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This allows you to open new options based on how hard you press on the trackpad. That includes a Force Click, which happens when you press down firmly with one finger, and this may seem like a natural option for right-clicking. However, Apple prefers to reserve the Force Click for other features, like previews and editing options.

What Force Click does varies by app.

How to Right Click on a Mac - Mac Basics

It can never fully take the place of a right-click function, but we suggest you look at its features to see if you can use it to supplement other activities and make your work easier. There are customization options to set the mouse how you prefer it. This is usually the default method of right-clicking with an Apple mouse. The control key, when held down, switches the mouse to right-click mode.

We know that this sounds a little weird, but some people actually prefer this approach.

How to Right-Click in Mac OS X

You can customize your mouse to respond a certain way to match your past habits instead if you prefer. These are found in a different menu than the trackpad settings, so follow these steps:. Step 2: There is a dropdown immediately below that selection that allows you to set the secondary click to the right or left side of the mouse. You probably want to choose the right side — Apple has little videos that show you what the current effects are if this gets confusing.

We suggest you experiment a little and see if the Apple mouse is working for you or if you need to consider a replacement. After all, there are plenty of alternatives if you want to look outside of Apple hardware. Share on Facebook Tweet this Share. MacBook Air. Don't Miss. Computing Windows 10 has two critical vulnerabilities; update now to avoid infection Microsoft recently alerted users that it patched two critical remote code execution RCE "wormable" vulnerabilities, which could have allowed hackers to spread malware to PCs.


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Apple Mouse Click Not Working

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How to right click on a MacBook

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Shadow: Which streaming service is right for you? Using a PC USB mouse or Bluetooth mouse on the Mac works great, and not only will the right-click button perform a secondary click in Mac OS, but other buttons like the scroll wheel will work fine on the Mac too. Some background on terminology may help to better understand the topic of the Mac Right Click and Secondary Click functionality. The phrase Right Click comes from the PC world because nearly all PC mouse and trackpads have multiple physical buttons, including a button that is furthermost on the right, and that becomes the right-click on those mice.

But of course no Mac comes with a right-click button like that, though Macs can use almost any USB mouse even if they have multiple buttons and in doing so the right most button on those PC mice works to perform a right-click on the Mac too. All Rights Reserved. Reproduction without explicit permission is prohibited. Subscribe to OSXDaily. Follow OSXDaily.