How to use handbrake mac to compress video

HandBrake is an easy-to-use video compressor that is available for Mac, Linux and Windows.

It can process most common multimedia files and any DVD or BluRay sources that do not contain any kind of copy protection. And next, I will show you a step-by-step guide for using HandBrake to compress video files.

Compress Video Using HandBrake - VIDELLO

The sample file I used to compress was called test. After compression, the file size was down to The compressed video format is MP4 as it can be supported by most devices. Depending on your original video file, following the instructions in the tutorial, the file size may still be reduced if your video file is already MP4 format. With it, you can compress your video files into small effortlessly. Download it to have a try!

Step 2: Launch Handbrake and load the video you want to compress. A browse window should have automatically opened for you to select your source file. In this step, I select test. Then, select the output format parameter below the original file under Presets. Step 4: In Handbrake, under Save As you can decide where the compressed file is saved by clicking Browse.

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By default, it is saved in the same folder as the original file. You can change to a different location if necessary. Step 5: Click on Video and make sure that H. And here, you can change some parameter settings according to your own needs. The green button will become red Stop button until the compression is complete.

When it returns to green. You are ready to view the compressed video. The original video file was reduced from MB to It is worth reminding that the time required for compression varies depending on the size of the file. On Facebook, the suggested resolution is at p or less. Usually, the bitrate is expressed at Kbps or Mbps. To compress a video and reduce its file size, we will have to reduce the bitrate as well.

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However, if we go too low, we may end up with an inferior video quality. Animation videos, for example, require a lower bitrate than an action movie. The frame rate refers to how many frames will be displayed on our screen in every second. Converting between frame rates will result in less smoothness, which is something you want to avoid. In case of audio though, usually, the bitrate is already low enough, to begin with. Thus, we may want to keep it as is, since it won't affect the file size much.

Professional and affordable online video solutions

Now we will have to use a program to re-encode it and reduce its size. There are plenty of options when it comes to video converters. Some are free, while there are also paid programs. However, if you need control over your encodes, we recommend Handbrake.

Choose your ideal compressor among 3 best tools:

Handbrake is a free open source video transcoder that supports multiple platforms Windows, Mac, Linux. It is our software of choice when we want to compress a video, and below we will describe in detail all the steps we take for a successful encoding. Once we finish the installation, we can open the program and choose our source.

We can batch encode files from a specific folder, but in our example, we are going to show how to encode a single video. But where is the fun in that? The most common standard nowadays is H.

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  3. Part 2. How to Use HandBrake to Compress Videos?

The options have to do with the efficiency of the compression and, as a result, with the time it will take our computer to compress a video. If you want to go with this type of compression and let the program decide the bitrate, the optimal values are at 20 to 23 for p videos.

How to use Handbrake to Compress Video – Handbrake Tutorial

In our case, we had an initial bitrate of Kbps. For the Youtube recommended settings, we fall into the category of p with a frame rate of Thus, the recommended bitrate is at 10 Mbps. For the bitrate, is the least we can go for good quality to size ratio. It also depends on our footage. So, make sure you have picked it in the Output Settings. After a while, and depending on the settings you chose across the menus, the encoding process will end successfully.