Best mac laptop for editing photos

It is powered by a six-core Intel i7 processor with the turbo clock frequency up to 4. For the graphics, the device has powerful Nvidia GeForce GTX Ti dedicated GPU which adequately suffices all the graphics requirements to run photo editing software smoothly on this laptop.

The Best Laptops for Video and Photo Editing

The display on this HP X 15 is a sure head turner. It is vivid Moreover, the display is touch-enabled and supports all the Windows Ink compatible stylus to let user edit photos with precision. The powerful hardware specifications and the unique hexagonal shape of the laptop are few of the outstanding aspects of this laptop which makes it stand out in the segment.

Moreover, it also offers a reliable battery backup for uninterrupted photo editing sessions. Microsoft Surface Book 2 For creative professionals. Microsoft Surface Book 2 is a detachable laptop, which on detaching the keyboard functions as a tablet. It comes in two different sizes 13 and inch. It comes preloaded with Windows 10 out of the box, and it delivers impeccable performance along with comprehensive security.

Speaking about the image editing abilities of this laptop, what makes it unique is not the specifications or form-factor that it offers, but the provision of Surface Pen, which makes it a delight to edit images. Moreover, there is surface dial available for Surface Book, which provides an intuitive new way to edit photos like a pro on this laptop. All in all, this is a perfect laptop for creative photo editing professionals who like to fancy their skills with the pen.

We hope that this laptop buying guide helps all photographers in buying the best laptop for photo editing works. Do you think the i5 or i7 Surface laptop is a good choice for mainly Lightroom? Hi Nathan, Yes, the new Surface Laptop will be good choice for lightroom and photoshop. I want to use it for photo and video editing as well as some very light gaming.

Which one should I get? It is anti-glare and color accurate display which will be good for photo editing. Even it excels in offering better specs than Lenovo Ideapad so I think Acer Aspire E15 would be better choice among both these laptops. Hi, few month ago my macbook air died and since then it is hard to find a good enough display to edit my photos.

Today I am looking for a new macbook more reliable than my previous air and the specs are not the most important part that I take into consideration to make the decision, but it does the display quality. What of the notebook of the reviewed here is at least close to the retina display of the macbook pro? Thank you. If budget is not a problem then I would recommend you to go with MacBook Pro, it has the best retina display yet.

The other option is ASUS ZenBook Pro which also has really great display and it is one of the most ideal windows laptop for photo editing. If they are super high resolution images then you might need a laptop with dedicated GPU. Would you agree? Thanks, Jim. It has newer 8th Gen Intel Core i5 quad-core processor. If you can spend more then go with this one otherwise older gen Aspire E15 is also a good choice.

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She mostly uses Lightroom and photoshop. Will an Inspiron 17 series work? It will be able to handle photo editing on Photoshop and Lightroom without any problems. Go with it. High resolution photos using photoshop. Would you have a preference? However, both the laptop models you mentioned have pretty standard display. But, it does manage to provide good viewing angles. Overall, both the laptops are great for photo editing as far as performance is concerned but displays on both the models are quite average. Thanks Mike I was thinking along the same lines. I will probably use another monitor.

However, display size is inch, which is smaller than the Acer Aspire E Acer aspire has no slot for sd card for camera! Just read that on review…. Hi Dolly, The Acer Aspire E15 laptop listed above does have an SD card slot it is located on the front of the computer in the left corner. Spec looks pretty similar so kinda confused. Will be using light Photoshop.

Hi, I am really clueless on when it comes to buying a new laptop, I need to buy one this weekend. Can you tell me your thoughts??? Hi, The laptop looks pretty impressive from the specs sheet. It will be able to handle all photo editing software without any problems.


Hi Mike. Need your help.. I want to know which laptop is the best for photoshop. Budget is less than USD. Many Thanks! I have Lightroom, PhotoShop, and Topaz, but am not opposed to other options. I like the idea of being able to edit with a pen on the touchscreen. What would you recommend? However, if you want a convertible laptop to edit Photos on Photoshop or Lightroom then the best option would be Acer Aspire R14 convertible laptop. Sounds like a lot of hassle to fix it so I was wondering if anyone has experienced that. That was the problem with older XPS models.

