Mac mini external raid array

I have just finished Uni and looking for work so not sure this is a good investment at this point in time. Curious to know what you think the benefit would be to run the responsibilities of this system on a RAID 5 would be?

MAXPower RAID mini-SAS 6G-1e1i

I don't think your going to see a dramatic performance increase for the money your looking to sink into this. Dude as my firt post points out, I am using a thunderbolt to usb 3 adapter hooked up to a usb 3 powered hub.

How am going to experience a bottleneck? Also about the money issue: I cut down the number of hdd's so I only need to buy one 3TB seagate which I can pair with my current one and use 2 more 1. Will ad pairs of 5TB hdds later if requrired. S I would like to add and no offense to anyone who has replied but these support communities arent helpful at all. The second reply just felt pompous, didnt read the OP at all and thought I was going to build RAID 5 arrays using the native usb 2 ports on my mac..

Jun 3, PM. Jun 4, AM in response to hanifromcanberra In response to hanifromcanberra. My answer advised you to avoid software RAID because I have actually used it enough to have experienced its problems. Having advised you against your original strategy I recommend, again based on personal experience, a device that, as it happens, is sold in the Apple Store, and hence carries the implicit endorsement of Apple.

I recommended against using software RAID but if you are determined to use it then you may want to try the demo from here:. This is a user's forum where you get free advice that is worth every penny.

External hard drive storage considerations

If you want advice from Apple you need to phone them or go to an Apple Store. Jun 4, AM.

You are not 'reminding' us that you are on a low budget, you are telling us for the first time. High performance what you want and low budget what you have are mutually exclusive in my experience. Jun 5, AM in response to cdhw In response to cdhw. Have decided to ditch buying all those drives for RAID 10 array because I figured I already have netflix and ufc fightpass, why waste money on something thats just going to make things more complicated, will trim my movies and tv shows so I dont have any duplicates with netflix and UFC fightpass this should bring down my Storage to well under 3TB and I have 7.

It got me thinking nowadays with high speed internet available most places, do regular home users like me need to invest in expensive RAID setups?


I think the days for downloading media are coming to an end and slowly shifting to streams. But for someone looking for a cheaper suggestion build a computer with a motherboard with lots of SATA connectors and a big case with as many hdd bays as possible,install pci usb 3 or thunderbolt or whatever you prefer. Jun 5, AM. Communities Contact Support. Sign in Sign in Sign in corporate. Browse Search.

How do I de-RAID a Mac Mini? - Apple Community

Ask a question. User profile for user: hanifromcanberra hanifromcanberra. My Goal: set up raid on 5 external hdds not sure which kind I want it to be I basically dont want to lose data if a drive goes bad and not worried about space because will have over 30TB to play with My hardware: 1. Thanks in advance guys. More Less. All replies Drop Down menu. As a video producer, noise is the enemy. Thankfully, the ThunderBlade is totally devoid of noise because its passive cooling system eliminates the need for audible fans. It does all of this while keeping the ThunderBlade enclosure cool to the touch.

These modules can then be configured together in a RAID array. The main point of this portion of the discussion is to make it known that the 8TB ThunderBlade is actually made up of four individual M. RAID 0, while fast, has a distinct disadvantage when it comes to data integrity, because if a single module goes bad, then all of the data on the array is lost. The likelihood of this happening with solid state media is much less than it is with a mechanical hard drive, but the possibility still exists, so you should be aware.

That said, in all of my years of employing the use of RAID 0 with solid state media, not once have I had an array go bad due to a faulty disk.

Here you can see the link width is x1 for all four of the drives inside the ThunderBlade, for a total of four PCIe lanes. Hence, the drives by themselves are not able to reach their full bandwidth in such an enclosure. Again, this is more-than-fast-enough to accommodate any 4K workflows that you may have, at 60 fps or greater. While a single ThunderBlade is probably more than fast enough on its own for most users, I was curious to see how fast I could push this setup on my iMac Pro.

In my setup I have two ThunderBlades sandwiched on top of one another right beneath my iMac Pro display.

Big data is also big messy

A single ThunderBlade looks great with its rugged design, but having dual ThunderBlades looks downright awesome. These are great-looking external SSDs, and the look is only enhanced by having more than one. Each ThunderBlade should be connected to a separate Thunderbolt 3 bus, which will provide the necessary headroom for top performance. In the case of the iMac Pro, Thunderbolt 3 receptacles 1 and 2 operate on Thunderbolt 3 bus 0, and receptacles 3, and 4 operate on bus 1.

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  • Price is no object, give me maximum speed!.

Just be sure to do as I stated, and connect each drive to a separate bus. Here are two charts comparing the benchmark tests conducted above. Make no mistake, the OWC ThunderBlade, when considering its price and performance, is clearly intended for creative professionals who rely on fast hardware to make their jobs easier.