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We believe in the long term value of Apple hardware. You should be able to use your Apple gear as long as it helps you remain productive and meets your needs, upgrading only as necessary. We want to help maximize the life of your Apple gear. In contrast to the age of the older first Mac Pros, there is still some new hardware that is being released, which can be used on these Mac Pros, primarily due to the software support available. The idea behind this was being able to create a very powerful, no-questions-asked workhorse — and it worked out just fine.

This is not a perfect solution, but it can work perfectly when setup and generally not messed around with. I picked up 2x 6-to-8 pin PCIe adapters for the card. Even under full load, this is still within the designed power capacity of the power rails. I mostly play the game Arizona Sunshine on the full resolution, with medium textures and shadows, and always hit the 90fps mark. The 4. This is one of those times where a software upgrade makes all the difference.

There is no performance difference between a flashed firmware Mac Pro vs. Ars Technica reported on the success of the Mac Pros being flashed by Netkas forum members. Note: Sometimes it is incorrectly reported that the 1. The Mac Pro remains a bit of the odd man out when it comes to firmware. Despite the obvious age of the Mac Pro 5. Developer Previews often carry updates both good and bad, so I recommend most users not use the Developer Previews of Mojave. Both Forum member, Tsialex of MacRumors one of the experts on Mac Pros on the interwebs has compiled and maintained a list of Firmware versions for the Mac Pro 5.

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I highly recommend this blog post as I've directly lifted his notes from it, but there's more info at his original blog post. I credit his work below. It is unlikely that we will see continued firmware updates for the Mac Pro 5. Below is a collection of links related to the bootROM procedure. However, this hack falls into adventure territory, see the Mac Pro 3. Users at MacRumors are reporting that the update bricks Mac Pro 5. See check your CPU model. OS upgrades might seem obvious but the 1.

The Mac Pros can be firmware flashed to become 5. The can run modern OS X natively without nearly the hacking. The Mac Pros are relatively easy to upgrade although and this is important , the airport card that the Mac Pro shipped with is unsupported. The Mac Pro s can run Also, wifi will be unsupported with the old chipset, but the Airport can be upgraded. The Mac Pro 3. Off-the-shelf NVidia cards also aren't supported in Mojave. Thus the Mac Pro 3. Notably, some security updates may fail at installing since they require updating the recovery partition manually.

For many pros using legacy apps, High Sierra can wreak havoc on support. Note: for Mac Pro 5,1 users, this can interfere with later firmware updates, MacProUpgrade group members for instance, report that Updating to The Mac Pro 5. Updating requires pulling non-Metal accelerated GPUs they can be installed after the update and will still output video.

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Currently, NVidia users are waiting for NVidia to release official drivers, but we're currently at statemate with NVidia suggesting the lack of driver updates is unsurprisingly Apple's fault. See Apple's official, Install macOS I signed it, but I can't say I'm hopeful. Warning About Developer Previews in See the Firmware Upgrades section for more info. Apple in the past few years has moved to nagware for OS updates, often pestering users running non-compatible configurations to upgrade such as running a non-Mojave compatible GPU. You can disable the notifications following osxdaily's handy guide.

I sourced the information from MacRumors , so all credit goes to the community there and forum member ActionableMango for compiling this list, this is truncated to the most important bits of information. Also, 4. Also, go to the original thread to read up on 4. The process of delidding can be performed manually or bought pre-delidded. Most users elect to delid the CPUs themselves based on forums. Recently there's been interest in a few Mac Pro communities, but it's already been confirmed by a bold Mac Rumors poster.

There's some misinformation on a few other sites like pindelski. Apple has updated Safari to prevent drive-by Javascript attacks. Using general safe browsing habits, makes it not very likely that this exploit will affect users despite very sensational headlines like Wired's Meltdown Redux: Intel flaw lets hackers siphon secrets from millions of PCs.

