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Looking for simple and quick QR code scanner or barcode reader that supports all major code formats? QR code reader is perfect app for you. QR code scanner is the fastest and most user friendly bar code reader in App Store. Use the smartphone camera and qr code scanner fast scan and recognize the all types of code. This code scanner is very easy to use, secure and you can use it without limits! The most important features of this barcode reader: - all QR code and any bar code supported, - extra flashlight supported, - if the scanning code contains a website URL, you can automatically open this website, - if code contains text or numbers, you can automatically search this data in browser, - if you scan code with phone numbers, email addresses, contact info or full information from business card, this app will enable you to save this information in the appropriate places on your smartphone contact list, adressbook, etc.


You want to create your own barcode or QR Code? In future, we plan to expand this app of the barcode generator and qr code generator. This will allow you to create personalised barcode or qrcode. We would appreciate for your feedback or suggestion, contact with us on exatools gmail. This definitely increases our motivation.

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Also, we appreciate to read what attracts you on FreeMind, and what is your most important case of use of FreeMind. Please, address any questions with problems to the Help forum. Krishna Teja, After 6 years of procrastination and a catastrophic crash in life, I hit mind maps and FreeMind. It looks like the search is over, I can now organize my thoughts in one place and get a clear picture of my own life.

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The flexibility of the software is only limited by one's imagination. After only days of using this software I can say its the best thing since sliced bread. My joy is boundless. I hope to stick to FreeMind throughout my life to organize stuff. Andrea, The reviewer was keeping all details under perfect control at lightspeed, giving hard times to us proposers noticing every single missing or glitch in our documents. I just asked: mind mapping software was the response. He made a big mind map of the whole proposal and checked all the nodes one by one.

As easy as this. I just browsed my PC where freemind was sitting quiet since a couple of years.

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I just launched it and applied it to my current project: a BIG software system delivery to an important bank. Guys, in 3 days I made a perfect job in tracking activities, preparing project status meeting, todo lists, reports, software test result diagrams I'm just amazed. Rich, I thought I'd spend 10 minutes evaluating it but I had so much fun I ended up playing for hours - I even missed lunch! Daniel, 1. The answer is I don't. I am using FreeMind on daily basis and am very satisfied with the benefits it brings me. What I really consider important is that when I use FreeMind, most of the time I don't have to ask myself "how do I do this thing in FreeMind", but I rather just do what I need without thinking about it.

FreeMind makes my task of collecting, organizing and analyzing information on a given topic much easier. James, Well done! Henning, After getting to known it, it immediately became one of my every-day-use-tools. Joe, Technical magician Master of effectiveness Relentless Innovative Strong entrepreneurial spirit Honest Passionate Hard working Communicative We are looking for passionate individuals who will join our team in Koszalin, Poland.

We give: Very good work conditions. Opportunities to grow technically and as a person. Elasticity and a lot of freedom. We want: Work which ends up in measurable results. Passion and engagement.

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Long term approach to building relations with clients and coworkers. We prefer: Trust over control.

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Processes, vision, generalization, broader approach and automation over ad hoc solutions. Solid work life balance over zombie mode and working on the weekends. Discovering things by yourself over hand holding. Proper planning and detailed specs up front over unreasonable deadlines and chaotic work. Always acting in clients and Deligo best interest over ego and selfishness. Translate business requirements into technical specs and be responsible for their execution.

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Optimize Magento for performance in multistore environments. Review other team members code for quality and effectiveness. Look for improvements to existing processes and modules. Hunt for bugs and eradicate them. Personal development and training. Profit sharing options for highest performers. Company sponsored conferences. Unlimited high quality coffee. Knowledge of design patterns and good coding practices. Practical GIT knowledge. Experience with enterprise level solutions. Good communication skills.

Fluent written english. Entrepreneur experience. Experience with: Redmine, Vagrant, Docker. Previous work on Ecommerce projects in any ecommerce areas. Create, code and optimize websites and user experiences. Work closely with our team to tie the front-end to our back-end infrastructure Hunt for browser bugs and eradicate them. Contract of employment or B2B. Great attention to details.