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Jump to content. I played TDs before it was cool. It was also never cool to begin with.

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Rockracer, on 28 June - AM, said:. My poor LTTB. Find me on Discord, [SpartacusDiablo ]. Rest in Peace CJ. You will be missed. Foo4Boo, on 28 June - AM, said:. Suffice to say that I spend a goodly amount of time in game running and screaming like a little girl. Don't be a hater.

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Fleet is my latest nemesis. They have a lot of excellent tankers, and I don't ever remember seeing any of them rage or act inappropriately.

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Potato Cred Link. Dreadnoghtus, on 28 June - AM, said:. Dreadnoghtus, on 28 June - PM, said:. This is what BlitzStars is reporting, so I might be reading something incorrectly Certified Anti-FVb Extremist. Programs shared on torrents and offsites often carry malware meant for personal data thievery, including password stealing. Check any downloaded software with an antivirus program before installing it. Use license antivirus software only.

Cracked antivirus programs can be damaged, infected or outdated. Currently, there are many free license antivirus and antispyware programs which provide a high level of security for your computer. Scan your computer for viruses regularly to avoid any possible damage.

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Switch off the autorun feature available for removable storage devices. Many viruses and spyware come with an Autorun. The steps may require some degree of computer literacy, however when in doubt ask a friend to help you. Disabling the autorun feature is worth the effort. Your email password must be as complex as possible. The optimal password should consist of more than 8 characters containing numbers and both lower and uppercase letters. Ideally, the password should not contain a single word but consist of random letters; such passwords are hard to remember but even harder to hack.

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The best way to keep your password safe is by remembering it. If you do write it down somewhere, never keep it in a public place. A good example of bad password storage is a post-it stuck to your monitor. Use password generation and storage programs. They create secure passwords and keep them encrypted, protecting them against any hack attempts. If you do have a program like this, please install it on a flash drive and use it on any computer used to access your email.

Otherwise, a stranger might gain access to your email account.

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Sometimes standard secret questions used on most email services are not trustworthy enough. Hackers can easily find answers to them by looking through your social network profiles. Your answer to your secret question should be private and impossible to find via search engines. Similarly, do not create phrases which are too complex containing multiple words, symbols or punctuation marks because you might forget. Do not create an answer with information that can be found through your friends or relatives. You must be the only person who knows the answer.

Many email providers offer the security service of linking your mobile phone to your email account which is used any time you want to recover your password or login.

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This service increases the security of the account significantly. You can find the instructions on how to apply this service if available in your email account options.

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Set passwords to your email folders for added protection in case your account is hacked. By doing this, hackers will not gain access to your email even if they break into your account. The ability of sharing files over a local network is convenient but not always secure. We strongly recommend that you put files intended for sharing into one specific folder and give only that folder sharing rights, whereas access to all other PC folders should be blocked. Do not give public access to a system drive of your PC: it can lead to the loss of important files or data theft. Files such as chat logs, cookies, text files containing passwords, etc.

Adjust programs which have access to PC data wisely. Share on social networks.

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