The only way to ensure total safety is to disable Hyper-Threading a significant performance hit , and Apple issued the article How to enable full mitigation for Microarchitectural Data Sampling MDS vulnerabilities. GPUs are probably the most annoying of the upgrades due to the required research yet one of the most commonly performed. This could change but has not yet. When I originally wrote my first Mac Pro Upgrade guide four years ago, readers found it surprising that one could use off-the-shelf Nvidia cards. I tested a GeForce Hackintosh vs. GPUs are routinely one of the most common upgrades to Mac Pros.

There are roughly three classes of GPUs. GPUs with Metal drivers for If this ever is sorted, we might have an aftermarket EFI bootscreen card. There's some overlap between the last two types of cards. This might sound undesirable but, with the gains of the NVidia cards, most users are willing to forgo the inconvenience, self-included. The most commonly flashable video cards are ones that have a Mac equivalent that was either sold by Apple as OEM or aftermarket, and the ROMs then were distributed on the open market, a few cards require physical modification.

Below are software-only flashable cards. I used for years an ATI Radeon With the NVidia video cards, even security updates can require a web driver update, meaning if you update, next boot will not output video until the driver has been updated.

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All the GTX series are supported by web drivers but are limited to However, neither AMD or NVidia cards will output video at the EFI boot screen, and video will not start until the drivers have loaded roughly right before the login screen. This strikes me as predatory: OWC is actively abusing its market position as a trusted Mac upgrade vendor. The larger fan tends to block the adjacent PCI slot, making it hard to recommend for its minimal performance gains.

Recently in Mojave, updates have enabled hardware acceleration for video codecs on the RX You can read about it here and find full instructions to Activate AMD hardware acceleration. Thanks for Martin L. Many of the cards can be flashed to different bios.

With the advent of Apple published an official list but did not list all compatible GPUs for Mojave. Currently, NVidia blames Apple for not approving its drivers for Mojave. I've signed it, and I suggest others do too, even if non-NVidia users as options matter. I doubt it'll shift the tide, but a long-shot is better than no-shot. One of the rumors was that this was fought is over the Volta GPU drivers.

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This rumor gained a lot of traction since the last released version of the NVidia drivers, That said, without Mojave support for off-the-self NVidia cards, this severely limits the impact and do not currently have drivers for the macOS. They will show up as a generic VGA output. NVidia driver installation is a little more tricky than one would expect, first off NVidia does not list what cards are currently supported on its web pages. Secondly, you need to download the correct version of the drivers for whatever version of Mac OS you have.

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TonyMacX86 forums do an excellent job of direct linking to the NVidia installers for driver version number by OS version. Currently, Seeing the above mess of information and the corresponding versions of drivers, Benjamin Dobell wrote a CLI utility to install the Mac NVidia drivers that work for your system, as described as "This script installs the best not necessarily the latest official NVidia web drivers for your system. Several MacRumors forum members have found that Mac Pro 3.

Many modern graphics cards have HDMI and thus capable of outputting audio. There's a very long thread of intrepid hackers at Mac Rumors. The cards do work but the turn-around times are long, communication infrequent and the prices are high, but they appear to be legitimate, with many testimonials floating around message boards from longtime members that they do indeed work as promised.

Note: Dave of MacVidCards notes he did contribute on previous AMD card hacks I'd rather not weigh too much on the ethics on it, but software developers do deserve compensation, and depending on the actual work performed on the EFI ROM, it may very well be truly custom. As of writing this, they are the only game in town when it comes to making the NVidia series cards Mac EFI compatible. I suggest googling for them, and let you be the judge if its worth the cost.

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Update: Also, I have to note that, after reading the previous statement, Dave of MacVidCards reached out to me and also corrected on errors found on this page. So if nothing else, my experience with MacVidCards has been fair in my limited dealings with them considering my hesitation in recommending them. There isn't a "best card" for any computer, rather how much money you're willing to spend and if the money could be better spent elsewhere.

