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Some paths are listed below, please refer to the macOS Server documentation for complete information. To allow better organization, many operating systems and Apache distributions also read configuration files in the conf. This latter subdirectory contains config files for all available modules, while mods-enabled contains only a subset, namely the modules that should actually be enabled.

The symlinks are created using the a2enmod tool. If the mods-enabled mechanism is not available then you can paste configuration snippets into httpd.

How to set up Document Root as "Sites" folder in Apache on macOS Sierra? - Ask Different

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I do the above things as you did. Donat on Jan. Otherwise you may need to change something in your apache config to accept outgoing connections.

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Comment by: Ben on Feb. Got my virtual host working! Comment by: A on Mar. Comment by: Tom on Mar. Great help. Comment by: Philbert on May. Comment by: Tony on May.

Find httpd.conf

Comment by: Joshua Pinter on May. Clear and concise. And most importantly, worked like a charm! Comment by: Kam on Jun. I get a "Forbidden" message. But now it's serving the file from my Sites directory so I'm happy. Comment by: Rufus on Jul. Comment by: zhoulujun on Jul. Comment by: Ondrej on Jul. Comment by: Alla on Jul.

Change Mac Home Directory Path

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Installing Apache, PHP, and MySQL on Mac OS X

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I've searched and tried all recommender solutions for hours - the result is still the same. I have a fresh install of El Capitan on a separate bootable disk. Comment by: tim on Mar. One issue I was having was syntax issues. Somewhere things got broken. Tip: "Check Apaches syntax", in my case, I had a few issues in some files.