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However, if you need more space, those options are available as well. Like many things in technology, the faster that something can be completed the better. Choosing an external hard drive with a fast transfer speed is affected by two factors: the storage tech being used and the connector that it uses.

While most connectors used by external hard drives will use a standard USB connection, there can be some significant differences depending on the generation of the USB connector. USB 2.

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USB 3. Thunderbolt 3 devices offer the fastest transfer speeds on the market, reaching transfer speeds of up to 40Gbps. Like storage capacity, the portability and durability of the external hard drive you select are really dependent on how you will be using the device. Many portable external hard drives are packaged in rugged casings or in the case of one of the choices on our list, a rubber enclosure that can protect it if you accidentally drop it.

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This can be a major problem, especially if those files are sensitive in any way. Many hard drives available today are compatible with software encryption solutions that are available. For those who consider their files even more sensitive and the security of their data is very important, you may want to look at drives with hardware encryption. External hard drives can have any number of extra features.

From Wi-Fi connectivity for easy file access to a better warranty, many manufacturers will add extra features to attract a buyer into choosing their product. If you like two hard drives and one has a longer warranty, choose that one if you have any concerns about the reliability of the hard drive you pick.

Sleek Design. Lavish Space.

With all that there is to consider before buying the right external hard drive for your needs, we thought that doing some shopping of our own might make the process a bit easier. Below is a list of our choices for the Best Storage Hard Drives for Creatives in , if you want more information on a specific hard drive, click the link to go right to that product.

Having a high-quality external hard drive for storage can make it easy to keep important files secure as well as have a backup for the vital information pertaining to your business. While many of the external hard drives on our list may have the same features, they are not all considered the same and whether you choose one based on the price or brand familiarity, you want to make sure the one you pick suits your needs.

In the world of external hard drives, the name Western Digital is known by many current owners because of the quality that they provide and at a great price. Combine all of this with top data transfer speeds and the My Passport external hard drive offers users an excellent combination of high storage capabilities along with quick file transfers and superior portability.

There are also multiple colors to choose from. For many creative professionals, a major factor in the storage hard drive that they choose is the speed rate at which their files transfer. Packed with the same Seagate Dashboard backup application that some of their other models come with, as well as driver software that allows it to work with both Mac and Windows computers right out of the box with ease.

The orange casing on the LaCie Rugged USB-C hard drive definitely makes it stand out amongst the competition from other external hard drives for professionals on the go. The rubber enclosure keeps the hard drive safe from drops from about four feet high, protecting your precious data. It is offered in sizes from GB to 5TB. Your data is safeguarded by military-grade encryption safeguards and can easily connect to any computer that is compatible with USB 3.

The case is highly touted by the manufacturer who claims that it can withstand the pressure of a one-ton car and is also resistant to rain. Whether this is true or not, it can be very appealing to someone who may be a bit clumsy when it comes to keeping their tech safe.

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Roughly the size of a matchbox, this little drive may look small but packs a punch. While SSD can cost more, the faster speed that they offer makes the money well spent. An external hard drive with a Thunderbolt connector can provide you with some of the fastest data transfer speeds available, normally twice the speed of USB 3.

Generally, drives with Thunderbolt connectivity also come with a higher price, but the MiniStation Thunderbolt from Buffalo gives you the fat transfer speeds at an affordable price. Housed in a rugged case that is both water and dust resistant, the MiniStation comes with a built-in USB 3. This NFC makes it easy to unlock the drive by using the NFC card that is supplied and tapping it on the case of the drive.

With the features and reasonable price, it could easily become your favorite hard drive. Many creative professionals using iMac computers to do their work tend to like the G-Technology series of external hard drives. This is quite exceptional for a hard disk. You can route a video signal for an external display through the HDMI 2. This cable provides you with more than enough bandwidth you can use, even if it is being used at full speed. The capacity ranges from 8GB to 20GB. All this performance comes at a hefty price. However, if you are a point where you need the capability that the G-RAID can provide, it is well worth the price.

A lot of the tech we use on a daily basis can take quite a beating. Tossing it on the table or accidentally dropping it on the floor can take quite a toll.

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This means that if you happen to drop it in water, it will be safe up to almost five feet of water for up to a half hour. With a solid-state drive inside its housing, it performs a lot faster than other drives that use spinning hard drives meaning the transfer speeds you will get will be great as well. Available in a range of capacities up to 1TB , this can be a great drive on the go, or even as a backup for your primary.

Many external hard drives may have the best technical features and make buyers mouths drool at the thought of owning one — until they see the sky-high price. WD provides their automatic backup software as well as a bit security hardware encryption and two USB ports on the rear so you can insert flash drives.

Preformatted for Windows, the enclosure is fully serviceable and if you are using a Mac, you will just need to reformat the drive.

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This can make it a very versatile way to that the storage space that your Mac has and expand upon it. With storage options up to 8TB, the only thing more beautiful about this storage drive is the sleek design, which should easily appeal to Mac owners who like to keep their desktop and accessories looking uniform.

Throughout your career in whatever creative field you choose, it is very likely that you will end up creating a lot of information you want to keep safe. Choosing the right backup storage device to not only save those files but keeping them safe and secure and accessible can be what makes one favorable over another. For maximum productivity, don't forget to shop for accessories such as USB cables that enable you to connect your hard drive to a USB-ready device.

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If you're planning to review or shoot 4K or 5K videos, you may want to consider large solid state drives SSD to store your data. They'll help to extend the life of your laptop or desktop PC with faster boot-ups, shutdowns, and app response times. While they're often associated with construction work, installation services, and other professions that are known for beating up equipment, rugged hard drives can be lifesavers for photographers, students, and anyone else who takes their data or collects it on the go.

If you can foresee any circumstance where your hard drive might be dropped, stepped on, or exposed to the elements? You can also learn more about whether rugged hard drives are tough enough for what you might put them through, by checking out our blog. Customer Rating 18 2. Connection 1x USB 3. Color Orange 19 Silver 2. Search within results Search. You can only compare up to 4 items.

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