How to insert bullets in excel mac

How to Indent Text With Bullets in Excel

If you create a list whose formatting you want to use again in the same spreadsheet, you can save it as a new list style. Every subsequent item in the list automatically begins with the same character. Numbers and letters are incremented accordingly. To change the indent level hierarchy of an item in the list, click anywhere in the item, then do either of the following:.

Select the text you want to format. When you choose Text Bullets, Image Bullets, or Numbers from the pop-up menu below the disclosure triangle, you see more controls that apply to the type of list you chose. You can drag items in a list to a different level in the hierarchy or to a different indentation level. Drag the item up or down in the list, or drag it to the left or right, until you see a blue triangle where you want to place the item. You can use numbers or letters in various formats to designate levels of hierarchy in an ordered list.

Select the list items with the numbering or lettering you want to change.

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To use nested numbers or letters for example, 3. You can use a variety of text and image bullets to add a custom look to a list.

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Any text characters, emoji, and images can act as bullets. Select the list items with the bullets you want to change. For text bullets: Click the Bullet pop-up menu and choose a bullet style scroll to see all of them. To use your own text or character for the bullet, double-click in the Bullet field, then type your own text or character. For image bullets: Click the Bullet pop-up menu, choose Image Bullets, click the Current Image button, then choose an image bullet style.

Indent: Type a number or click the arrows next to the Indent fields to set the distance from the left margin to the bullet and from the bullet text to the bullet, respectively. Change bullet color: Choose a color from the color well for preset colors that coordinate with the template or the color wheel for any color.

Adjust bullet size: Type a percentage in the Size field, or click the up and down arrows. Move bullets above or below the center line of the text: Click the up or down arrows in the Align field. You can create a list style for any kind of hierarchical list, from a simple one that includes just two levels of hierarchy, to a complex one that uses many styles of numbers and letters to define multiple levels.

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After you format a level of hierarchy, you update redefine the list style to incorporate that level. For example, if your list has five levels of hierarchy, you need to update your starting style five times to fully define the style. The process results in a single style that automatically formats a list with the same number of levels you defined.

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You can then use that style for other lists in your spreadsheet. An asterisk appears next to the style name in the pop-up window to indicate that you made a change to the style. If the list is in a table cell, pressing Tab moves to the next cell. Instead, in the sidebar, adjust the indent value for the number or letter. Continue formatting each level of hierarchy, clicking the Update button before moving to the next level.

If you have a list style you use frequently, you can create a keyboard shortcut to apply it. Changing the appearance of a list—by changing the bullet or number style or the spacing of indents, for example—results in style overrides , which are indicated by an asterisk next to the list style name. If you want to keep the overrides without updating the style, do nothing. The text retains your changes, and an asterisk appears next to the list style name whenever you select or edit the list. You can also update the list style with your changes, or use the overrides to create a new list style.

If you need to insert the bullet points into existing cell values, please apply the following formula:.

Then drag the fill handle down to the cells you want to insert the bullet, and now, all data cells have been inserted bullets before the text, see screenshot:. Inserting multiple bullets into cells in Microsoft Excel, the Insert Bullet feature of Kutools for Excel can do you a favor. After installing Kutools for Excel , please do as this:. And then the specific bullet has been inserted into the cells at once, see screenshot:. Click Download Kutools for Excel and free trial Now! Tip: Other languages are Google-Translated.

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