Hi Mike, I am in the market for a new laptop. Like your readers, my concern is performance with Lightroom and Photoshop. I would prefer a windows operating system. I came across this new model from Dell. Do you think this model will be good? Dell — 2-in-1 Yes, from specs it does look promising and it will be able to run those photo editing softwares without any problems. I would recommend you to go with it. Do you know if there is another similar model? Any advice would be much appreciated. I tried finding HP Pavilion cbnr laptop on Amazon. The major difference between Dell XPS 15 and Inspiron i is, XPS 15 is lightweight and more portable laptop than the Inspiron i otherwise, the specs of both the computers are almost similar.

Photo editing would be smooth on both the laptops but if you edit high resolution images then XPS 15 would be better option overall. Your advice is very helpful- thank you for taking time to reply. I know the HP Pavilion 15 cbnr was your number one choice but as it is not available in Canada I guess I am wondering if you would still recommend its sibling nr over the Dell XPS 15? I mainly use my computer to work with photos, create photo books, and do some work with Adobe creative suite programs.

Thank you again, Lori. Hi Lori, If budget is not a problem then my pick will be Dell XPS 15 because of its powerful hardware, 4K display and light form-factor. Hi mike, I am Looking for laptop for photo and video editing, I have laptop and monitor, but both of them have low resolution and problem in colors. My budget is usd and I prefer 17 inch laptops that show me true colors, black and white level and contrast. It has got enough power to get you through all sorts of photo editing works. I just purchased the Dell Inspiron 15 series.

I am a photographer and I use Lightroom to edit my photos. I am not computer savvy and was told this would be a great computer. I have not even loaded my programs in the computer yet because I am unsure on the screen quality. I was wanting a crisp and clear screen with vivid colors. So far all the colors seem washed out and light. All the reviews are mixed.

Should I return and get one you have suggested. Maybe you know the comparisons. The screen is a huge priority since I pretty much only use it to edit. Thanks for your time. I would recommend you to return it and get this Dell Inspiron laptop for yourself. It is a gaming laptop with powerful hardware so it will be able to run photo editing softwares without any problem and it has IPS display which is better than the laptop you purchased. Main use will be editing high resolution images shooting on Sony A7III and doing lite video editing no 4K editing, mainly Would like something that has decent portability as I will be traveling with it as well and will attach to external monitor when at home.

Want something with good color accuracy. Based on my needs what would be your recommendations at that budget or under if possible. Thanks for taking the time. It has 4K touchscreen display with excellent color accuracy and its powerful enough to handle photo and video editing. It is portable and provides decent battery life as well. However, you might have to extend your budget a bit to get the XPS 15 with 4K display.

Given the importance of RGB and potentially Adobe RGB coverage in doing imaging editing ,I find it odd that these numbers are not included in the spec box for every laptop listed. It is arguably one of the most important specs to consider, and its absence make comparing your suggestions less helpful than they might otherwise be. My fear is not having enough space for my photos, or a slow computer — all about convenience. That can fill the storage drive very fast.

Looking for a replacement. Although Photoshop has been supporting graphics hardware acceleration for some time now, previous versions of Lightroom were under-performing with the graphics processor turned on. However, it seems that the latest version Lightroom Classic is now taking advantage of the graphics processor. We recommend you enable it and see what it does.

Recommending a specific graphics card is tricky, especially since new cards are released frequently. Buying a proper high-resolution display with accurate colour is essential for photo editing. This brings me to another important aspect. Does size really matter? For photo editing, it does!

We recommend getting a minimum size of 27 inches or consider getting two inch screens , which is perfect for multitasking and editing. If you have the cash to splash, then consider spoiling yourself with at least a inch ultra-wide, curved monitor and make sure it supports UHD resolution.

It will be expensive, but being surrounded by so much real estate will be utopian! Another aspect you should consider is the screen technology, which determines the image quality, colour accuracy and viewing angles. Finding a screen that offers colour accuracy and a wide range of colour gamut is equally critical. Even though Adobe RGB covers a wider range of colours, it might be counterproductive in that Windows and other software applications will show the colours incorrectly.

Some professional, top of the range monitors offer Adobe RGB and even built-in hardware calibration, to assure absolute colour accuracy. These high-end monitors can cost tens of thousands of Rands and are overkill for the average photographer. This is perhaps one of the most comprehensive articles you will ever find on the topic. I hope that this article has shed some light on the hardware side of photo editing. Feel free to leave a comment with any questions, or connect with us on our Facebook Group.

