How do i share photos with other users on my mac

Other Photos Library Syncing Options iCloud Photo Library is the best way to sync all your photos between Macs, but there are other ways to approach the task, each with its own limitations: Sync user-created albums: SyncMate can sync various kinds of data between Macs, including Photos albums.

How Do I Share iPhoto and iTunes Libraries Between Two Users? [Ask MacRx]

But the app can sync only individual, user-created albums—not smart albums or entire libraries. Merge libraries: PowerPhotos lets you merge two Photos libraries even from two different users into a new library, maintaining albums and most metadata see exceptions while eliminating duplicates. Follow these steps: In the Photos app, select the photos or videos that you want to share.

On the Mac , Command-click the items you want or drag a selection rectangle around them.

How to Share Pictures from Photos on Mac

In iOS, tap Select and then tap the items. Name the album in iOS, tap Next. Consider the two choices for sharing your album. You can go with either or both: You can share with other iCloud users—if you want to share in this way, enter their email addresses here. Turn on Public Website :.

Tap Share Link to share that link with anyone you want. Open the album, then tap the People tab at the bottom of the screen:.

Switch on any settings that you want for this shared album. Subscribers Can Post means subscribers can add their own photos to your shared album. Notifications means you get notified when subscribers like, comment, or add photos to the album:.

Transfer Files Between Two Accounts on a Mac

The photos will appear in your shared album. People subscribed to that album will be able to see the shared images:. Has someone else invited you to subscribe to their shared album? Any subscribers signed in to iCloud can like and comment on the shared images.

How to set up family sharing in Photos | Macworld

If you think a photo looks great, tap the Like thumb icon at the bottom right to let others know that you like it:. To comment on a photo, tap Add A Comment at the bottom of the screen.

Type your comment, and tap Send :. Select the photo you want to save. Tap the Share icon square with up arrow. Swipe across the icons at the bottom of the screen, and tap Save Image :.

Creating a shared album

Select the image you want to delete. Tap the Delete trash icon at the top right. Then tap Delete Photo :. Open the shared album, then tap the People tab at the bottom of the screen. Tap on the subscriber you wish to remove. On the Shared Albums screen, tap Edit at the top right. The album and all the photos in it will be deleted from all devices of all subscribers.

Subscribers will no longer have access to the shared album. Give your album a name, invite people, and add a comment if you wish. Then click Create :.