this article will explain how to make use of Remo Recover and safely restore Maxtor OneTouch data. Remo Recover has the ability to recover all types of files like Word documents, video files, mp3, photos, documents and many more.

Mac or Macbook can't detect my external drive. Troubleshooting tips.

This recovery software has the ability to recover lost, deleted and formatted data from Maxtor OneTouch disk. What does it mean? Seagate USB External drive diagnostics. Browse All Articles. Windows 7 or Vista requests drivers for an external drive. The Device Manager displays a yellow!

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Power Adapter Specifications for Seagate Products. System Fails to P. OneTouch 4 - Frequently Asked Questions. Apple Boot Camp cannot be used on an external drive. MacOS energy-saver setting.

OneTouch 4 Desktop

Apple Time Machine - Seagate Style. Diagnostic tests for Seagate and Maxtor-brand external drives. No articles available for this product. Register your product. Register Now. OneTouch 4 Mini 80 GB. OneTouch 4 Mini GB.