Hey Lori. I see the Mac mini only has an integrated graphics card and am worried it would not be powerful enough to properly run a 4K monitor, as 4K monitors are extremely graphically demanding. Hi Shawn, Great informative article. Couple questions for your consideration. Which in your opinion would be the better option for hobby photo editing? Very Helpful article and it answered most of my questions and concerns. I use. Looking to get a new computer as my 4. This article really provided the information I need. Hey Andrew. Perhaps the most important aspect you should consider between these two computers is the quality and colour accuracy of the screens and I recommend you research that properly before you buy.

Hi Shawn: I am a photographer and I am looking for a computer that I can take it with me to keep working. I was looking around but I am confused now. I am looking for a computer that can be touch so I can edit confortable whenever. Maybe the screen can bend. DO you think that I just should do the update for the 16GB or tried another computer? Great article, very informative and helpful. I just bought one to scan family photos and other imagery.

Best Laptop for Photography - Top 5 Affordable Picks

I did a lot of research beforehand. An article such as you have written here would have been extremely helpful. I hope you will consider it. Do you have any recommendations on a reasonably priced dell laptop that I should be looking at to do the trick. Is this possible? Hey, Andrew. Out of the two, which one would you recommend? Hi, Barb. That Desktop will do just fine. Other than that it looks great for an editing PC.

Find Best Laptops Within Your Budget

Hi, Shawn great article. I learned a lot. Could you tell me if this CPU and Moniter would work for editing. I use Lightroom mostly but do have Photoshop. Hi, Bin. They can be quite expensive, so if you have a friend that has one, consider borrowing theirs to calibrate them. Any recommendations on how to configure the monitor for the best results while editing pictures? Thank you so much, Shawn! I was in the market for a new laptop that could handle my photography needs and your thorough breakdown was beyond helpful in helping me make decision.

In fact, I used it line by line. Hey Diana. You can make an entire course out of printing alone, there are so many things to consider! Shawn, thank you so much for the recommendation! However, what are your thoughts on Printers? That desktop the one from best buy would be more than perfect for Photoshop and Lightroom. That specific one has all of the best parts you can currently get on the market, which is quite an overkill for photo editing, but if you can afford it, go for it.

They come in a variety of configurations, so make sure you pick the one that has at least an i5 processor and a minimum of 12GB ram. I decided to go on Amazon. I cannot thank you enough for your article and appreciate that you update it as well. The highest SSD was at Can you kindly provide recommendations on a brand s that fits all the requirements you provided in your article if the above does not cut it? I truly appreciate any help that you can provide.

Thank you. Thanks for the article. Hey Alex. What I recommend you do is rather get yourself a GB SSD for your Windows, Lightroom and other software, and then use external hard drives for photos and documents and so on. Reading files from an external drive will always be slightly slower than from an internal drive, due to it having to read through a USB port, but together with an SSD drive and high-speed USB like 3. Hello, very useful article.

We talked to our photographers to find the best laptops for perfecting photos

I will replace my computer because I have close to 1 TB of photos, the hard drive is almost full and Lightroom performance is extremely slow. Should I go with an external drive for primary storage of my photos? In that case will Lightroom work fast with the photos? I did not expect to have to spend so much money for a new computer! Hey, Rachel.

Together with your two external hard drives for your photos and backup, this should work swimmingly as an editing machine. I find. What are your thoughts on this? I do have 2 external hard drives as well. Thank You You have made a daunting task so much easier. But our problem is much different than a Young to Middle aged person. Where a Young Person has the advantage to learn sitting at a Desk in School or from their peers working with and experimenting with the Tools of today same as they are.

The 6 best laptops for photo editing in 12222

And the middle aged well many learn from their children or peers at work or family and friends. Yes there are adult learning centres. We the Grand parents do get to Re-Tire while babysitting. So Professional. And so Easily Understood. I am working on a new work laptop and was wondering if the Intel Quad core i7 processor 1. Is there one vs the other that might work better with my computer?

I am wondering what problems I may run into with the quad processor. Great article, thank you so much! Now I understand much more about pc configuration and I know what I need. Thank you! Mouses are hard to recommend as they are majorly personal preference. Some like them heavy, others like them feather-light. Alternatively, the Razer Lancehead Tournament edition or Razer Deathadder Elite is slightly cheaper, but still beasts.

