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This can take some getting used to, but its endless motion customisability somewhat softens the blow. Classic style and extremely functional, we love the Fjallraven Kanken backpacks and you should too. A firm but fair running shoe, Swiss-engineered for city dwellers.

11 Best MacBook and MacBook Pro Accessories You Can Buy

Make sure you're getting the best bang for your buck with our handy back to school laptop guide for students. T3 picks the top pixel pushers on the PC gaming market in Get the best GPU for you with the help of T3's best graphics card of buyer's guide. Whether you're a Windows or Mac fan, these are the very best laptops on the market right now. Whether you want the best small laptop, or the best portable laptop, or the best thin laptop, we're here to help.

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Mac Accessories

Sign up to our newsletter Newsletter. Macbook Air vs Macbook Pro: which Apple laptop is right for you? Specifications Best for: Charging on the go.

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Type: Powerbank. Battery: mAh. Specifications Best for: Added inputs.

11 Best MacBook and MacBook Pro Accessories You Can Buy

Type: Adapter. Voltage: I understand that the MX Anywhere 2S is a costly mouse, but the price is certainly justified when you consider all the functions that the mouse brings. Now, if you need to transfer files back and forth between the two computers or share your files with your co-workers, the Sandisk Ultra 64GB Dual Drive will certainly come in real handy. The faster SSD not only helps in faster file transfer speeds but also ensures faster app launches.

But, one problem with Apple is that it charges a premium for any storage upgrade so most people end up buying either and GB storage options. But sooner or later, they realize that the storage is not enough and they find themselves looking for an external storage option.

For charging, syncing, storage, transport and more, our best Macbook Pro accessories just work

The SSDs are also very compact and very easy to carry around. But still, they are cheaper than Apple upgrades and do not bring any noticeable difference in performance.

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If you spend long hours on your MacBook Pro or Air, buying a stand is a good investment, if you want to cause the minimum amount of strain to your body. The use of stand helps in lowering the strain on your neck and hands. This is not only beneficial in the long-term, but it is also good for productivity as you can work longer without feeling exhausted. My favorite stand is the one from a company called Twelve South. That stand elevates your laptop to just the height which is best for typing and also reduces the strain on your neck.

The stand also comes in both space gray and silver color which perfectly matches the color of your MacBook Pros and MacBook Air. If you own both an iPhone and a Mac, this one is a no-brainer. If you own any of the latest generation of iPhones, the iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, and the iPhone X, you get an added advantage of carrying one less charging brick.

Although Apple is renowned for its design, once in a while the company does mess up. Now, I am not here to berate Apple for its design choices, but I am a consumer who hates plugging his MacBook Pro charger in a wall plug as it sticks out like a sore thumb, and is also a potential break hazard. If a picture speaks a thousand words, the picture below neatly showcases why its necessary to buy this accessory.

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The liquid is completely odorless and is free of alcohol and ammonia. While the sleeves mentioned on this list will protect your MacBook Pro when traveling, they are useless once you are using your Mac.

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While there are a ton of options on the market, my vote goes to the Finite protective leather case which brings a premium synthetic leather exterior with hard polycarbonate shell interior. While the exterior is soft to touch and prevents any fingerprints or smudges, the interior protects the machine from shocks resulting from impacts. The case is available in multiple designs and color choices allowing you to style your MacBook Pro while protecting it. If you are looking for see-through cases, you should check out the cases from ProCase which are also available in multiple colors.

It is a hard shell case with a mat finish which prevents scratches, scuffs, and fingerprints while providing ample drop protection to your device. You can also check out the cases from iBenzer which are made of sturdy lightweight plastic, soft to touch and yet hard enough to provide impact protection. I love the trackpad MacBook Pros especially since Apple moved to a forced touch trackpad which allows me to click anywhere on the surface. That said, when I am working on my desk and have the MacBook Pro attached to an external display, I mostly use an external keyboard and mouse.

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Now, whether you are using a Magic Mouse or a third-party mouse, one thing that you need is a mouse pad. Sold Out. Keeps your MacBook Air protectedSnug fit with Keeps your MacBook Air protected Snug The perfect accessory for the Amazon Kindle Paperwhite Apple Leather Sleeve for Apple Leather Sleeve the perfect accessory for school, home or the Apple Leather Smart Cover for Dimensions: x x 15 mm - Weight: g Warranty Size: 15 " - Resolution: Native resolution: x pixels Retina Scaled Apple Macbook Pro