Mac liquid eyeliner pen review

This is by far my least favorite of the 4 eyeliners that I have tried. The eyeliner is not long-lasting and curled up inside the cap.

A liquid eye liner pen with a precision brush tip that wears strong all day long for 24 hours.

Do you know what a paintbrush does when you press it too hard onto your canvas and it looks like spider legs? Prior to that happening, the eyeliner was as bold, long-lasting, and easy to apply as the Penultimate liner. Afterward, I felt like a hot mess trying to apply my eyeliner, because I tried to use it as long as I could before giving up on it completely. I had to intermittently apply then use makeup remover to get odd smudges off of my lid.

It was not quick drying and would often end up on my eyelids as well as my lash line. If you love this one, please tell me what I should do differently, because using it was quite the frustrating experience. This is probably the second eyeliner that I tried after my MAC liquid liner pen went kaput. Overall, I found the line to be very precise and bold as the name implies , and the eyeliner was very long-lasting.

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Something that I had to get used to was how rigid the tip of the pen is. The more flexible the tip of the eyeliner, the more easily you can trace the curve of your eyelashes without making a mistake. I started using this particular eyeliner during the summer of last year, and let me tell you, it certainly lasted through the sweat and humidity.

The price for this pen is excellent!

Review: M.A.C.’s Penultimate liquid eyeliner in Rapid Black

This eyeliner is interesting, because you can select 7 different felt tips. I find that I have trouble controlling how thin I want my line to be with this pen. As I trace along my lash line, I usually leave some kind of bump that I have to trace over several times. It does seem to last the whole day, but I wish it were slightly easier to use. Luckily, there are 6 more types that I can try out for an inexpensive price! This is my most recent purchase and has been recommended to me by family members.

I like some aspects of this eyeliner. From my observations so far, it does not seem to be as long-lasting as was claimed. Who would have thought that Maybelline would top MAC??? Hopefully this review shed some light on these products and what they can offer you as liquid eyeliners. Like Liked by 1 person. Like Like.

Top 15 Liquid Eyeliners That Make Your Eyes Pop!

Liquid eyeliners can be so hit and miss! I also have very oily skin, so make-up around my eyes never works well, which is disappointing. I always look like a crazy person. Maybelline is so underrated — love their liquid liner! NYX is good too, though it runs easy when putting it on. Ooh thanks for the recommendation. July 9, July 8, Hey, lovely ladies!

MAC claims this to be a liquid pen-style liner that provides the ultimate precise, bold line liner to your eye. The general packaging of the MAC products is inside a black cardboard box and even this has the same packaging. The eyeliner can be seen in the form similar to that of a sketch pen and comes with a cap.

You can simply remove the cap of the pen-type eye liner and apply it.

Mac Eyeliner Video Part 2

It stays for up to 12 hours and it can be applied to dry and grease-free lids. It can be removed with eye makeup remover. I have purchased the product one month ago and it is going fine. Dries up sometimes but after some time gets back to its original fluid black. The only problem with this is that once it dries out and is not given attention, it becomes a hard mass and is difficult to get back to the sketch feel.

It is good but not the best! When the pen is brand new, is works perfectly fine but is a complete waste if dries up. Is less waterproof than is claimed to be but correctly smudge proof.

You can easily give your winged eye and cat eye look using this pen. This has a sharp tip for that perfect look of a wing. It gives a smooth and precise line.

M.A.C. Penultimate Rapid Black Eye Liner is Not Value for Money!

Though, it has not found a place in the list of the top best sellers. Also, I tried other eyeliners with the similar shape that is a sketch but this shape is good and pointed.

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It has the perfect size and length. I can give a two-star rating for the product. Our Lab experts' top liquid pick, this lasted six hours in their tests and was a hit with consumers. It comes with the precise control of a pencil. Even better: There's a smudger on the end to help get the perfect smoky look. The fine tip on this budget-friendly pick makes it easy to control, and since our editors have tried it, we know it takes months to dry out despite frequent use.

This eyeliner, despite being a pencil, is creamy and blendable with a strong pigment payoff.

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It stays put for hours, even when applied to the waterline. For less than the price of a cup of coffee, this is seriously impressive. Testers raved about the pointed tip, saying "it goes exactly where you want it" and gives "the look of liquid without the mess. Our Lab testers loved how this defined their eyes and stayed in place all day.

The only debatable downside: Some found it hard to wipe off — even with makeup remover! A winner of our Beauty Awards , this bendable wand can be used straight or at a degree angle, perfect for reaching the lash line or creating a winged look. Plus, our Lab pros found the liquid formula to be super long-lasting. This aced our Lab tests and didn't smudge or smear when wet. Testers loved the felt-tip, pen-like applicator, saying it was sharp and "gave great definition, especially for the bottom lash line.

Testers liked this easy-to-use liner so much that most said they'd use it instead of their current eyeliner.