Those would be my personal recommendations, but again you must find the mouse that feels most comfortable to you. They make some incredible monitors and their colour accuracy is very good. Hey, Dustin. External hard drives also vary in brand and some are old technology some are new. If the driver controller for the externals differs, they might not be able to be combined or if they do they will most likely behave poorly. Using RAID on older external hard drives will also be quite slow as it would have to access each hard drive individually and also through USB, making it even slower before showing you the contents.

Awesome article. Is there a recommended for monitor and mouse? Is there anything specific I should look for in the mouse specifically aside from it being a gaming mouse? Thank you for the great information Shawn. I have one question though. What do you recommend in terms of RAID for the external hard drive and backup?

Do you recommend the external be set up as zero for fast access to photos? Thank you for your lovely comment, Victor. The lower price sure is something to take into consideration though. Hi Shawn, this article is really helpful, simple, straightforward and dummy proof. I really appreciate this source of information. What do you think about AMD? They have higher number of cores and threads for lower the price?

Maya, I would go for the 2. Thanks for the information! I want to buy a laptop but I cannot make a decision between two laptops. I will use it for basic tasks and photo and video editing. I am not a professional. For photo editing, I will use Photoshop and for video editing Pinnacle The second laptop has 2.

There could be any number of things causing her Lightroom to slow down. The number of background software or processes running in combination with Lightroom might be stretching it to its limits, causing the performance issues. Adobe themselves recommend 12 GB for optimal performance in Lightroom. We recommend 16 GB because it gives you enough freedom to use both Lightroom and Photoshop concurrently, as well as not having to worry about any other software or processes that might be hogging ram. I am also thinking about getting a new desktop Mac similar to Elaine — The My primary use is Lightroom apart from the usual Microsoft Office and internet browsing.

One of the best articles…. As far as battery life goes, it only applies to laptops. Asus, Lenovo, Dell and MSi are all excellent brands with very good battery life. Hi Shawn. I am currently looking to buy a desk top for my son as a birthday present. He is a photographer and videographer. I have read the article above and I saw that on battery life you said it depend on the brand. So the more powerful your processor, the faster your iMac will get things done.

Both the 7th-generation Intel Core i5 and i7 processors can easily run professional applications like Final Cut Pro and Adobe Photoshop, and handle larger-than-normal files like RAW photos and high-resolution video. They feature a dynamic performance technology called Turbo Boost that automatically boosts power when you need it, based on your workload.

The Intel Core i7 processor takes advantage of Hyper-Threading, a technology that kicks in when the processor is handling several big jobs at the same time. The only reason I can think of that the other one would cost so much more, is that it likely comes with different hardware. Take careful note of what exactly changes when choosing between the two processors.

As for the hard drive: In general I would recommend pairing an SSD together with an additional external or internal hard drive, but due to the lack of upgradability on the Macs, I would rather opt for the fusion drive which will serve you better in the long run and give you the best of both worlds without compromising performance too much. I am thinking about getting a new desktop Mac as my current Mac is not upgradeable memory wise — its a I want to get 16GB memory and have a choice between:. Having worked on a retina display I would definitely also want to keep this option.

Hi, Thank you for your well informed article. That seems to be a significant difference and makes me hesitate on whether or not this will greatly impact running photoshop and lightroom used to edit my photographs. Any additional insight would be very helpful and appreciated. Thank you-Claudine. Hi Darlene, I am glad we could help so far.

By the way, the is a great card. John, not an easy one to answer! These are both great computers. And might I add, I envy you big time! Both these mammoth computers have their particular strengths. The big question you need to answer for yourself; which OS you prefer? Which system comes more natural for you? A bit of advice from me though; no matter which system you choose, get a second screen. For photography, I know that 5K screens are an overkill, especially since it makes your images seems way better than they actually are.

I would go for dual 4K screens. Shawn, I forgot to ask you a question about the graphics card; when you say that we need a GB dedicated VRAM, does that mean that the computer will have two graphic cards? Sorry if this may sound common sense, but I just want to be sure. Thank you very much, Shawn, for the most excellent informative article.

My computer is not what it once was and keeps crashing on me for several reasons.