This is an arbitrary metric as even a 3. Commonly, forums and groups will mention "pairs well," or "bottleneck" but any high-end GPU will "pair well," the question is more about where a user can see more performance gains. I'd argue buying a 4. The next question is, do you want an EFI native card? There are few cards that support the EFI boot screen, and they are all older generation cards. Most users elect to hold onto an older card as a backup, for the EFI screen. I personally have a GT in my Mac Pro at all times for this reason. Lastly, there's Mojave to contend with. This means its AMD or bust.

Some readers have reported they are able to run high-power requirement GPUs off their internal power supply. These are likely required to power your GPU. Example, a GPU that has an 6 pin power port and an 8 pin power port would require one of each cable. I wrote two guides blog. The Mac Pros can support many more cards than listed here, but these are all common cards, NewerTech and Sonnet are reliable.

Not all cards are equal, some are more performant, in the case of USB 3. Also, some non-listed cards have issues. The only way to turn off my Mac Pro was to hold down the power key forcibly. I've elected not to include USB 2.

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Note: This is not to be taken as a complete list, but rather a list of known working cards that users have confirmed. If you know of a card that's supported by macOS, please reach out to me. Currently, the list is expanding, non-bootable cards will be listed as such. Known bootable cards will be listed as such.

If no notes appear, it's because I haven't researched this yet.

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In the unlikeliest turn of events, Thunderbolt has landed on the cMac Pro PCIe Thunderbolt cards were exclusively for PCs that have compatible motherboards with specialized chipsets, generally requiring a pass-through jumper connection. The original speculation started at eGPU. The only way currently to use a Thunderbolt 3 card is to cold-boot to Windows Initialize the Thunderbolt 3 card with the proper drivers installed, then reboot to Mac OS, where the Thunderbolt 3 card will remain Initialized. Also, only some Thunderbolt 3 devices work, such as audio interfaces.

Right now, it isn't very viable for all but tinkerers to purchase a Thunderbolt card, but this may change. As notable progress unfolds, this section will be updated to reflect it. This isn't recommended as the computer will not wake from sleep and remains experimental. SATA2 still won't be fully saturated even by performant 3.

For those looking to sacrifice ports, OWC made a series of multi-mounts to go inside the dual 5.

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These are essentially a SATA 3 card with two mounting ports for 2. The 1. However, due to the speed limitations, there aren't many models on the market, and the price per GB tends to be high as the industry has largely pivoted to NVMe. Credit goes to MisterAndrew for doing the original compiling of this list here. Clever users found workarounds.

Then users found using firmware hacking.

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They could enable NVMe booting by using a firmware hack upgrade. See the entire thread here. Notably, this firmware hack appears to work for 3. The latest Mac Pro 5. See below for more details. A PCIe 3. There is a firmware update for the Evo Plus that may fix issues. NVMe isn't natively bootable prior to the Note the following hack is no longer necessary, I'm leaving the information up for posterity and Mac Pro 3.

OS X Free shipping. Native support MacOS Mojave Only 1 left! Fully tested with Mac pro dual process. Mac OS X Pictures are of an identical item. Model: nVidia Quadro K Compatible with : Mac Pro 3. R9 X gfx card. This is a great upgrade for your Mac Pro, allowing you to add more displays. Ask about our trade-in credit for your old video card or machine. GTX 2GB gfx card. This is a great upgrade for your Mac Pro, allowing you to add two more displays - it will drive one 30" LCD monitor at full x resolution, and one 23" LCD monitor at x resolution.

Card has been disassembled, cleaned, and new Arctic MX-4 paste reapplied. Mac Pro Q graphic card 1. DP to mini DP adapter cable 1. If you are looking for a professional 3D workstation upgrade for your Mac Pro, look no further - this is it! CUDA Support! The fan is in good condition without any issues. This card supports 4K over DisplayPort output.

Sale includes card only as pictured. If you are looking to add extra monitors to your Mac Pro, look no further - this is it! Runs up to two 30" Cinema Displays; perfect working condition; removed from a working Mac Pro. All ports work, boot screen works, as this is a genuine Apple product. See similar items. Results Pagination - Page 1 1 2 3 4. Hot this week in Mac Pro Graphics Card.