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Later in this post I will give you some good examples of these. When connecting an audio interface to a computer…. While USB is by far the slowest of all 4 options, it is still more than fast enough to get the job done for the vast majority of home studios.

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So take that into consideration if you plan on using one. One thing recording newbies often fail to realize is…. However in almost all cases, it includes some combination of these 3 :. Now that you know…make sure you actually have enough channels for your purposes. If you want a high-quality audio interface for studio, rehearsals and gigs you have to look at this. It sounds great and is supremely flexible. Certainly one of the best audio interfaces for guitarists you can buy. Read full review: Antelope Audio Zen Tour. Everything else is handled by software, with that aforementioned Remote Control or a free iOS app providing extra hands-on interaction should you wish.

Read full review: Apogee Element Steinberg has entered the Thunderbolt audio race with the the AXR4, a rack-mountable interface aimed at professional producers and engineers. Read full review: Steinberg AXR4. Prism Sound has quickly developed a reputation as a go-to choice for many professional users and studios seeking exemplary audio quality at the interfacing stage.

In use, Atlas feels like a thoroughbred interface from the moment it's up and running. Atlas is a sumptuous interface, offering unparalleled sound quality. Prism Sound's reputation is further enhanced with its arrival and, since the quality of its interfaces was already seen as excellent, that's a glowing endorsement. Read full review: Prism Sound Atlas.

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Image 2 of 2. A hard-wearing 2-channel interface with high audio and build quality.

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Zero latency control affects both monitor and headphone output. Image 1 of 3. When you buy it you also get Pro Tools First, the first Focusrite creative pack, which has some plugins for mixing, and Ableton Live lite. This Audio Interface sounds pretty damn good, the only issue is that if the buffer size is too low, you might get some pops and clicks.

Increasing the Buffer size will solve this though. Weirdly enough, this seems to be a problem on Windows and not so much on Mac. The Focusrite Scarlett2i4 2 nd gen is a great Audio Interface if you are just starting out, it will do what you need! Buying an Audio Interface is no simple process mainly because there are way too many.

The Best Audio Interface: 15 Different Choices of 2018!

Picking any of these will definitely be a good investment! You will be able to find it on my recommended gear page. If you think that an Audio Interface may not be exactly what you need, you could also take a look at this entire post I wrote about 7 affordable mixers that have USB Multi-Track recording. Your email address will not be published. Leave this field empty. Both channels have separate phantom power switches and they can increase the gain by up to 56dB.

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This interface provides 48v Phantom Power which can be turned on via the touch screen. You can send a DI through another output for re-amping, and so on! Nr 3: PreSonus Studio This is a fairly new Audio Interface that launched in and I think that you should consider it, especially if you need some extra channels and not just the usual two that most budget audio interfaces will allow.

This one is actually great for small studios since it can record up to 18 simultaneous inputs. Also, this one has 2 headphone outputs! Lastly you also get Cubase AI, but not the full version. This audio Interface also allows you to switch to mono with just the press of a button. The third switch is a very useful Ground Lift to avoid ground loops.

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The build quality is quite good, but what about the sound quality?