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You can do this both with fdisk command line and gparted. In gparted you can do this by going to the device, then right clicking on the first partition and selecting 'manage flags' you might need to unmount first.

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Check the box next to 'boot' and see what happens when you restart. Also do you have a mac? Mac's need special formatting so this process wouldn't work for them. June 11th, 7.

Howto backtrack5 on usb-stick mac os x

After all that work it stunk having just one little thing. Good news is that I set the boot flag to true using gparted did not have to unmount. Bad news is that it threw an error when I tried to boot off of Ubuntu Persistent June 11th, 8. Otherwise, does it drop you down to a ubuntu prompt of some sort?

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Can you execute commands when it finished loading or does it just hang after the errors? Tomorrow afternoon I'll make a new USB with these steps to see if its something with the directions I wrote up.

I'll let you know how it goes then. June 12th, 9.

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It just hangs and I cannot execute a command. June 19th, Have you tried putting. I think what you pointed out is correct, it should be. Thanks for pointing that out.

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I will change it to. It has been officially discontinued in February Thanks to Softpedia, users can still download BackTrack Linux and install it on their personal computers or laptops. The Live DVDs feature a custom boot menu that allows users to start the live environment in stealth mode without network connection , forensics mode without drive or swap mount , text mode, safe mode, as well as to boot the existing OS or test the RAM for errrors.

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When booting the Live DVD, users will be dropped to a shell prompt, where they need to execute the startx command in order to enter the live session, which provides users with a traditional desktop environment KDE or GNOME. The distribution has been heavily customized to be used in real-life penetration testing tasks.

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It includes a vast collection of security oriented applications and provides users with two popular desktop environments. As a matter of fact, it is the only Linux distribution in the world that contains so many security applications. It is geared towards experts and novice security users alike. The security-oriented applications have been arranged into 12 categories: information gathering, vulnerability assessment, exploitation tools, privilege escalation, maintaining access, reverse engineering, RFID tools, stress testing, forensics, reporting tools, services, and miscellaneous.

Whether you use this system to learn new hacking techniques, exploit servers, hack wireless networks, or perform a web app assessment, BackTrack is the number one solution for all of your security needs.