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Also, supposedly, some are trying to do an update of Anasazi which would also run on Macs. There is no website for this program. He originally posted and announced his software program at the Stop Motion forum and he gives more details about the program. At the time, he was thinking about adding some features such as rotoscoping but there has been no update about it. Again, it is free. If he thinks no one is using the software, it might not be available later? It includes a lightbox which does the same as onionskinning and you can toggle through the frames.

Another powerful feature is Frame Averaging ; improves the video image even from a webcam. It also has some other features where you can have limited control of "some" digital still cameras.

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It is my understanding, a lot of pro's who are Mac-philes use FrameThief. This is a shareware program and you can test it for 30 days. If you like it, you then buy it. Website: FrameThief Update: I hear that FT seems to be the preferred Stop Motion capture program used by experienced Stop Motionists who use Macs , however, there are complaints that it needs to be updated, however, will you pay for newer version?

Framethief offers no customer support, even if you buy it. They have a FAQ section that is primarily old archived postings. A bad omen and puts Framethief in the Abandon-Ware category. AnimAide XT for Macs. This is a 'new kid on the block'.

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It looks like this is a full featured software that can be a possible Frame Capturing choice for you Mac people. Someone contacted me and said, "very satisfied with AnimAide XT". Also has an interesting 'voice syncing' feature.

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Their support link has an online manual for you to look over, and of course, a Free Trial Download too. Why don't you test it out? Give them feedback. Guess how much AnimAide XT costs?

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I cannot believe this Note: Only has Onion-skinning. You cannot toggle back to previous frame. They have two versions, and you want to get the Pro version which is more specific to Stop Motion. Compatible with any video source BTV Pro has Stop Mo features including one onionskin layer to view previous frame, but it does not say if it has frame scrolling-flipping? IMO, the strongest feature of BTV Pro , which most programs do not have, is, Frame Averaging which will very much reduce video noise and sharpen the captured image. Also you can capture frames in variety of image formats like FrameThief.

Good online documentation. There is an email form on the website for you to ask questions. I think it does not work with Analog Camcorders. It has You need to ask them for details. Their website does not clearly explain the features.

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  5. You can also download a 7 day time limited demo to try it out before you pay for it. Here is a maybe, a too enthusiastic iStopMotion Review? There is an optional iStopMotion HR version where you can use it to trigger a DV still camera and will display a window with all images and you select images for importing to view as movie.

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    Using a DV Still Cam is not instant feedback whereas, using Webcams or DV camcorders you can see the live image and use the onionskinning and immediately playback the animation iStopMotion. I Can Animate is an animation software created in England. All you Mac people should behappy. This is only for you!

    It looks like it is also geared towards education market and has some good basic features. It has onionskinning , you do limited layering , it has time lapse capturing and something not found in many other Stop Mo programs The user interface design appears to be easy to understand so kids or beginners can grasp it quickly.

    Their prices are in English pounds so you will also need to contact them to see how much it costs in US dollars I Can Animate Update: I do not see on their website if they offer a trial demo download? Their website does not say. Suppose, for some reason, it does not work in your computer configuration, it can happen or you do not like the interface?

    You might contact them and inquire about that. They do have an online basic manual pdf file , but IMO, trial demo would be better for testing. StopMotioner Beta 3 seems to be a new program and is for Macs only. This will be a multi-featured software and quoting from their website I contacted them and they explained to me When you purchase Beta-3 , it is a full version with no restrictions and it may have some bugs, but supposedly, you will get to update later if ever they come out with revised or final versions.

    For those that did not buy Beta-3 , in the future, the final price of StopMotioner may be higher than what is currently listed. If StopMotioner wants to more effectively promote this product, they should more clearly describe it so I should not have to do it for them StopMotioner Beta 3. They say it does have onionskinning feature. They do not give any details how the cameras connect or interface with Frames. If you are not sure, they give you a free trial version for 30 days to test it. Tech4 does require you to fill out a form before you download it. It seems reasonably priced.

    Also, available, are Clay Animation Kits. A very small program size that might work on old computer systems. I think this Stop Motion program might be applicable for the more experienced animators , accustomed to the still useful old surface guaging ways , and through experience have gained a keen visual memory and sense of timing like a Ray Harryhausen, Jim Danforth, Barry Purves, etc In the old days, we could not see the finished animation shot until the next day. How spoiled you are all now! If you want to have fun and do straight-ahead animation without all the fancy frame toggling or instant playback, give this program a try.

    The other free programs to assemble-construct the animation as a movie, is also available at TrikFilm Cam. This program StopMoJo , just came out this month March ' Here is their overview description of StopMoJo The goal is to create a program or suite of programs to faciliate the creation of stop-motion movies. It is a very basic freeware program and maybe worth your consideration. There are a few more Stop Motion Programs for the more obscure operating systems available for installing on the PC platform.

    If you are reeeeeally into computers and know how to partition your hard drive, you can possibly add different operating system. Do not ask me about these Stop Motion programs. Read their features. Lip-Dialogue Syncing : Only a very few of the above Stop Motion programs have dialogue lip syncing, however, you can use separate programs to perform this function. So just because a Stop Motion program does not have lip syncing, IMO, it does not mean it is of lesser quality.

