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One of the best ways to improve your Mac's performance Applications use memory, and some of the applications that run best on the Mac — photo and video editing — use lots of it. That's why outfitting your Mac with a Corcair Mac Memory upgrade kit is one of the best things you can do to maximize your system's performance and agility.

The Best RAM Upgrade for Old MacBook Pro

With a Mac that's been upgraded to the maximum amount of memory it supports, you'll spend less time waiting for your applications to buffer data to the hard drive, and more time working — or playing. Upgrading memory can also be a cost-effective way to get more life out of your older system: before you trade up to a new one, just upgrade the memory. Rate Product.

Just installed five minutes back, working fine. Decent performance increase for power user, who uses VirtualBox, Docker.

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Working absolutely fine with MacBook Pro mid model. Love the seller. Received it properly packed. The product was brand new and sealed.

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The product delivered is as per the given description. The product looks like the picture given and sure works like it's supposed to.

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  • Thanks for your honesty seller. Wish to see buy from more like you. Successfully, upgraded my hp g6 pro book. Rohan Bezewada Certified Buyer , Jalpaiguri 4 months ago. Avinash Kumar Certified Buyer , Mumbai 6 months ago. On time delivery and works like a charm Jai Dhorajia Certified Buyer , Ahmedabad 8 months ago.

    Will Corsair MAC 8GB DDR3 1333MHz work in my laptop?

    Iqra bashir Certified Buyer , Aligarh 8 months ago. Questions and Answers. Q: It works on window 10 or not.

    Some items have advanced features such as overclocking while others are widely known for their resilience and speed. You can learn more below. Should you upgrade your Mac by adding extra RAM? We recommend that you ask these questions first:. However, before you purchase any RAM, there are several things you need to pay attention to both in regards to your machine and your purchase. Second, make note of how much memory you have, the frequency, and the DDR.

    While you can theoretically install more, it is not recommended. Upgrading RAM will be less useful to those of you who are either not experiencing any of the issues mentioned above, do not engage in frequent multitasking or run apps that are resource intensive, or who are simply looking to make a fast Mac faster an overkill! While it may seem superficial at first, the brand name carries a lot of weight when it comes to computer parts.

    Trusted brands have tested their RAMs to make sure they work effectively on your computer, and you should avoid purchasing from a less reputable brand in exchange for a price cut.

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    Make sure to purchase RAM that features a warranty enough to cover you for at least several years. Once again: MacBook Pro models after are unable to add extra RAM due to that they have non-removable internal memory. Available in several frequencies and therefore useful for a wider range of Macs, the Kingston HyperX FURY RAM is designed to bring speed and power to your laptop, especially if you want to manipulate advanced features.

    The brand has also won several awards for their product quality. For those with older MacBook Pros especially models from — , Crucial offers brand name reputability and quality RAM for your machine. Always backup the data on your MacBook Pro before installing any extra memory, just in case. Again, Apple has this official installing guide along with their list of compatible RAM. It includes information for both more recent and older MacBook Pro models.

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    If you prefer to watch video tutorials, this one from OWC removing and installing memory to a inch MacBook Pro is worth checking out:.