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It won't work this way. I may be repeating someone, but since this is such a mess and pain to deal with, I don't feel bad for being repetitious So put that in your rcfile etc. You'll know you missed this if you get the "image not found" error.

Install Oracle SQL Developer on OS X (Mountain Lion)

Also, here was my slightly adjusted one-stop script I kept tweaking until I got it working and this is what I wound up with. It assumes you've put the zips in the same directory as where you are running the script. My main fixes to the instructions:. Finally, thank you, works for me on os x EI Capitan.

I've tried all kinds of tutorials for about one week, only this one worked. Thank you again. Skip to content. Instantly share code, notes, and snippets. Code Revisions 1 Stars 58 Forks Embed What would you like to do? Embed Embed this gist in your website. Share Copy sharable link for this gist. Learn more about clone URLs. Download ZIP.

Instructions exist around the web, but they seem to be piecemeal and incomplete. Assume you've got homebrew installed. This comment has been minimized. Sign in to view. Copy link Quote reply. The building from source option worked for me with Mac OS X Thank you!

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This worked for me building from source until the last step. DistutilsSetupError: cannot locate an Oracle software installation I'm not a particularly sophisticated Mac user and would appreciate any insight. Seems like Oracle made a change to the basic zip since this was posted, so to anyone else who arrives here: ln -s libclntsh. Thank you very much. Instead of sudo python setup. I'm way out of my element here.


Please advice. The sdk link points to the basiclite zip : Please change it when you get time. Thanks a lot for the set of instructions! These instructions won't work exactly as written. I don't even know it didn't work for me until I changed to use Red herring. Why do you mention "Assume you've got homebrew installed. Hi, I had the same problems described above with JDK 1. My directories are all present, and I updated the. I suspect my java install is not quite correct.

Quick Install Guide for Oracle 10g Release 2 on Mac OS X Leopard & Snow Leopard

Your blog is a real godsend! I went to all sorts of JDK archive pages too, nothing there. Even googling wider afield got me no luck. I must just be looking at the wrong thing:. I am followed all the steps was able to launch SQL Developer perfectly well. However, I am seeing all the above mentioned problems. In addition to all that, I have observed that fonts and text type are totally screwed up, and when i run query which has more than 50 results, I am not able to scroll down in query result windows to see results after count Can you take a screenshot and share it somewhere?

In the meantime, can you use the 1. Just upgraded to ML and installed just Java 1. Any ideea what can I do to fix this? If i paste with my mouse, it works as expected. In our dev builds for the next release, it appears to be working as expected. I only hope that it is soon! Thanks for a great work! In my case it is reproduced only if my keyboard language is set up to Russian With the default U.

Is it possible to fix it? Thanks in advance!

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Just upgrade to ML and installed both Java 1. After modifying sqldeveloper-darwin. Any thoughts? Nope, my copy does the same thing. I had been running the 1. Is there any newer version that I did, but I am unable to connect to any database. What if you tried a direct connect instead, bypass TNSNames that is. Is your PATH env var set correctly? You could contact Support or open a thread on our Forums. And I used the Shift-Cmd-4 to take all the screen captures. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. But wait, where is the Java? Getting to the download page is your first task.

Oh no! Try double-clicking the download again. Ok, now we can worry about downloading and installing SQL Developer. I would move it out of the downloads folder to your applications folder first, but this will still work. Wait a second… This is a very good sign! July 31, 2 Mins Read. Version Your explanation is very clear and it helped. Jeysi 5 years ago Reply.

How to open a new worksheet to an Oracle Cloud connection? Thanks for the quick answer. Kees Swagerman 6 years ago Reply.

Thanks for your manual, Jeff, it was the solution for my installation-. Jim Reese 6 years ago Reply. Where is your database? Who created it? Ani 7 years ago Reply. Jason 7 years ago Reply.

Getting rlwrap to work on Mac OS X

Naman 7 years ago Reply. Naman 6 years ago. Jody Garnett 7 years ago Reply. Registered TimesTen Resulting in a splash screen, and the application launching. Sandie Quinn 6 years ago. This was what I needed — thanks so much! Open a command prompt, try running java -version Do you get something back? Although we have a few known issues with the 1. Jon Segar 7 years ago Reply. Jim Graham 7 years ago Reply.

The Blas from Pas: Using SQLFire sqlf CLI to connect to Oracle from a MAC OS-X Lion

Martin 7 years ago. Thanks again to everyone for the help. Typo fixed, thanks Martin! Martin 7 years ago Reply. Just do a google for Java 6 jdk, there will be a download for OS X. Ben 7 years ago. Chaitan 7 years ago Reply.