    You can use these additional programs here. If you are animating puppets that have dialogue or need to be animated to music or sound beats, here is an additional tool that will help in planning your animation projects. This is not a frame capture program but a tool that helps in the analysis of a recorded voice for lip sync animation called MagPie.

    It provides a set of tools that let you identify how a character's mouth should look at each frame of the animation. This limited version is free for testing and does not have all the features of the full version. You have choice to pay for full upgrade version or just keep the limited version. Other Lip Syncing Software Free :.

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    You can do some sound editing. It also features over special effects and transitions, video capture, internet streaming. Installation includes interactive help file and tutorial. It is for the PC-Windows platform. It might work for you and perhaps worth trying it out. Read this detailed review. Movie Maker 2. Most of the Stop Motion Software saves as uncompressed AVI file format which are very large and can use up much hard drive space. If you want to free-up your hard drive, you either save AVI on another hard drive or output your work to mpeg format for burning onto DVDs , or you do further compression for the small QuickTime , Windows Media or Real Media players for online viewing of movie clips.

    Many programs available for digital media conversion and also QuickTime Pro can do some media format conversions in addition to compressing. LunchBox DV: Before computer based animation frame capturing software, there was and still available the LunchBox unit. It primarily served as an accessory device to the film movie camera or now, can be used in conjunction with Digital Still Cameras.

    LB function was as a reliable "animation assist" tool for frame by frame "prev iew" visualization to accurately guage the animation movements. The "preview" gives you an accurate indication of the final animation choreography. This is not software and not a computer workstation. It is a stand-alone portable unit which you can connect to any TV set or TV monitor.

    It will work with DV camcorders and the older Analog video cams or camcorders. The strongest point that is said by the manufacturer, is its user friendly features. It is basically , mostly designed as a hardware device with but with a computer-type Hard Drive storage and you access the functions via push buttons only. No software interface, no computer screen menus, no mouse clicking. After you make all your cable connections, you basically just turn-on the LunchBox , like a good ol' appliance I will be straight-up honest USD when compared to other computer based software frame capturing tools.

    More details at Animation ToolWorks. Sanyo's IDshot digital disk camera. It uses no video tape and the images are stored onto Sanyo's Magneto-Optical Disk with a large MB storage capacity which acts as mini hard drive in the camera It is a quirky camera, however one can do variety of workarounds for animation IDshot Tutorial.

    Also you should know IDshot still image feature is just 1. IDshot was a unique product and too bad Sanyo did not continue with improved versions. Some camera vendors where you might be able to get it : Sales Store Florida, USA is about the only place I know where they still have new models collecting dust, but I am not sure if they carry spare optical storage discs. You can try eBay too. Idshot certainly a rare consumer product that had built-in Stop Motion feature So, for every frame , you click TWICE ; you click one frame for the video frame grabber , and click one frame for the digital still camera.

    Stop Motion Studio Pro for Mac - Basic Intro

    What is Remote Capture? It is NOT a Stop Motion frame grabber program, but a tool that will allow the captured Still Images to be directly downloaded to your computer's hard drive while camera is connected to to your computer as you are shooting the still images. You can control some of Digital Still Cams features through the computer keyboard or mouse. Only some digital still camera models already come with Remote Capture software; however, you can also purchase aftermarket Remote Capture software , but they only work with specific Digital Still Cams.

    These programs are not free but some will provide trial demo downloads for you to test. Since Remote Capture programs allow you to capture still images directly to the computer hard drive, you do not have to be concerned about camera's built-in memory card getting full I also attempted to write a Digital Still Camera overview page but it is unfinished as this subject can fry my brain. I am not an expert on this convoluted subject area , so anyone is welcomed to contact me regarding any errors or corrections here.

    You should contact the companies or software authors below about specifics of their software products:.

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    DiMage cameras. Olympus cameras. Canon PowerShot cams. Stop Motion Pro 5 PC It works similar to Stop MotionMakerPlus It only works with some Nikon Cams. Easily create stop-motion animations on Mac or Windows. Features include live onion-skinning superimposing the last frame over a live video feed of the frame you're about to shoot , color controls, manual camera control on Mac , some basic editing tools and Quicktime movie export. Animator exports animations to a Quicktime movie that you can open and edit in iMovie, Final Cut, Premiere, Vegas, or any Quicktime compatible video editor.

    The mac version allows some manual exposure and white-balance control of uvc—compliant webcams. This is very important in stop-motion animation to maintain consistent color from one frame of your movie to the next. Camera controls are specifically built to work with logitech webcams - the C in particular, but it should probably mostly work with other uvc webcams.

    The windows version does not include this control because most webcams that allow manual control come with Windows software that does the job. You can run this software alongside Animator. Projects are stored in a folder as a series or numbered. This way, even if Animator crashes, none of your work is lost. You can also use animator to choose a folder of images created in any manner such as images shot on a digital camera and assemble them into a movie.

    On Windows, make sure you install Quicktime and Java or Animator will not work correctly. Quicktime is necessary for Animator's core functionality.